Thursday, June 29, 2006

CBNSat Case : Magistrate orders to meet Minister - The Daily Mirror 29th June 2006

The Colombo Magistrate yesterday ordered the satellite television company, CBNSat (Pvt) Ltd., to meet the Media Minister in connection with the switching off of the transmission by the CID. When the case was taken up in chambers the counsel for CBNSat and SLRC and Minister of Media and Mass communications made representations.

The Attorney General informed court the Media Minister had expressed his concern over two issues with regard to stopping the transmission. Firstly not to air the Fashion Shows and secondly to be concerned with regard to the transmission of security issues. The Counsel for CBNSat M.L.M Ameen PC undertook to abide by relevant issues. The Additional Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya ordered the counsels to meet the minister and report to court on the outcome next Monday, July 3.

In this case the transmission was stopped following a CID investigation. On June 6, the CID selaed the transmission on the grounds that CBNSat had not obtained the necessary licence. The case was put off for July 3rd.


Anonymous said...

Yes ! If anyone is offended by watching Fashion TV they can block it from the reciever or directly requesting from CBNSat you could do.

My uncle who did not want his kids to see it so he blocked the channel. I think they are finding 1001 reasons to delay this process to CBNSat to bankrupt and close down operations.

According to my knowledge (I'm an IT Proffessional) even though their transmission is stopped they will have to pay huge charges for the transponder usage on the satellite and they will have to pay the salaries of the staff etc.

The second thing is the security issues. I think here they want to ban the news coverage on the things that happen in Sri Lanka being reported on BBC & CNN. And the programmes relating to war and military stuff being aired on Discovery, NGC and History Channel.

I really don't know the knowledge about media or the qualifications of the so called media minister !!!

FTV is a free to air channel and any one who has a dish and a receiver can watch it. And even the Discovery, NGC and all the other channels that CBNSat delivers is being beamed to Sri Lanka from India. So anyone could subcribe to it and watch it.

Here what is government trying to promote ? Local business or Indian / Hong Kong business ???

Tigers have a satellite earth station for uplinking and downlinking. So they can send receive anything they want.

Here who are they going to control ?

Beware friends the next victims are the mobile operates and Internet Service providers !

Sri Lanka will be like Afganisthan very soon !!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

fuck these arses who sit on the top and push people around!!! have they got any concern for the people who are suffering?
there are sooooo many issues, to eliminate poverty, to build bigger roads/infrastructure,etc But they poke their butts into entertainment! there is no issue of cbn sat being a threat in anyway! it may be a threat to only frogs in the well, our politicians that is!

Anonymous said...

For heavens sake!!! why are they talking of fashion tv?? the bloody local movies have enough scenes! what about you go to a night club? you get enough half naked women there!
i remember when fashion tv was out for a short while, how all these old men were suffering to watch, and how restless they were to keep calling the customer service!
fuck you bastards! their cocks must be standing while they even come to courts and say the word fashion tv!PATHETIC!

Anonymous said...

i am sure they will come up and say "cartoon network" is a threat to them too!
why, because their eyes will get spoilt by watching the programmes!
common!! get a life! there is not a single boy who hasnt seen a porn movie by the age of 9 to 10! i swear, if you take a random number of school boys, they will agree!
now they are trying to stop fashion tv! can they even imagine to stand near a FTV model? sorry sods!

Anonymous said...

Hurrah.......I wish to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate The President Of Sri Lanka the Ministers (especially the media Minster) and all bureaucrats for their efforts in running Sri lanka like a Brothel....YOU HAVE MONEY...WE GIVE YOU SERVICE... I also take the opportunity to extend my humblest gratitude to the Judiciary for there untiring efforts to stay impartial so that justice is for all but those running the brothel....May 2050 years of Buddhism be Celebrated every day this year so that the Dharmishta Samajaya that we live in will exist for another 2950 years until the next Buddha comes.