Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Notice issued on CBNsat, LBN and SATnet directors (Daily News 20th June 2006)

COLOMBO: Colombo Additional Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya yesterday issued notice on the directors of the CBNsat, LBN and SATnet television channels that were allegedly functioning without a valid licence to appear before the Court at 2 p.m. on June 21.

This was revealed yesterday when the CBNsat and Sonic Network Technologies case was taken up for hearing. These two companies were sealed by the Colombo Crime Division on June 6.

The Judge observed that it was unfair to close CBNsat while the SATnet was functioning and it should be fair by both parties.

The Additional Secretary to the Media Ministry Vajira Narampanawa said before the Court that he did not receive any application form from the CBNsat company for a licence.

President's Counsel M.L.M. Ameen appearing for the defence submitted before court that the application form for the licence was handed over to one Silva, a Co-ordinating Secretary to the Media Minister last Thursday.

The Judge ordered that the application form for the licence be handed over to Additional Secretary Narampanawa in open court.

The CID stated that still it was conducting investigations and has to take statements from the customers. The LBN was transmitting programmes from satellite charging the customers and it was a punishable offence. The Sat net was transmitting from India and only an office was here. They are retransmitting it here in Sri Lanka and the CID said that it was intending to seek the advice of the Attorney General to see whether it was illegal.

The Judge ordered the Additional Secretary of the Media Ministry to inform the court whether it was in a position to issue a licence for CBNsat or not on June 21.

Senior State Counsel Gihan Kulathunga, Senior State Counsel Sumana Dharmawardana, Senior Superintendent of Police Ravi Vidyalankara, Sub inspector M.R. Dayaratne appeared for the prosecution while President's Counsel M.L.M. Ameen, President's Counsel Ikram Mohammed, Ian Fernando, Sadi Wadud, Riyad Ameen and Sajeewa Antony appeared for the defence.

Sandasen Marasinghe


Anonymous said...

Well, according to the news article Media Secretery is suppose to tell the Courts whether they are in a position to issue a license to CBNSat.

What if he comes and say that they cannot issue a license or that they need more time to consider.

We will be left in the dark again.

Anonymous said...

The lawyers should immedietly work on this and get it done today,And see the answer this arshole have given,These are the mugs who work as top officials in the government and even the Magistrate has supposed to have laughed when this MF gave this answer even a pree school student wouldnt have given.

The lawyers should immedietly take in to task this kind of corrupted officials and claim a further 50 MIO as done with the CID guys.

I dont think they can further delay this as it is the TRC and BOI which sould have guided CBNsat on a media licence if that was realy necessary as it is aproved by both institutions.

If not i think CBN will claim a huge sum that they cant even imagine as componsation and other investors will rethink whether its realy worthwhile operating in this country.

Anonymous said...

fuck this country!!! there is no justice served! poor cbn sat guys, they have been taken for a long ride by these hooligans!! what a waste of money, time and energy! i think its time to get on the streets and demand for justice!!!
if they dont issue the licence those MFs will have to face us on the streets!! we customers shudnt let this happen to us!
c'mon guys! lets put some effort to get cbn back!!

Anonymous said...

Thats right if anything doesnt happen tommorow we should get together and act and show this fucking government officials that we are not fools to be taken for a ride and teach them a lesson,150000 can do a big change.

By the way i was going through the SATnet web site,which is a carbon copy of the CBNsat site and it it they have indicated that thet are the only licenced provider of satalite TV(Now you know what the involment is) and claim to have 2500-3000 connections(they are also not sure) and they talk of hotels and i was at Mahaweli Reach recently, claimed to be a client of them and the quality what i saw was pathetic with a visibly unclear picture reception.

I can remember there was a case in the past where a secretary has forged the signature of the then mahaweli minister,Hon.Gamini Dissanayake,is this Hulugalle the same person and he seems to be involved heavily with the government as per the profile,and no wonder the country isnt going anywhere with these kind of crooks being provided with high posts in the government and his wife also seems to be involved.

Its time we get involved not only for CBN but for LBN too

Anonymous said...

yes its this same man who forged then minister Mr. Gamini dissanayakes signature.

who ever is in power mr. shitnet will be there !

Anonymous said...

Guys,I called the number of SHITNET and its still in operation illegaly,its time we make a complaint to the CID of this and i checked with their website and it is stated that they are the only licenced DTH provider in the country but it was said otherwise in courts.

Can they operate and sell the shitnet stuff like this?Is it legal?

Their hotline is 2596800

Anonymous said...

Yes SHITNET is still operative and even i called them,one guy answered in Sinhala and kept on saying what they had,

So can they operate after it was transpired at courts that they were illegl too or is the Directors using their influence and the government backing to carry on a illegal business.

I am realy fed up with the people who run this country and they with henchman as this around them will not go through at all.

Anonymous said...

Shitnet should take off the profile of directors in their web site becase no sooner any of the prospective clients see the names of the directors(Basicaly there arnt any prospective clients) you feel like smashing the screen.

I called and asked this guys whether they dont have a problem with the licence,They said no,and when i asked what is said in the papers is not true,they say its something else

So how come the CID stop CBNsat and let this SHITNET caryy on their business without any hazle and also after the directon from the magistrate.

Is their fair play and justice in this country any more,i doubt

Anonymous said...

Bad news for LBN customers

A rep says that there will be another court hearing on next tuesday (27th June)...

This is what we deserve when a set off jokers run the country

Anonymous said...

yeah, the media guy will come up with another preschool stuff, hope that the judge will not hear his lame stories and grant permission to CBN to start transmission and order the authorities concerned to grant a license by a set date.