Thursday, June 29, 2006

CBN Sat authorities ordered to discuss with Media Minister - The Daily News 29th June 2006

Colombo Additional Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya yesterday instructed the CBN Sat authorities to meet the Media Minister and discuss the matter with regard to the issuance of licence and inform the decision before Court on Monday.

The Judge made this order when the CBN Sat and Sonic Network Technologies case was taken up for hearing. These two companies were sealed by the Colombo Crime Division on June 6.

Sandasen Marasinghe


Anonymous said...

All these shit started by CBN, related to their LTTE links, CBN wanted to investigate other operators licences.but they forgot about comet cable. still operating over to cbn smart customers.

6/28/2006 8:36 PM

Anonymous said...

why Free media movment is silent about lbn, is it because they dont support tera's.

6/28/2006 8:43 PM

Anonymous said...

Yes ! If anyone is offended by watching Fashion TV they can block it from the reciever or directly requesting from CBNSat you could do.

My uncle who did not want his kids to see it so he blocked the channel. I think they are finding 1001 reasons to delay this process to CBNSat to bankrupt and close down operations.

According to my knowledge (I'm an IT Proffessional) even though their transmission is stopped they will have to pay huge charges for the transponder usage on the satellite and they will have to pay the salaries of the staff etc.

The second thing is the security issues. I think here they want to ban the news coverage on the things that happen in Sri Lanka being reported on BBC & CNN. And the programmes relating to war and military stuff being aired on Discovery, NGC and History Channel.

I really don't know the knowledge about media or the qualifications of the so called media minister !!!

FTV is a free to air channel and any one who has a dish and a receiver can watch it. And even the Discovery, NGC and all the other channels that CBNSat delivers is being beamed to Sri Lanka from India. So anyone could subcribe to it and watch it.

Here what is government trying to promote ? Local business or Indian / Hong Kong business ???

Tigers have a satellite earth station for uplinking and downlinking. So they can send receive anything they want.

Here who are they going to control ?

Beware friends the next victims are the mobile operates and Internet Service providers !

Sri Lanka will be like Afganisthan very soon !!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can understand what the first comment refers too,Is he trying to say COMET is smarter than CBN,

Must be some crack case?

Anonymous said...

Yes comet is operating some junk on oudated technology and they give connections with the returned decoders,just tell us whether you have a single new decorder and they are not even manufactured now.

This is all about technology you Donkey,You are trying to compare a Bullock cart with a supersonic jet.

Anonymous said...

But... what matters is here in sri lanka (starting to hate this country)is that bullok cart works better then the super sonic jet according to the people who are running the country,
This is what happens whn ppl elected the man who is in saron against the man with suit, they thot it will suit our culture (%#$#$#%)
I have a comet connection for about 4 years now, i get annoyed even the signal goes out for 5 mints, can imagin how you guys feel, hope the situation get sorted soon.

Anonymous said...

According to the internal sources of TRC , CBNSat have not applied for the new licence. What TRC said is that CBNSat thinks that they can win the case and go away without the licence.

They say even they have started before the licensing came under the new scheme all the cable tv and satellite tv operators should obtain this licence.

It's not very clear what regulation they have for the dealers like SHITNet (SATNet) ???
who is selling subscriptions from India & Hong Kong.

TRC or any other Sri Lankan ministry or whoever will have no authority to control the content of such channels and their operations even if they do anything bad.

The next thing they should try is to cover the entire island with a metal roof so that the signals will not enter here.

What a bunch of fools ????

Anonymous said...

never mind it's a crack case / donkey.
the point that we want to make here is comet is still operating donkey, that's what it was ment. it's a car or a jet you got to have correct tool to use depend on the situation. can you travel to Negombo by a jet ? donkey... bottom line is still you could watch comet's transmision. the issue is hou could comet operate on a 3rd part licence....also giving connection in Kotahena, colombo 14, petteh,negambo..

Anonymous said...

Comet is operating on the licence issued to Ruhuna 2001 Multivision. Actually they were supposed to install their system in Matara according to the initial agreement because multivision is supposed to be the cable tv operation for the Ruhuna 2001 project. They somehow got the operations in Colombo because of the larger market.

We don't know who authorised it ???

And they have no right to appoint regional cablr tv operators like Delta Cable Vision in Wattala, Globe Vision in Negombo etc unless these mushroom operators have a proper licence from the TRC !!!!

Anonymous said...

Last april poya day 13th, Rupavahini telecast un censerd 'RANDIYADHARA" sinhala film. now over to you people concern over pay tv channels. in pay tv concept every one o can block the unwanted channels throug their decorders. but Rupavahini is a free to air.........

Anonymous said...

if you were living in kotahena/or where ever the sub agents of comet give cable tv for 400 buks, will you guys say no we dont want, coz thre is no proper licence.??

Anonymous said...

Friend the issue is whether you have the service or not if you are HAVING IT enjoY it's great. but the way entire case was handle by the relavant people. IN DAY TO ACTIVITIES YOU HAVE OTHER WORK TO DO OTHER THEN ASKING LICENCES. if you want to travel in a bus will you go to the driver & ask his licences. macho you will getin style.... try it out..

Anonymous said...

CBN & LBN have been banded. it's ok for the national security. but from june 6th what ever happened in Srilanka. who take the responsibilities.& all equipments imports for the above organaistaions done through their under deep shit.our judges, layers, media & honerable politicians dosnt know the differene between cable tv, satalite tv.only thease jokers no about flat tv & noramal tv. sony tv, Lg tv ect.....