Friday, September 01, 2006

From CBNsat Subscribers Unite

Dear Fellow Subscribers,
Please send us your contact numbers to call you and get your point of view of the current situation. We have most of your contact numbers but we need your consent to pass on your contact details to a journalist who wants to interview and do a comprehensive article about the subscriber grievances.

We specially need subscribers out of Colombo.

Please respond ASAP with your home town and contact number !

Together we will fight for our rights !!!

"CBNSat Subscriber Unite"

Email address :
Please respond to the above request from Subscribers Unite and let your grievances be known and get them published in a newspaper. Well today(September 1st) LBN will be getting the response from the MoD regarding their application that was forwarded by the TRC to MoD and CBNsat will be getting the response by September 4th. Please keep us updated on any developments regarding CBNsat as we enter the first weekend of the month of September and just days away from completing three months since the shutdown of CBNsat.


hush said...

have received a response from LMD and they are willing to publish, if we give them a interview as subcriber group.

their text:

let me first thank you for the kind sentiments expressed with regard to LMD.

the constructive criticism is also welcome!

may I point out, though, that we have attempted to investigate and report on the cable and satellite-TV fiascoes of recent times. BENCHMARK, the weekly business programme presented by LMD - as well as a subsequent edition of the magazine - covered the issue with whichever representatives of the industry who were willing to talk to us. Muhunthan Canagey of CBNSat was willing, and was featured on BENCHMARK as well as in LMD. LBN politely declined to comment, so we passed!

thanks again for taking the time and trouble to write in...

kind regards,

Wijith DeChickera.
Wijith DeChickera
Associate Director - Editorial

Media Services (Private) Limited
59 Ward Place Colombo 7

+94 11 2 672 017 (phone)
+94 11 2 672 019 (fax)
+94 714 300 727 (mobile),

Dase said...

Please see the news of cable T.V published by and see how indian gorvenment is helping and compare it with our corupted politicians.
I need to stress again that there is no pint of publishing articles unless CBN sat is not going to do anything like pressurising from India.I donot know why they are silent.

Dase said...

We have abourt 20000 customers but i think only about 1% is going through this forum .We must have a strategy to get response from others .My main concern is nobody is aware of this blog and we must look into another alternative.

RabbitHole said...

I couldn't agree with you more dase!

The situation is worse in out stations. I'm from out side Colombo and I have spoken to some CBNsat customers out here. None of them have read this blog or even worse, they don't know whether a blog of this kind exists. (I have found some one who had payed CBNsat in full and next day all hell broke lose, he doesn't even got the equipment)

One thing we could do is to get the list of customers and contact all of them via snail mail. But that wouldn't be financially viable cos even if a mail would cost Rs 5 for 20000 it would be staggering Rs 100,000.

Other thing is to appoint a person from each locality (such as my self.... just kidding) to form groups at local level. This could be achieved by calling few people selected by their area and ask for their consent to represent CBNsat customers Unite. This way the customers at grassroot level will come and get information of the current situation by this particular person. The most important thing is to allow the flow of information back and forth from the top to the bottom.

(they say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one - John Lennon)

Dase said...

Atleast if we can put a paper add asking all the cbnsat customers to send their addresses or if available emails will have agood response.iI think this dirty politicians also should readthis blog to understand the plight of the customers.So we must give wide publicity to this web site.Other alternative is just keep quiet until something positive to happen(I dont think so)

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

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hush said...

MOD approval is today.

we will know whether Sri Lanka is ready to embrace DTH technology or go back to stone age.

similar to early 70`s when first TV station was shutdown and later was taken over by the govt.maybe they might be on the road to something like that.

we might as well not talk about free enterprise and making Sri Lanka a IT hub as we have got all our fundamentals wrong in the first instance.

bank_dude said...

It seems to me that CBN is now moving towards closure. What do you guys think?

Expat Subscriber said...

Guys, Does anyone know the outcome of LBN's MOD review? Not much on their blog! but I did hear that it was postponed until today! Is this correct?

Rabbithole, some good ideas mate, but it should be cbnsat who should contact the outstations and foot the bill, not the subscribers! Everyone must of given a telephone number when they subscribed, its about time those 300+ staff who cannot be doing much at the moment do something useful. Cbn you have got to be seen to be doing something!!

NotBloodyFooled said...

I really dont care.... After 3 months nothings happend....did not seem as though CBNsat Management or Employees were doing much to resolve the issue and if CBNsat comes online again some day IT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA FOR THE OWNERS AND SHARE HOLDERS TO REPLACE THE MANAGEMENT WITH SOME PROACTIVE PEOPLE (My opinion)...AND GET A NEW SET OF LAWERS.