Tuesday, September 26, 2006

CBNsat updates on current status

On a inquiry that we sent to CBNsat regarding the current status of their negotiations with any licensed operator, their Legal Manager Dilani Nandasiri said that once the licenses are issued they will enter into negotiations with the relevant operator.

Therefore it looks like CBNsat has not started negotiations with any party and they will do so once licenses are issued for someone.

Please keep us updated on the status of licenses being issued to other parties as well as any news about CBNsat as the days progress.


Looser said...

Looks like evrybody is lying now.

Earlier CBN and the blog admin said SLRC & SLT was given licence now no one has got licence.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

To Looser....

We are not lying. Initial reports suggested that SLRC and SLT have been give the license but now it looks like their license has been processed and needs to be approved by the President. However this news is not confirmed either.

In CBNsat's communication with us they never mentioned that they are approaching SLT & SLRC. They said that they will approach a licensed operator. In fact we sought clarification from them regarding their statement once we received this news about no license for any operator.

We had to assume that CBNsat will approach SLT or SLRC since it seems that they will get the license first.


JOKIYA said...

It was mentioned in courts at the last hearing and this has nothing to do with the admin or CBNsat,and dont get your wires crossed.

Its a pity some bloggers dont understand the gravity of this whole issue and if SLRC & SLT are issue with the licence,HE will see that they dont sign up any agreement with CBNsat,Its reality that they want this shut down without any valid reason and baseless aligations.

Its very unlikely that HE will ever issue a licence to them and the most sensible thing seem to be to let a influential enterprauner or a corporate to run the business.

Expat Subscriber said...

This saga has been better than watching any soap opera!

Looser, I understand your frustrations, but its not admin's fault!.

What I want to know is when will cbnsat start considering refunds? It is becoming realistic that cbn will never return and I do not want them taking my hard earned money with them. I want my money so that I can at least look else were (dont worry NOT SHITNET!!)

Does anyone know of people receiving refunds? Does anyone know (ie lawyers) if we are able to claim a refund?. Im sorry that it has come to this but with the possibility of 6 months without a service I have paid for is beyond a joke.

I hope it can all be resolved quickly but cbn management appear to be a little 'wet' when it comes to battle. I bet they are still getting paid their big salaries. There needs to be so much more communication between them and the customers.

cableguy said...

Refunds are out of the question. The fine print in the contract that we signed allows them full immunity from having to pay us a refund, in this scenario at least.
Remember! CBNSat has not been found guilty of anything until today.
The authorities have made all the punishments and charged for the crime. But the fact is, they were never legally charged or found guilty of any misgivings.
Funny how the legal system, executive and the administration works in this country isn't it?.
As it is said in sinhala "cart before the bull".

This whole fiasco is a nice script for a bad gangster/mafia movie.

So lets drop the idea of a refund and work on other ways to get them going. CBNSat clearly said NO to refunds on this blog.

BTW: Have all 70 who left to Cuba and New York arrived back safely? Anyone missing? Political asylum in USA maybe??

kula said...

10 have been retained for a dope test :(

kula said...

10 have been retained for a dope test :(

JOKIYA said...

Refunds are defeinietly out and its in the agreement,I even got clarified from a leading lawyer and he confirmed it.

To be realistic he said the parties over and there is nothing the law could do any more as it has been take above it and only a executive decesion stands between the life and death of CBNsat and all indications are that the writtings on the wall for CBNsat, for no fault of there and unfairly victimised with baseless aligations.To be true they are so much victimised the licence will be never issued to them for no reason.

Its time they think of an alternative or tie up with an influential businessman or coporate close to the government for survival.

Though our dream is to see CBNsat back

Looser said...

Sorry guys I didn't meant hurt you, but things are not going our way now.

They gonna stop cable & satellite TV and bring lots of local channels to convince people about their political parties.

"Me Rate Minissu Thanikara Kelinne Pissu" should be our national anthem.

What ever we say now when an election comes we all gonna vote again for these bastards

JOKIYA said...

JVP has been issued a TV Licence and the talk is that Hela Urumaya too has been given, and UNP is applying.The other scenario comming to light is that all applicants for cable and sattelite TV will be given licences other than CBNsat and they will never untill the present owner is in controll,This is the bitter truth of victimisation.

dee.panadura said...


if what you say its true i think even a damn FTA connection is good.

Imagine those loosers trying to brainwash the nation by their crap philosopies.

There are several gys doing FTA but i hope i dont have to buy dish and all. Any idea of a possibility of a irdeto card(FTA) or worse case FTA decoder?

why isn't even god looking at this godforsaken country? (failed state)

kula said...

LBO >> Economy
Lousy Talk
27 September 2006 15:53:38
Sri Lanka not doing enough to communicate reforms to masses: World Bank

September 27, 2006 (LBO) – Sri Lanka is not doing enough to communicate reforms to the masses, making it difficult for investors to do business here, the World Bank said Wednesday.

The South Asian nation was one of the first to embrace open economic policies in the late 1970s, privatizing loss making state entities and making it easier to access markets, credit.

But issues like corruption and business deals for favoured few soon followed and pro-reformists governments were subsequently voted out of office.

The present government was elected on a platform of anti privatization, but its coalition partners have blocked reforms on key institutions like electricity, labour, petroleum, fearing job losses and back door privatisation.

Instead, the government has raised taxes, put limits on foreign ownership of land, which makes it a challenge for investment climate to flourish.

"People don't seem understand or see the need for long term benefits of reform. Sri Lanka must do better to educate people," World Bank's Investment Policy Specialist, Sabine Hertveldt said in an interview.

Hertveldt was part of the bank’s team that compiled a report "Doing Business 2007" that ranked countries on trade, taxation, costs of starting up businesses, labour laws and legal procedures involved to close a firm.

The report, which tracked 175 countries, did not cover investor perception, political volatility, currency fluctuations, macroeconomic policy or crime rates.

Overall, Sri Lanka emerged the worst in South Asia to do business, fairing poorly on issues such as high cost of retrenching staff, prohibitive taxes, lengthy delays in labour laws, poor access to credit and difficult to trade across borders.

"Sri Lanka was low down, the fifth difficult place in the world to fire workers. Other countries below Sri Lanka included Zambia, Egypt, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe. The labour laws here are quite restrictive," she said.

It takes 178 weeks or more than 3-years of salary to retrench staff in Sri Lanka, compared to 71 weeks in South Asia, 8 weeks in the Maldives and 55 weeks in India.

Sri Lanka’s excessively high tax rate policy, earned a 157 place in the survey – the worst in South Asia.

"Companies have to make 61 tax payments a year. We estimate commercial organizations set aside 74 percent of their profits to pay taxes, which leaves little room for investments," she said.

Firms doing business in neighbouring countries like Pakistan have to set aside only 43 percent of their profits for taxes, whereas in Bhutan and Bangladesh it costs around 40 percent.

Sri Lanka’s lengthy court procedures earned a 90 place among countries being surveyed.

"Because of long delays, it takes on average 837 days or more than 20 years to enforce a simple commercial contract through the courts."

The challenge for Sri Lanka now, she says, is to find ways to cut through red tape and provide an easy working environment to do business.

"Our studies have shown that countries that embrace reforms, reduces taxes, brings businesses and workers into the formal sector. People benefit from jobs, pension benefits, goods are of a high standard and companies have cheaper access to credit."

lil_birdy said...

This damn country is cursed for sure! god knows why we r born here? its sooooo crazy! i feel soooo damn bored without CBN! I hate to wait this long.....
If there is nothing to prove, then why the f*@#$ are they draging the case for soooooo loooong?
If they have elections anytime soon, we know who will loose badly!

lil_birdy said...

Internet is the only solution for the time being..... But cant substitute cbn....

sanju1975 said...





JOKIYA said...

I think this SANJU1975 guy is right and i also hear the same info and it was the plan throught.

So the question of CBNsat restartting the transmission with the present management and even getting a favourable decesion on the court cases are completely out and its not worth dreaming for it.

SANJU1975 has clearly indicated the only availbale options as in reality they will not allow the present CEO to operate a DTH and they will come up with reason after reason.

We no that this is clear victimisation but there is no way out,other than SANJU1975 PROPOSALS.

ALISON said...

Are all thse true guys?And i hear the LBN customers have got letters saying that the Transmission will commence on 03.10.2006.

This is clear victimisation and if this is true CBNsat should get in to action and explore all alternatives and get the transmission back on track.

With the JVP given a licence we may have live sex from the brothel run by Somawansa Amarasinghes sister.

MIKE said...

I dont know whether its a Rumor or a true story,A top defence has supposed to have commented that this person will never be allowed to operate a sattelite TV station.

Whether true or not the indications are that its heading to that and these joker of a type legal proceedings,pospontments,lame excuses,differant reasons every day are testimony to that.

The only hope seem to be someone else running the show,


dee.panadura said...

The JVP being issued a licence to operate is good as LTTE being given a licence to bradcaste NTTE allover SL.

With such jokers running the show, not only the blooming economy even the integrity of the country is also at stake.

what a losy nation

sirinimal said...

Why don't you sell CBNSat to TVLanka ???? Our boss offered to takeover the operations and run under his name just after 2 weeks after the shut down.

We knew from the beginiing that CBNSat will never be able to start their operations.

Mr. Abeywardana is still willing to buy CBNSat if the current owners agree to a deal.

You know TVLanka has been in touch with most of the content providers most of them agreed to do business with Electroteks (The licence holder)

What they have said is they don't care who the operator is but what they want is that their channels to be marketed in Sri Lankan market. When inquired they say they are willing to enter in to partnership with any new company who will get the fresh licence.



Dude said...

Even if CBNsat closes down they should not sell the business to fucking shits like Tv Lanka's Abey and his Gay Wife Sirinimal.

If Tv Lanka buys CBNsat, that is the day that I will ask for a refund and even if not given. I will sell the connection or if that is not possible I will send the letter of disconnection to Abey Balla. I will then proceed to buy an illegal Dish Tv or Tata Sky connection and watch tv instead of doing business with spineless asses like B.A.C Abeywardena.

sirinimal said...

What is your problem ??? you get the same service for same money.

Actually you could have got the service up and running by 20th June if cbn have linked up with Electrotecks.

You are the cock sucker of mukunthen canagi

Looser said...

What happend to Lisura?

Is he dead?

God Bless you CBNSat.

It looks like all over now.

MIKE said...

We are now convinced that CBNsat will never be issued with the licence and if our GAY friend Srinimal is right content providers doesnt seem to be concerned who the operators are and will give the content to all 25 operators who have applied for the new licence.

In reality why doesnt CBNsat talk to LBN as they are supposed to get a ruling on 03rd of October,and LBN has gone through a time in this problem too.

If i can remember correct the TV LANKA owner wrote to both LBN & CBN to operate under their licence,So to suck of a trator like that its better if CBN can tie up with LBN and you can call it C & L (BN)

Its time CBNsat management get into action as they may be well aware that their licence and Supreme court dream has been blown a way and only a few options stay available to cover their cost.

There is nothing we could do but only request CBN to face the situation.

matrix said...

Consumers are affected from this matter. No one either our corrupted legal system or corrupted government officials (from TOP) are not considering the consumers AT ALL. As per the information..
if it is correct …
I think we have to forget the 17K+ amount & go for an illegal SAT connection where we can watch more than 100+ channels

MANIL said...

MATRIX - You are right and i hear they have added BBC very recently and that was one channel which was missing from the list,I am in contact with one of the dealers and the channel bouqet comprise,


Cant the subscriber unite make available a package like this for the die hard CBNsat subscribers who are now slotted with the alarming story of that CBNsat will never be issued with a licence.

Looser said...

Hey guys can you trust those dealers? What happen ih they get caught?

We already lost 17000 & for these dealers we have pay more than that.

If not please comment.

MANIL said...

If they get caught,There is nothing they could do as they wont be having any record of to whom they have sold,No stocks,What the hell when SHITNET is doing the same thing despite the court restriction and they give the scrapest channels availabale in the pakage for double the rental.

I heard that there is a whole episode on L.Huluballa and the channel Nine issue on the new book by victor Ivon "CHAURA RAJINI"

JOKIYA said...

Looser you are right and there may be complications,But there is no other option untill CBNsat sell their operation or do a joint operation with a licenced provider.The cost is not much of a differance and the rental is very much less than SHITNET with all the channels you could think of.

The best thing is to get it done through a person you know and there is no way anyone could pork their finger into it and i watched a demonstration which is very good.

There is no other when the government itself targeting legal institutions the people resort to illegal means.And with the JVP,JHU,UNP,SLFP,TNA channels comming up you can see politicos paying tomball and WWF with Nimal Siripala.

matrix said...

“MANIL” like you have suggested now we need to look in to alternative solutions. As we all got used to the infotainment which we were getting from CBNsat (then only we new what kind of CRAP our local channels were providing to the public), can consider for an alternative solution. Which the monthly rental we have to pay through web or to the provider.

Any way all the illegal SAT providers (like SHITNET, etc.) are not up linking any channels from Sri Lanka SO OUR corrupt government or the corrupt legal system could not do anything.

Anyway now as per the INFO this seams a personal revenge towards CBNsat & as customers we do not have to wait (any way it is your own judgment) & go for a secondary solution.

MANIL said...

Yes MATRIX,I am not going to dispose or ask for refunds from CBN,It will be their untill they arrive to an agreement with anyone and back on air,MATRIX you are dead right when my children were watching CARTOON NETWORK,POGO,NICK,ANIMAX,DISCOVERY,ANIMAL PLANNET,I am not going to let them watch SHAKALAKA,CHITHTHI,AND ALL THOSE SCRAP ON LOCAL TV,but use whatever saving i have and go for a secondry connection.

Why cant the Subscriber Unite apply for a licence and operate CBNsat for them,After all they have given us the infortainment never seen before.

JOKIYA said...

Ado SRINIMAL palayang Somawansa Amarasighe ge,Nangige Brothel ekata,Umbage ete CBNsat dish eka Hai Krala Api Transmission patang gannawa.

Umbatai,umbage ata deka pana nethi ponna ballatai balaganin wena de.

bank_dude said...

Guys if the rejection of CBN's license is true, we must force CBN management to put up an agreement with a license operator in order to cater 20000+ customers. I knew this will happen when they went on a war with the government. I will not go for other connection because I already lost 17000/= and cannot loose more.

matrix said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
matrix said...

The “Subscriber Unite” I thought they well talk behalf of the customers. But as with the new developments it seams they also could not do anything. But they were telling about alternative solutions but it is just a thought I suppose……But now at least they should ASK for the REFUND.. they should talk behalf of CBNsat customers…not for the CBNsat Management

I was using LBN in Colombo but my parent’s lives in KANDY & I got them the CBNsat connection. What they were telling me…, They Only Watch News In Local Channels & They Never Watch Other Programs In The Local Channels. Because It Was SO CRAP. And Like Discovery, National Geographic, History, Travel & Living Channels You Will See WHAT KIND OF WORLD YOU ARE LIVING IN & HOW THE WORLD MOVES TOWARDS FUTURE. But Our Country Moves Backwards. This Is So Sad & Unfortunately Most Of Our General Public Do Not Have Sufficient Funds Or Proper Infrastructure To Get These Facilities To Them. Even Our Corrupt Government Do Not Have Any Policies To Develop Our County Unless To Develop Themselves & How They Would Make Money When They Are In POWER For Their Families Etc..

cbnsatcustomer said...

If CBNSat cannot start operations due to this group of assholes called "government of sri lanka", they should come to a agreement with TataSky or DishTV to provide connections to existing customers.

MIKE said...

MATRIX - Better ask Huluballa(Srinimal) Baluwardena for refunds and CBNsat are not liable on refunds and they will not refund as per the agreement.

There is another option MATRIX,Ballas TVLANKA is having a pay channel(Two scrap channel) and the rental would be roughly Rs.1000/- and you could go for that.

So with the JVP tv comming out they would have a live version of MIDINGHT HOT,from somawansas sisters brothel at Kaduwela,and no wonder if Baluwardena,Huluballa,Weerawansa and Srinimal are the male models without the P.

What a country its going to be with this channels.

matrix said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
matrix said...

Sorry "MIKE" mike. Why I as for a REFUND was that end of the day we are the people who lost 17K+ amount (all the people are not rich like you) & no one is concern about consumers & their RIGHTS. As you have mention with this corrupted government officials, this matter will be dragging for ever ………

I though at least the CBNsat “Subscriber Unite” will raise their voice to get the things going on.. but nothing seams to be happening. As customers we are waiting…& waiting…

MIKE said...

No hard feelings MATRIX and neither am i rich to afford two coonections,The truth is that CBNsat i seem will never be issued with a licence and neither they are liable or will issue refunds,and i feel its not ethical to ask them whatever the loss to us as all these happened due to no fault of theirs.

Their is nothing the subscriber UNITE could do on this matter and they would have understood the reality of the issue much before us and this may be the reason for their silence.

I hear that LBN will be back very soon and you have a consolation there as you have a LBN connection and i hear that there are some cable operators in Kandy(Defeneitly must be illegal) and if you want i will check it out.

To be true even my CBNsat connection is in Kandy.

dee.panadura said...

To all satnet guys who veiw this.

You guys think you are so powerful.

Just wait and see whats coming for you.

matrix said...

“MIKE” THANKS for the info. Even “ALF” (he was posting on this blog) was helping some of the blogers to get new connections, almost with 100+ channels (including all the CBNsat channels + many more). Even I was considering this solution now.

matrix said...

“dee.panadura” seams to be good news. Need to teach a lesson to SHITnet & MR. Hulluballa

Looser said...

Srilakvahini will start their operations from 06/10/2006 through Yamal SAT.

JOKIYA said...

Can anyone get the real figure how much SATnet connections have been sold within this period,I hear they get thousands of calls and not even 10 connections have sold.

Its a pity that the government is patronising thieves as this and baluwardena (CAN WE CALL THIS DUO - BALUBALLA).

SHITnet is earning 200% from the customers whoever is patronising this SHIT.

Yes they have influenced the President and Top Defence officials so much CBNsat will never be issued with the licence to carry on the service.

BLACKY said...

The news about SRILAKVAHINI confirms that all others have been issued with the licence other than CBNsat.The Sri Lankans are deprived of a world class service and it needs to be seen who CBNsat ties up with to operate the 20000 or customer base.

Its a pity that this foolish government thinks that people will watch headless politicians,roughs,Kasippu Mudalalis and what ever you call in this political channels of JHU,JVP,UNP,SLFP.This will be a bigger cancer than dubbed indian soap operas and god bless our children.

CBNsat act fast and immediatly tie up with someone as it very clear that the President is not going to issue you a licence under any circumstances.

mevan said...

Looks like all hope that CBNSat will recommence is lost! CBNSat, please let us know very soon what you intend to do. In the meantime, can anyone suggest an alternative (legal or illegal: does it matter?)for those of us who are in Kandy? Please advise.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Well if 25 applicants are granted licences, does that mean we can expect at least 10 new cable/Sat TV services in SL?

And all hope is not lost even if CBNsat is banned into oblivion as they can always sell/lease another providers licence or uplink from another country. But i have very little hope left :(

About the alternative 100+ channel package ALF was talking about, how are the payments made? If its dishTV you cannot pay online directly to DishTV india as they havent extended billing/upgrade facilities to srilanka as of yet. Is there any other way to pay for subscription?

MIKE said...

LST -You have to get hold of a guy who goes to India on a regular basis and you get a hell os lot in this country who travel very often,failing, the guys who are selling the connection also gives this facility and you have to understand that there is a element of RISK involved.

To start operations or not,26 supposed to have applied and all issued other than CBN,But around 23 are for regional cable services and only around 3 applications are their for uplinking from SL.(I dont know how true this figure is)

So basicaly there will be a mushroom of cable TV operators and one or two sattelite operators who must be eyeing on the business built by CBN.

chami_tv said...

I have a good news for all the cbn customers. Only thing is I can't put it here since all the prejudiced eyes are here. If you can confirm me that you are a cbn sat customer i can email you the story.

Rob said...


Let me know how can we communicate with you to prove our identity.

Cheers Rob

Looser said...

Hey we waited for more than 3 months looking at the sky, why worry about those news. Just wait till the green light come.

Please don't give us any blind hopes. We had enough for last 3 months.

Chami_TV if you have a good news keep it to yourself. You can't find the real CBN customers and it may spoil the plans of CBN if they have any.

Be patient if we are lucky the green light will come otherwise wish a long life to our politicos

ROMESH said...

CHAMI TV- The best thing is you email the report to the subscriber Unite at cbnsat@gmail.com

They have verified info of CBNsat subscribers and will do the needful to the people who want it.


Lisura said...

Dear Fellow CBNSat Subscribers,

First of all sorry for not informing you of the actions we have taken during the past few weeks. This was actually to avoid our enemies getting the info they want regarding our actions through this open blog. They are the people who created this fiasco and they are also closely monitoring this blog and we didn’t want to get our action plan into their hands.

In the recent days there seems to a trend in the blog of accusing the Blog admin and the CBNSat Subscriber Unite of not doing anything for the subscribers. First of all we should thank the blog admin as he is the one who paved the path for us to get together and exchange our ideas otherwise we still do not have any media of communicating. Secondly from the positive responses we got this forum lead to form the “CBNSat Subscriber Unite” Which is a huge achievement. This Blog has become the sole place for information regarding the CBNSat issue as the other media is not giving coverage to this. And we do like to mention the people who just criticize the blog admin and the Subscribers Unite it is very much easy to just type out something in the blog but you have to come out of the blog to see the reality. During the last few weeks we have spent a lot of our time, money and energy over this issue. We even risk our lives as all the people behind this fiasco now know about us. In so many occasions they have stopped us from voicing out and meet the government officials including the president.

After forming CBNSat SU we have been actively involved in getting our infotainment service provider back to our lives. We have written to all the government authorities, called and even met to voice out our concerns as discriminated subscribers. Certain mass media institutions also gave coverage to our activities such as the Sunday Times, Nation and Rivira news papers. We also made our representations in the Supreme Court in the last 2 hearings.

We have thoroughly studied this whole scenario of shutting down of CBNSat and we can come to a conclusion of there is no reason proven with facts whatsoever to justify this act. The accusations made to CBNSat regarding links with the LTTE Terrorists, Technology issue, FTV issue and finally the National Security concern are now proven as baseless allegations made deliberately to delay the justice done to CBNSat and its Subscribers. And during the past months we saw these allegations came in a cycling process one after another and this cycle is being repeated over and over. Not a single of these allegations were proved in the courts of law.

Since they know that they have a risk of running out of these false allegations they came up with this “Security Clearance” from Ministry of Defense excuse. The people who created this fiasco is currently in the high ranking positions in the Ministry of Defence and they clearly know that this could be dragged on forever till CBNSat runs bankrupt and close down their operations.

If our CID is intelligent they should realize on the very first day of shutting down of CBNSat that the LTTE TV channel is not broadcasted through CBNSat platform. If it had happened so it should have stopped with the closure of CBNSat. But up to date it is operating without any disturbance. The CID has checked this later and even now they are confident that the LTTE TV Channel is not broadcasted through CBNSat platform. What did the government do to shut down the LTTE channel rather than closing CBNSat ? NOTHING ! Have they at least spoke to the PanAmSat ( owned by Intel SAT) or US government to not give satellite communication facilities to LTTE ?
NO !!!!!! And it was noted in this blog that the telephone used by LTTE TV is a Sri Lanka Telecom phone bearing number 021-2285879. So it is clear that the government do not have intentions to shut down the LTTE channel but to make it an excuse to run down a successful business to create space for their favorites.

With regards to FTV (Fashion TV) issue it’s funny that the government trying to stop a satellite channel which is free-to-air (FTA). Anyone with a normal satellite receiving system could receive FTV free of charge without linking up with CBNSat. And the government has no control to stop it as it is broadcasted from Hong Kong and India.

And we wonder what this national security issue is???? CBNSat is a public network and what the subscribers do is only receive the signal. There is nothing could be transmitted with the supplied equipment. The Dish, LNB and the receiver all are for receiving purposes only. On the other end the government has issued 3G licenses to the mobile operators and WiMAX licenses will also be issued in very near future. With these anyone could transmit high quality video to any location with a small hand held 3G devices such as a mobile phone. We are not telling the government not to issue licenses to these emerging technologies but to let them operate and monitor.

The majority of CBNSat subscribers are Singhalese. Are we all traitors to just watch the LTTE TV channel being broadcasted on CBNSat and to keep our mouths shut without complaining to authorities? And we wonder how much “National Security” we have by having people who are severely corrupt at the top to the Defense Ministry specially at the MCNS !

So it is evident to us that the government has clear intentions of closing down CBNSat permanently. This was openly stated to us when contacted government officials during the past few weeks. What they have stated is that to forget the money we paid to CBNSat. And even though the president has said he is a leader who is willing to listen to peoples problems, up to date he hasn’t even bothered to meet us or the CBNSat Management to discuss the issue.

We have consulted lawyers in this regard to proceed with legal action on behalf of the subscribers to get some relief. But what they said is that even the CBNSat lawyers have gone far in this case and since all this is controlled by an unseen force (now we all know who) it will not make any sense. All of us have already loosed our hard earned money on the equipment and entering into a never ending legal battle makes no sense.

This is the state as it is of today from the point of view of subscribers. We regret that we could not post any more details of our actions on an open blog like this but we would like to note that we have not given up. We will be closely monitoring the current situation and necessary action will be taken at the correct time. The people who have put us into this tragedy will have to face the consequences of the nature as we believe in our religions. If anyone think “OK, We have played them fool and won” they are utterly mistaken.

CBNSat Subscribers Unite

chami_tv said...

I will not put forward news here only thing i can put here is that we are out of trouble. The mehod ! well I will not give it to public. Its totally known only buy top hierachy of cbn.

Be patient. But carry on the fight do not get relaxed with this news. But boy.. I am sure this will work and its nearly 80% done.

Frankly telling i am not sure in emaiing the news even. My inromant is from the top of CBN and he will be in trouble if others know the news HOW. But this will over when everybody gets over... try to understand what i mean if possible

I am a guy who have gave up dish tv after buying it for 18 000 + and went for cbn for another 18 000 -. so i will not harm this ploy, for which authorites have fallen ( there own trap).

I must say cbn sat unite is alos not known for this. So please carry on your work. Relaxation is the last thing we need.

Becauses as sirinimal says he is confident that they will never allowe cbn to run. But there is a on e alternative..

Be patients...You are still wrong Shitnet shitters...

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...


Please contact us by email. We need to verify some information.


matrix said...

So as “CBNSat Subscribers Unite” results are NOT positive, but as per “chami_tv” insight information results are going to get “POSITIVE”


chami_tv said...

To blog admin Await i will contact you soon.

chami_tv said...

blog admin pls check your mails

chami_tv said...

blog admin you have reply from me check your emails again, if you are offline in emails

rajarata said...

Ideally SLT should be allowed to start a DTH and should be given atleast 3-5 years to operate alone before any other licenses are given out to any other DTH operator. CBNsat has sneaked in, using the 'No regulation' environment to grab the lions share of the cable TV market. In any other country DTH operation is highly regulated and the licensing process is quite lengthy because it is more profitable than even the telecom.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

email what you know to filenetworks@gmail.com :) Thanks.

If you have balls (you dont, obviously), give us your contacts details so we can get "in touch" with you :p.

rajarata said...

I found this contact information of CBNsat CEO Muhunthan on the internet. If anybody is interested can contact him directly.

Muhunthan Canagasooryam
248/127 Lotus Grove
Phone: 011 - 2720121

Muhunthan Canagasooryam
12 Palm Grove
Colombo 03
Phone: 011 - 2575592

Cell Phone: 0777-723310

Fax : 011 - 2372371