Thursday, June 22, 2006

CBNSat Case on 28th June 2006

It is now confirmed that the CBNSat case will be held on 28th June 2006. Please read reports from the Daily News and The Island given below. If anyone has the reports about CBNSat from other news sources I request them to email it to and also post it as a comment.

I was read an interesting letter by a customer that appeared in The Island 22nd June 2006 Page 7 under the caption Cable TV : Confusion Worst confounded where the reader has written giving their displeasure over the present crisis. It is good for the you out there to give your opinions in the papers in the form of letters to the editor where you can express your frustration over the entire crisis. I am sure the authorities are reading these opinions.

We need well written opinions from the people out their to appear in the newspapers regarding the problems faced by the subscribers who have spent their hard earned money and bought these connections to watch something worthwhile. Even if the operators were operating illegally then the first problem is why did they the authorities wait so long to shut them down and the other issue is that they are shutting down the operators without giving consideration to the people using these services. Given below are the email addresses of major newpapers for their editors. I suggest that you say "Letters to the Editor" in the Subject line of the email.

The Island Editor

The Daily News

The Daily Mirror

The Sunday Times

The Sunday Leader

The Morning Leader

The Nation

Hopefully on Wednesday 28th June 2006 the judge will take a decision and I appeal to the Media Minister to issue the license keeping the interests of the customer in his mind when the decision is being taken. Issue the license and sort out the problems of CBNSat, LBN and also any problems that the SATNet customers themselves maybe having. Make sure that Pay TV customers do not have to go through this situation again.

Maybe if anyone can provide the address, fax number and email address of the Media Ministry then the customers can write to the ministry and also request them to issue the licenses and sort these problems out.

There is no use scolding anyone or blaming anyone let's just concentrate on requesting these people to allow these providers to resume services.

Also a sincere request out to all bloggers. PLEASE DO NOT POST FOUL LANGUAGE


~CBNSat Customer~ said...

Thought of writing to the Minster of Mass media and information;

Hon.Mr. Anura Priyadharshana Yapa
163, Kirulapone Mawatha, Polhengoda, Colombo 05.
Fax: 2513440

Our Friend;
Mr. Vajira Narampanava
Additional Secretary (Dev)
18th Floor, World Trade Centre, West Tower, Colombo 01.
Office Tel: 2513645

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Anonymous said...

FMM against proposed 10 p.m. TV ban

The Free Media Movement (FMM) strongly opposes the government’s decision to stop television broadcasts by 10 p.m. to conserve power.

The FMM said this was a blatant violation of the people’s right to information.

Convener, FMM, Sunanda Deshapriya told The MorningLeader that this would restrict the middle-class Sinhala-speaking people from being informed.

"Those who have money and who can understand English could watch foreign television channels through satellites. It’s the normal people who would be deprived of that right as well," he said.

He further said the media should not be looked down upon in this manner since it could play a very positive role in the development of the country.

Deshapriya said that 24-hour news channels have become indispensable in Sri Lanka after incidents like the tsunami. He further said that providing sufficient power is the duty of the government.

Anonymous said...

I faxed a letter informing that we are deeply dissapointed with the lethargic officers of the ministry who require one minth to issue a media licence and that with officers of this calibre nothing will happen if they work even 24 hours.

CBNsat customer said...

Check this new licence on TRC website.


If you check the pdf document properties you can see it has been created on 21 June 2006. What kind of idiots do we have in this country?

Jolly Lucifer said...

I agree with FMM. This is typical of a government that is looking to deflect blame for its own inadequacies. If they cannot solve problems on their own, they make it someone else’s problem. And, as pointed out above, the person that loses out on information is the very same segment of the population that keeps the government in power. Sounds like a win-win situation for the government, doesn’t it? Lower power consumption and the masses are forcibly deprived of independent information.

This issue is not simply about any one cable channel. There seem to be many people involved for different reasons, none of which are fair, unbiased and lawful. I find it laughable that this government can talk about licensing when anyone can buy movies at a fiftieth of what they would cost elsewhere. It seems it is only illegal when someone decides that it is profitable to call its legality into question. So, what will become profitable next?

Anonymous said...

Shame.... Shame...... Shame.......
The world is fast becoming a global Village, and what’s happening to you guys here in Sri Lanka.

A large scale media company operates in town for a period of a year, or a little more, advertising every second. The governing authorities take one long year to realize that the company doesn’t carry proper authorization……….Shame

What’s the next step ???

The Criminal Investigation shuts the company ??? 25000 subscribers are left in the dark ! moneys paid for the services gone to dogs…. No sports ! No movies! Nothing at all to watch on TV…….Are the governing bodies bothered about our rights1 our money ??????

I don’t understand any Local languages !!!! what on earth do I do !!

Guys !!!!
Its shame on your countries policies
Your law enforcements authorities should have a little more human touch in them
The judiciary system needs urgent attention from the authorities. I feel the Judge acts a puppet, he is like any other state employee in this country ! he loves to postponed thins for another day! He clearly knows the right and wrong ! are His hands tied ! if so by whom.

I was even told that H.E The president is also a subscriber to CBNSAT
! Y hasn’t he got involved in this ???? If he could involved in Banning Movies ( Da’ vinci code, he got involved in banning ) Y is he shedding a blind eye towards this ?????

What’s the Minister of media doing about this ??????
Where is this countries Free Media Movement ???
What are human right protection activist like Vasudeva Nanayakkara, Wicramabahu Karunaratne doing ?

Y are the other private channels like MTV very silent about this ???
( they call them self as media giants)

STAR sport and ESPN are most loved sports channels ! No way to watch the FIFA (Live), Y are the sports bodies like the Cricket board. Not speaking about this issue!!!

If this was down in our Country !!! we knew what we should be doing man!!!

I sincerely hope this will be an eye opener to all who thinks of investing here in Sri Lanka…… Watch out ………………you might be the next victim.

BOI, chambers, ministries could do nothing < don’t depend on them .

My sympathies to CBNSAT and its staff and management.

Anonymous said...

How true and when a senior government officer asks one month to issue licence do we need to argue on the eefiecincy of the government and more than that you get irritated by the pree school answers given by these spineless mugs.I dont think the tourisum industry will go for a six with the foreigners being cut off from any international news and do you think you could have this 10.00PM cut off time,these politicians are mad enough to bring in even a proposal like this.Its time we take this coruppted officils in to task and if they cant do a simple thing like this how can this government run this country.

This is a bunch of mad fuckers,the actor is ruining the sports and now some arshole is ruining a entire industry and the regulators and the government are just silent.


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct,The president bans "DA VINCI CODE" without a word or basically not knowing what the contents are.

Here the only provider who had the technology and the common sence to go in to villages are suddnly shut off from the world and they are mum shut.

You should understand, hard earned mony of 25000 general subscribers and 100000 viewers,The world cup and a massive investment by the company on technology never expereinced in the country and "DA VINCI CODE" is more important than this,

This is why the country is going to dogs,We have learned and know that the corrupted politicians cannot be depended on for fair play but we had a little hope on the legal system,is it worth waiting? and are they realy genuine?

Anonymous said...

Much formal way of writing... please insert '<'A href="put ur url"'>'W3C Web site>'<'/A'>'.
By this way the bloggers will able to access the contents more easilly...

when posting please remove the ' mark that ive used to show the content... then the given url can be navigable from the blog itself..
thx.. n do it with sence...

Jolly Lucifer said...

By the way, seeing as this is the CBNsat forum, wouldn't a link to the CBNsat website on the front page be appropriate? It's not required by most of the contributors here, but would be nice for appearances sake.

Anonymous said...

Guys cant we subscribers get together and file a case against the regulators or whoever as it seemes that these officials with vested interest is trying to screw CBNsat.

I hear that at the proceedings yesterday the lawyers of CBNsat has produced a letter issued by Mr.Ganegala (He was the media secretary) to some third party where he has eloberated that these kind of DTH transmissiond doesant come under their purview,The magistrate after seing it has informed that since they are willing to give the licence obtain it.

I think we also as subscribers go to courts against these officials and regulators,after all they should protect us?Should they

Jolly Lucifer said...
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Jolly Lucifer said...

As for Da Vinci Code...

I'd like to commend the honourable President for his efforts in making this quite horrible movie accessible to more people.

I was raised a Catholic (but I'm all recovered now) and I do not find the film to be disturbing. This is because the makers of the film are entitled to their views and the right to market them. It's called Free Speech, and only the Insecure should fear it. Hence, banning this film on religeous grounds is absurd as there were much better reasons.

It's crap, for one.

But by banning it a lot more people than would originally have bothered watching it would now pay attention.

And that's a shame.

Anonymous said...

Your right jolly,what he has done is increase the sale of pirated cds and dvds of the movie and that is far illegal than transmitting legally obtained, internationaly acclaimed channels and mind you this media licence scence is just a cover up to put the compny and the poor subscribers in dissaray.

The letter produced by the CBNsat lawyers yesterday at courts clearly confirms that they did not need the media licence for a broadband transmission is this nature and this is living proof what kind of jokers are running our country,

Anonymous said...

The real person behind thie entire episode is H.P.Gunaratne at TRC.

Jolly Lucifer said...

I just had a look at the TRC website.

Did you know these guys are on our side? They want to protect the rights of the service providers and consumers and increase the choice and quality of entertainment and information available to the country. They're even inviting new applications for Cable and Satellite TV operators.

They've even got new guidelines that are just as inapplicable as the old ones.

The TRC are our friends.


cbnsat customer said...

Sri Lanka to register and regulate all satellite broadcasts

June 22, 2006 (LBO) – Sri Lanka Thursday said it will begin registering and regulating all broadcast satellite services, amidst the recent controversial shut down of three operators.

“Under a directive from the President, we will take measures to register satellite service providers and promulgate rules to regulate the services provided by satellite service providers,” Kanchana Ratwatte, Director General of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC), told journalists.

The orders also include registering all equipment needed for satellite transmission and reception, as well as monitoring of providers, vendors, users and usage of the facilities.

A team led by the TRC is to draw up the regulations over the next few weeks. There are about four large satellite broadcasters, but several mushroom operations locally.

Three satellite broadcast stations – CBNSat, LBN and SATNet – were sealed recently, on allegations of operating without the required licence and approvals.

Following the shut down by the Criminal Investigations Department, local cable television provider CBNSat is in courts to restart operations.

The TRC says CBNSat was operating off an External Gateway Licence (EGO) issued to an associate company and limited to international telecom data traffic and not satellite broadcasts.

Other operator Comet Cable is functioning on frequencies issued by the Commission, the TRC says and under the required licence issued by the media and information ministry.

According to reports, the Media Ministry is to state their position on the licensing of CBNsat by June 28 or charges against the cable provider will be dropped.

Anonymous said...

There is a relese on LBO that all sat Tv broacasters will be regulerised on a directive of the president by the TRC and the new licening procedure on the TRC web relates to a part of this regulerisation and the procedures will be drafted in due course.

So on all proberbility the above licening procedure will be noticed to courts and CBNsat will be back in action by next week.

Anonymous said...

According to TRC website the deadline for applications is 21st July 2006.

So does that mean we have to wait till that ????????