Tuesday, September 19, 2006

SLRC please return the favor

So people you might have read the post below on CBNsat's Supreme Court hearing. It looks like they are now hoping to link up with SLRC and resume transmissions since SLRC has the license and SLT has also got a license.

Well we just hope SLRC did not forget the help granted by CBNSat to carry out transmissions to Jaffna and also that one of the people who instigated this problem (Mr. BACA aka Mr. B.A.C Abeywardena chairman Tv Lanka) questioned the legality of the SLRC satellite broadcasting station too on the Kangaroo Courts over Tv Lanka. CBNsat gave Rupavahini free access so please return the favor by helping CBNsat to resume transmissions. CBNsat customers will love Rupavahini more for this.

Now the upcoming Rupavahini World Channel will spell the death of Tv Lanka (please read TV Radio Sri Lanka forum for more news on this).

The Chief Justice's statement that the affidavit submitted by the Media Ministry Secretary will have to be heard as truth by the Court is nothing but nonsense. The Media Ministry lies big time and even though the CBNsat lawyers have said that they have not withdrawn an application the Media Ministry insists that they with drew the application. The CJ cannnot blindly accept the statement of the Media Ministry as the truth since they are not at all honest in this CBNsat matter. The Supreme Court seems gullible to everything the GOSL says.

The CJ in his first sitting was concerned about the CBNsat Subscribers but now he does not even consider the customers. What a change in attitude - is this him speaking or something he received making him talk like this.

There are 26 companies that have applied for licenses and CBNsat can link up with any one of them. A solution to this problem will have to be arrived at before Nov 6th since the wait is just too long and customers have been deprived of a basic human right and also employees jobs are at risk.

We also urge CBNsat to get the ball rolling and approach the locally licensed operators and resume services to their customers who are getting frustrated now. Failing which it is time to think of moving overseas.


Max Payne said...

dear CBNsat Management, Please continue your way of finding a way to uplink from Rupavahini, but at the same time please make arrangements to uplink it from another country so that no coward can do noting in future.

Max Payne said...


cbnrep said...

As of today 12 employees of CBNsat has left the company

dini said...

i think that spells doomsday. if what cbnrep's saying is true, there will probably be a mass dissertion very soon. this is going nowhere.

Yuktiya said...

I agreeing with previous comments, definitely employees it’s the correct time to take decisions. It’s our entertainment & their future. Because their job security. CBN also must learn from these mistakes, if you really want to exist in business in Srilankan environment you could be attractive in your objectives. Not in term of aggressive with the authorities. May be my friends might not agree with me. But that’s the way the things in our country. It’s not how you play the game; it’s all about how game plays you.

MANIL said...

No CBNsat will defeneitly do something in the interest of the customer as they feel they are baselessly victimized for reasons known to many.

They are defeneitly lookin at other options and we can be optimistic in watching the quality content,Hopefully and predictably very soon.

cableguy said...


Thats a nice thought. But is that just your opinion or are you making these predictions based on substantive information and knowledge of what CBNSat is upto?

cableguy said...

Hey Guys

The CBNSat case has hit world attention. There are some interesting write ups on wikipedia, the globally popular free encylopedia.

Check it out at

Here are some excerpts:

CBNsat Subscribers Unite

Due to the stoppage of transmission of CBNsat, a large group of CBNsat subscribers gathered together to form CBNsat Subscribers Unite in July 2006. The group works to spread the news about the CBNsat affairs, whilst also working hard to save CBNsat from unjustice and further turmoil. The group display information on a [Blog dedicated to CBNsat Affairs].

The CID Raid

Transmission of CBNsat ceased on the evening of the 6th of June 2006 at approximately 9:30PM under orders of the CID (Sri Lanka Criminal Investigation Department). The following message was sent out to all subscribers via the satellite receiver: "We regret to inform you that due to unavoidable circumstances beyond the control of CBNsat our services will not be available temporarily. We are taking every possible measure to restore the services as soon as possible. Please bear with us."

This message preceded the following official statement from CBNsat which appeared in several Sri Lankan newspapers and is now visible on the CBNsat website: "Dear valued customer, as you may already know, CBNSat transmission has been halted by the CID and forces unknown to us. We have taken up this issue in courts and their verdict is currently pending. The events which took place on 6th June, 2006 had done immense injustice to us, our staff and to our valued customers. We apologies for the inconvenience caused by this circumstance which is beyond our control. We are trying our level best to overcome this hurdle and are confident you will be understanding and patient. Yours digitally, CBNSat."

There is lot more info on the site. Check it out.

Good coverage for the Subscriber Unite.