Thursday, June 22, 2006

Court refuses stay order against CCD Officers - The Island 22nd June 2006

The Colombo District Court yesterday refused a stay order against the officers of the Colombo Crime Division (CCD), in connection with a petition against the sealing of the equipment of CBNSat.

U.K. Mahindadasa, OIC, CCD and two other officers were cited as respondents.

SonicNet Technologies had petitioned Court that the CCD had taken into custody their property and also the equipment of CBNSat, which was a sister company. They said that the Colombo Magistrate had issued an order against CBN Sat and not on the Sonic Net Technologies, but the CCD had taken into custody their property also.

The lawyers further submitted that the order was to search the premises but not to seal the equipment.

District Judge Aruna Sri Ranasinghe said that if an order was issued in favor of the petitioner that would disturb the Magistrate's Court, that would also make it difficult for the police to carry out their investigation, the judge said. The Judge refused to issue a stay order against the respondent CCD officers.

The case was put off for July 03.

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