Wednesday, June 21, 2006

CBNSat Case Verdict Reserved - Daily Mirror 21st June 2006

Colombo District Judge Aruna C. Ranasinghe reserved the verdict in the case filed by Sonic Net Technologies (Pvt) Ltd., against the CID when the case was taken up at District Court yesterday. The plaintiff Sonic Net whic Romesh De Silva PC with Attorneys Riaz Ameen, Ian Fernando and Rikthar Mohamed represented stated that CBNSat was a company that conducted business publicly for a period of 12 months and within that period the Ministry of Defence, the SLRC and the Ministry of Public Administration had sought assistance from CBNSat.

The main grounds upon which the case was argued was on the legality of the CID officers sealing the company premises situated in George R. De Silva Mawatha Colombo 13.

It was further stated that the warrant issued by the Magistrate was only a search warrant and therefore did not give authority to seal the premises of Sonic Net. It was charged that the officers had been acting with a personal agenda. Romesh De Silva added that due to the irresponsible behavious of the police officers, 20,000 customers and 300 employees lives were in disarray and that the action taken by the officers had given undue advantage to the competitors of CBNSat.

Counsel for the CID stated that the officers were acting well within their boundaries and charged that the plaintiff did not possess a valid license for the broadcasting of satellite television channels. Responding to the above the counsel for the plaintiff questioned how the authorities did not have any problem with CBNSat for over a year in which advertising was done openly and as to why there were no questions raised when permission was sought to import equipment for the company and when giving free transmission for Rupavahini to the north. He added that SLRC Chairman Newton Gunaratne thanked the company for the support rendered to them in a letter dated May 25, 2006.

The defence was adamant that an interim order should not be given as it would affect the on going investigations, and charged the plaintiff again of not possessing the valid license. Counsel for the plaintiff said that CBNSat did have the necessary license but stated that they would not be arguing on the validity of the licence as that is not the main issue in question, but the unlawful sealing of Sonic Net (Pvt) Ltd. He charged that the CID did not have any right to seal the premises of Sonic Net an affliated company of CBNSat.


Anonymous said...

This just give the idea what these mugs are doing as Mr.Romesh De Silva PC is arguing on the validity of the sealing,These guys are talking about a licence"KOHEDA YANNE MALLE POL",These mugs are realing going to have it and that is the impact of having a lawyer in the calibre of Mr.Romesh De Silva PC,and i think if this problem is not resoved today the other guys can expect much more than this.

You were right about the television stations as only TNL gave a balanced view and a fair coverage on their news telecast as for RUPAVAHINI,EYE,DAILY NEWS what fairness can you expect as they give rubish to the public,a recent news story in RUPAVAHINI said that Mr.Dharmadasa has been unanamously voted Asias cricket boos and he was the only one to do so,wheres this is on a rotating basis and subject to him winning the cricket elections in july,and further even Mr.Thilanga Sumathipala was president some time back and their promoting Mr.DHRMADASA for the presidency through a hype,and that is rupavahini and would you expect them to be fair?

This mugs should be tken to task and thought a lesson.

Anonymous said...

Does the so call cabinet know that a man with a corrupt past Mr.Lakshman Hulugalle has been appointed the Deputy Chairman of Fisheries Corporation and has the president aprove it,and do they know that this man is the hidden face behind this cable TV fiasco and that he is using his political influence to destroy his competitors?

Can someone like Mr.LASANTHA WCKRAMTUNGA,FEDRICA JANZ,VICTOR IVAN who expose scandls like this,Immedietly expose this RE DENIYA DAWAL MIGEL,who seems to a part of the fishing chinthanaya now.

Anonymous said...

Are we meeting up at the courts today and its good if we get around 200 subscribers.

I hear SHITnet has only about 10 employees,wheres CBNsat has abou 300 employees and hulla will have to pay the salary of this 300 employees.We must thank the friend for publishing the real BIO-DATA of Mr.Shitnet as the one in their website is entirely differant from this as it doesnt say,
1.Channel Nine.
2.Unlafully cutting out forest.
3.selling timber illegaly.
4.Forging a ministers signature.
5.Dirty politics of undercutting
6.Running a illegal TV station and transmitting from another country.
7.Unethical practice of destroying his competitors using political influence.

It may be these are the New Chinthanaya concepts and the qualifiction to become a higher up in the government.

They defenietly should be thought a lesson.

Anonymous said...

Yes we'll be meeting up there to make our voice in need. I think lot of subscribers come to see the final judgement !


Anonymous said...

hulugalle bastard shud be shot on his balls...but hey he doesnt have balls!!! if he did he wud have faught competition the right way....

brian t said...

if we dont get to watch cbn today...i am personally going to take revenge! this is absolute crap, with the court cases being put off for weeks now.... why isnt anyone concerned abput US??? we need cbn and we need it right away! cant imagine waiting any longer!