Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Summary of Supreme Court hearing ... Sept 18th

Today's newspapers did not carry any information about the Supreme Court hearing of CBNsat. Did anyone see anything on the newspapers, at least we didn't. Due to this reason we are giving you a brief summary of yesterdays hearing.

The lawyer representing the media minister said that the MoD approval is still pending. Both CBNsat and SonicNet have applied for licenses but an affidavit of the media ministers secretary said that one application was withdrawn.

The lawyers representing CBNsat have fully denied this and said that they haven't withdrawn any applications. The Chief Justice has said that since the Media Ministry Secretary is a public servant who served for so many years his affidavit should be heard as truth by the courts.

CBNsat lawyers have also said that agreements with channel partners are confidential and cannot be disclosed to others without their consent. Chief Justice asked CBNsat to get the consent and forward it to the government authorities.

Defense concerns were not a major issue at the hearing. CBNsat lawyers have asked CJ's advice on operating until some time with the assistance of SLRC. Chief Justice said that he cannot give the order but they have to enter into a commercial agreement on the payment and staffinf terms, etc. It was also revealed that SLT have go the MoD clearance for the new license.

The Chief Justice who would have given another two months to but CBNsat lawyers managed to et the hearing date to November 6th (the fifth month annivesary of CBNsat shutdown).

We like to thank CBNsat Subscriber Unite for providing us with the above information.


Max Payne said...

dear CBNsat Management, Please continue your way of finding a way to uplink from Rupavahini, but at the same time please make arrangements to uplink it from another country so that no coward can do noting in future.

Max Payne said...


mevan said...

Well CBNSat, your search for justice is over;there is no such thing in this wonderful country.It is only a mirage.
What next? We are prepared to wait but not indefinitely. It is high time to think of another way to resume transmissions.

jesika said...

Rest in Peace CBN
We miss you so.....

Dont forget to inform the alms-giving Date

dee.panadura said...

few options left;

Start with a new face.

Uplink from another country(give employment to them)

Bring down sat net like hell, spread mail, sms etc.

Spread the news on web cautioning investors from investing in sri lanka

As for the legal system. If there is one in existence, this place would be a much better place.