Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Satnet Involved in CBNSat Incident ???

I have been receving several posts in my Blog regarding the involvement of the SatNet chairman in the CBNSat case.

It is very likely since this issue of CBNSat came up after the launch of this service. Anyway looks like he in trouble too. Although I am not sure how the CID will shut his operations down. Since Satnet is only selling the Star TV Hong Kong and Dish TV India equipment in Sri Lanka. There customers will not be affected in anyway unlike the CBNSat customers who are badly affected.

Anyway I am sure he will find a way out of this too. He should be banned from selling the equipment in Sri Lanka. This is highly unlikely though.


Anonymous said...

Even the common man new this,it is goog that the learned PC appearing for CBNsat has confirmed this in court during his submissions(Daily Mirror 13.06.2006),Even if the transmission is stopped it wont be a problem as they have a very few subscribers,and his intention to increase this never materilized and never will in future as most of the people know what he is up to.

It is said that this man is running his operation on someone elses licence(Dont know whether channel nine).

As per the newspapers the CID wanted a warrent against only LBN wheres Mr.Ameen PC has intervened and requested the other stations issued warrents too,and the judge being very fair has agreed on this and issued warrents on comet,satnet,Tvlanka.

Anonymous said...

Like I said before we should all boycot and not buy products of the company that sells and promotes SatNet. Those people and companies doing business with SatNet should dissassociate them selves with such Goons that use political influence to use and abuse power...