Monday, September 11, 2006

Do not worry we are still here

We are getting worried comments from people that this blog is silent. Well one reason is that in order to post anything new, we need new information.

We have not received any new information so that is the reason that we did not post anything.

We are also waiting for a reply from CBNsat for the questions that we asked them? Anyway this blog is still active. Do not worry about that.

On Sept 18th (next monday) is the CBNsat Supreme Court hearing. Today LBN is having a hearing and we are expecting the MoD report on LBN to be made known today. Please refer to LBN forum for more information about that.

Please keep us updated on the latest news regarding CBNsat.


Alf said...

I strongly feel that LBN will get a very positive feedback from MOD today. LBN anyway is not a threat to anyone.

However, CBNSat response will be doubtful. And since it is a threat to all the HE "Henchiyas", they will not allow CBNSat to operate.

cableguy said...

I fully agree with you Alf.

Over the weekend I talked to a prominant publisher and that is the same sentiments expressed by that person.
LBN will probably get their license by end of the month or OCt. CBNSat is too much of a business threat to those with ulterior motives who are closer to HE. So in simple Sri Lankan style, they will wipe the competition out by screwing them left right and center.
Sad but its true. Its just the way things are done here in mother Lanka.
That is why LBN management kept quite all along. They were probably told up front that they had to suffer a little bit, in order to kick CBNSat out. So they kept quite and followed the orders.
Looking back, maybe CBNSat should have done the same, and kissed some sorry butts and kissed up to whoever. As sorry as it may sound, it just seems the only way in beautiful lanka.
Just look at what they are doing to LIOC!
They dont seems to give a shit about foreign investments or collaborations. If it hurts their pockets, they will do anything and everything to get rid of them.

So may you rest in peace CBNSat.
I will just resort to watching DVDs and maybe get a Indian Sat connection. Comet does not give out any more new connections and even if LBN starts back, it does not serve where I live.
I will not get SATnet on principal, even if they offer it free.

Nice knowing you CBNSat. I will use the dish for cooking chinese food.