Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Investigation into more Channels

Hi Guys! Sorry for not posting all these days. I was down with the flu. Thank You all for keeping this blog updated with the news.

Anyway what does this mean

"The Judge ordered the CID to submit its reports of the investigation within two days following investigations of the transmission systems of Sat Net (Pvt) Ltd earlier known as TV Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Electro Tech (Pvt) Ltd, Multivision Com Net Cable (Pvt) Ltd and the LBN Lanka (Pvt) Ltd Radio Channel." - Courtesy Daily News 13th June 2006

Sat Net has no transmission systems in Sri Lanka and was earlier known as Star Lanka. There cannot be a shutdown since the transmissions are from Dish TV India and Star TV Hong Kong.

Electro Tech (Pvt) Ltd., isn't that Electroleks (Pvt) Ltd., the operators of TV Lanka.

Multivision Com Net Cable should be Multivision Comet Cable.

LBN Lanka (Pvt) Ltd., Radio Channel ????. LBN is a Cable TV provider not a radio station.

Anyway these must be printing errors in the Daily News (don't they check before printing). Can anyone confirm whether the above mentioned companies are still operating or were they shutdown like CBNSat.


W32@bitrate.vbr said...

According to my sources, LBN, Comet & Satnet was still in operation when i checked this morning.

i have not got any new feedback as yet on this.

Anonymous said...

I think LBN is operating the cable TV network through a radio licence and in other cases a reliable source told me that some have the TRC licence and not the Rupavahini clearance and the others only the Rupavahini clearance.

So they are in the same mess what Mr.Hulugalle has put CBN in (daily mirror 13.06.2006) including the master undercutter(himself)

Though SATnet is indian feed he needs the clearance of both institutions to distribute the contents here.Beacuse of him the entire cable TV market is in a mess and the subscribers are the ultimate loosers.

As per the Daily Mirror the fine that can be imposed on CBN is LKR.500/- for not posessing the so called licence, and the Judge has adviced the DG of TRC/RC to issue the licence speedily as around 25000 subscribers are affected due the closure and that it was injust to close one station.

You are right on the Operators and the unknown party is TV Lanka and these channels are still operative and has to watch how the CID treats this operators.

It seems that the CID has carried out all these through a pettie issue without any substance to please Mr.Hulugalle (Daily Mirror 13.06.2006),It is now the public to see how the CID treats this person.

SAD® said...

Don't the CID have enough things to worry about like investigating the murders, bombs and what not happening in the country. We need a safer country before trying to worry about licenses etc.

We are still embedded in a lot of bureaucracy and lot's of businesses go out of our country because of this. And the Government is talking about more investments and job opportunities. What they are really doing is creating investments and job opportunities in countries like Vietnam, China, India etc. Some chinthana that is.

Cometcable Customer said...

Just to add some confirmation to w32@bitrate.vbr's earlier post:

As at 22:00 13th June 2006, Cometcable is transmitting all 18 channels as normal, and no scrolling newsbars alerting customers anything to the contrary.

Anonymous said...

I think fair play should prevail and this is not against any of the other operators(Though the mastermind had done so and he is always famous for unfair play)

Just because one bad guy doesnt have business gives his dirty mind to destroy a highly sucessfull venture.

All subscribers,whoever the operator, should be protected against this coruppted individual who has the knack and past record of similiar practices.

Hope the judge understands all these and issue a fair judgment,because we beleive justice still prevail in this country and all is not corrupted.