Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dear CBNSat Customers (A fellow reader takes matters into his hands)

Dear CBNSat customers !

I'm going to forward a formal request to TRC asking them to take immediate action to restart CBNSat services on behalf of the customers.

Please send me your following details to

Contact No and
CBNSat Account number


** The above request is not from TV Radio Sri Lanka. This was a comment on this blog that I copied and pasted. I appreciate the work that is being done by this individual, it is time for the customers of CBNSat to get down to business and email this individual today, with all the information.

The above individual looks geniune but please take care when releasing personal information.


Anonymous said...

Dear valued customer,

As you may already know, CBNSat transmission has been halted by the CID and forces unknown to us. We have taken up this issue in courts and their verdict is currently pending.

The events which took place on 6th June, 2006 had done immense injustice to us, our staff and to our valued customers.

We apologies for the inconvenience caused by this circumstance which is beyond our control. We are trying our level best to overcome this hurdle and are confident you will be understanding and patient

Anonymous said...

I am sure is a genuine guy looking after the interest of all cbnsat customers and the industry. Would be useful if he could identify himself.

We dont want to be sending our information to a SATnet supporter collecting all our info.

If you are genuine we will support you.

RabbitHole said...

Please Identify your self.
I will certainly be with you as well as all the others if you are genuine. We are so frustrated everyone might want to eat the heads of those who are responsible for this crime!
At least post your name and CBNsat acc number here ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Well the efforts of this guy should be commented. Anyways to safeguard everyones interests please post your details to the fellow readers.

I would deffinetely support you in your efforts. I'm with CBNSat..

Anonymous said...

Hey guys did anyone call the TRC or SLRC at least lets do that till we know who this guy really is. Only venting our frustration on this blog is not going to work.

Anonymous said...

Just go ahead and whats wrong in giving CBNsat details and even if Hulugalle is collecting the info,We are not going to buy his bulshit.I feel we should wait atleast till MOnday as all signs are postive and CBNsat are processing their medeia licence(Though they still feel it is not necessary).

So once they produce this on monday there is no substance to drag on as the judge has taken a undertaking from SLRC and CID.The one problem would be LBN and Comet as to whether they have the necessary clearance as the CID was instructed to report on them on Monday,and we sincerely hope they have what these officicials require.

The entire pay television market is in chaos due to this politicaly motivated and poisned and corrupt individual with a stake in the industry.

RabbitHole said...

Telecommunications Regulatory Commission
276 Elvitigala Mawatha, Colombo 8.
Sri Lanka.
Tel : +94-11-2689345
Fax : +94-11-2689341

Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation
Independence Square
Colombo - 07
Tel : +941 - 2501050, 2501616, 2599506,2599510, 2593563
Fax: +941 - 2500373
E-mail -

Anonymous said...

Send letters to th TRC using the above address. It might help!

Sinhalé said...

My dear friends !

As you know I cant post my personal details on an open forum like this as most of you people. My account no of CBNSat is 100XX

So you can see i'm one of the very first customers of CBNSat. I invested in it even before they started their operations as I understood this is the latest technology.

And as I see it they were doing a genuine business all this time and their service was superb I must say.

I went to the press conference of CBNSat and seen through my eyes the neccesary approvals they received from BOI, TRC and from the Ministry of Defence.

CBNSat or SonicNet don't need a tv broadcast licence as they are not doing any terrestrial tv broadcasts. They possesed an EGO licence which enables them to carryout their operations. I think there is a misconception in the society that EGO's can do only voice. But you can goto TRC website and read 25,26 pages of EGO licence and see what they can do with that.

TRC is meant to protect us ! The consumers. You could read about us page of TRC and find out for what they are for. But in this case what have they done to protect us ?

And in the BOI approval it is authorised to carryout the operations that the CBNSat was carrying on upto now.

If a such TV of Media licence is needed BOI should guide the investor (CBNSat) to do so. What have BOI done in this regard ? And BOI is to promote the investments that are coming to Sri Lanka and to regulate them according to the countrys law and to protect the investors from these type of baseless allegations. What have they done in this regard ? What is the message they give to the prospective investors of this country ?

Will any investor come here and invest if the situation is going to be like this ?

So as per the judges order if he says CBNSat should be penalised and issue them a licence ASAP.
If this is the case why don't they do it and recommence transmission ?
I beleive TRC and BOI should intervine and act fast to restore the CBNSat services in view of the 20,000+ households. (Approx 100,000+ viewers)

Dear friends if you feel insecure to send me your details please take note of the points I mentioned above and write to TRC, BOI and whoever you think appropriate by your self. But please include the details i've mentioned otherwise they will ignore anonymous messages.

Anonymous said...

If you want to post email anonymously go here . . .

or direct link (only one per day)

Anonymous said...

I toatly agree with Sinhale and BOI and TRC should have guided CBNsat if they needed any media licence and even the lawyers for CBN(Mr.Ameen PC) has pointed out that they do not require a licence for broadband.

I think CBNsat sat going ahead with the so called media licence in the interest of its subscribers as the CID would make it a point to drag this case further and i feel its the right decesion as it would be time consuming to convince something technical as this.

They should quikly act o this as the judge has obtained a undertking from SLRC to issue the clearance within 48 hours and for the TRC to ensure compliance on same.I have reliable information that the other operators use the same licence as of CBNsat and some were on borrowed licences(Like closed down operators),So it is to be seen how others face this crisis and whether they be treated the same.

Anonymous said...

Any idea about this article appeared on Lankatruth?? Is this something to do with CBNsat??

Anonymous said...

Here is the article...
A satellite channel for Tigers on the pretext of internet facility

[15th June 2006 - 12:05 S.L.T]

With a licence obtained for internet facilities from the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, it is reported that a satellite TV channel is being broadcasted on behalf of the Tiger organisation.

It is reported that this channel provides news programmes to Germany and France since the CFA signed in 2002.

It is further revealed a former Tamil officer attached to the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation while financial backing for the satellite broadcasting has been provided by British Tiger agent. It is also reported to the security services that a registered logo of an Indian TV channel is also being used on this cannel.

Anonymous said...

Can't be since CBNSat logo is not from a Indian TV Channel.

CBNSat license is not only for Internet Services.

Anonymous said...

Since it says some indian connection can it be SATNET,they broadcast from india.

No way its CBN and we know what they uplink

Anonymous said...

Which SAT TV operator are they talking about??

If this article is correct, how can CID allow such a station to operate freely???..!! They should shutdown that station first!!

Anonymous said...

So why cant this guys play it straight and cant they identify the so called provider without giving guesswork and speculation to their readers.

The writer can make a direct complaint to the TRC if he knows what he is saying and they would investigate and take action.

Even then they say this has been happeining since 2002,CBN was launched very recently.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes,If someone is doing a thing like this i dont think the TRC will be keeping their mouth shut,Thy realy will take action as in the CBNsat case.

The CID gus can check from this writter and stop the transmission immedietly.

I dont think they should speculate this kind of stroies and come up with a clear picture for authorities to take action and action should be taken if this kind of provider exsists.

Can lanka truth come up with who this is?

Anonymous said...

I think this is NTT. Using the equipment they brought down in 2002. At the start they beamed programmes to europe free to air. then they started beaming to Sri Lanka using the PAS 12 satellite which CBNSat uses.

It is clear that CBNSat is not involved as still NTT operates without any problem even after the shutting down of CBNSat on 6/6/6

Anyone interested can see the channel by entering following frequency in their receivers. (NOT FOR CBNSAT RECEIVERS)

Frequency = 11506 V
Symbol Rate = 2894

If TRC wants they can jam the uplink frequency.

But the staff of TRC is a bunch of cowards who will not work against tigers !

Anonymous said...

Oops !

I forget to tell you all.

NTT only operates from 19.30 hrs to 21.00 hrs SRI LANKA TIME

Anonymous said...

So can we count on Monday for the return of CBN since their customer care confirms that they have applied for the additional licence required from SLRC,Which was the only barrier.The judge also took a undertaking from SLRC that the licence will be issued immedietly.So better to end the story that way because we dont know what this person with vested interest and his goons will be up to next and i hope the licening of the other pay TV providers will also satisfy the officials(Though he has done it we dont want any inconveneince to the satnet subscribers)

But the TRC and BOI should give a explanation why a project aproved by them were put in to a mess like this because they should have guided CBN,if they realy needed to obtain this licence from SLRC.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update,The CID is going behind useless things to please someone,while the rela offenders are scott free.

Just give CBN their right to telecast without dragging on a useless court case without anything serious as there are more serious things for you to do than victimising over 100000 poor subscribers.

Anonymous said...

I called the fellows working at the TRC and when I say I need to speak to some one in authority regarding the CBNSat matter they say that they are not authorised to say anything regarding this. When I requested them that I want to make make a complaint regarding our grievances they cut off the line.

Is this the consumer protection offered by the TRC. How the hell are we to trust the authority that looks after or supposed to look after our interests. I encourage all of you to call them and become a pain in the neck sorry ass to them

Anonymous said...

We are going to miss a couple of one days on ESPN,including the 20-20 today and watching on local channel has the differance only we know.Hope CBNsat had got the media licence from SLRC in to their hands as they should not delay a second from this unpredictable officials.

Hope the other operators are under control in this issue.

Anonymous said...

When i contacted CBNsat today, they said they have applied for the licence from SLRC. The question remains, will SLRC issue the licence by Monday? It is clear that CBNsat will be back on air definitely, but when that will happen is uncertain. It can be Monday (unlikely as SLRC/CID will bring some bullshit up again and the case will again be postponed) next week or even next month.It's good to know it will be back but let's keep our fingers crossed it will be back soon.

Anonymous said...

I read an article in todays Lankadeepa news paper saying the judge will order the restarting of CBNsat services if it obtain the neccesary licence according to CID. Then CID has said if CBNSat apply for a licence they can consider giving that

That mean the case can be further delayed by CID. I beleive nothing will happen on Monday too. CID have asked for 2 weeks to give their report. But the Judge have ordered to submit it to court on Monday.

Monday CID will come and tell another story to drag the case for sure.

Anonymous said...

If that happens they have to mislead the court because the judge took an assurance from the officiels that the licence or whatever will be issued by them within 48 hours and it is supposed to be an undertaking at courts.

I Spoke to some of my friends who have LBN and they infor that there link is down from yesterday evening and i think the CID has stalled their operation too and the LBN customer care is not answering the phones.

I hear Comet is still operative and any news about our friends network (SATnet)

Anonymous said...

I hear that LBN also has been shut down last night. If so this is becoming a national crisis !

Anonymous said...

Now it has become to light that non of the operators have this licence the CID is speaking about and it would be confirmed once they check COMET and SATNET(He might be having something under his sleeve and get through),The possibility is that they would be off air too.

So this one man with vested interest has put the entire industry in a turmoil and he would get through with his political links and influence,wheres thousands of subscribers are kept on the lurch.

I think he never would achieve his dubios intensions by resorting to practices he is famous for.

Anonymous said...

CBN customer care has been very responsive,wheres guys i know who has LBN is telling me that their cutomer care is entirely cut off and they were unable to contact them since going off air.

Its to be seen what happens to the other two operators when the CID checks on their systems.

What a mess this inccident turned out to be.

W32@bitrate.vbr said...

have any of you ever thought this is way too bigger that Mr. Satnet.

According to my sources, this is way bigger & Dirtier than Mr. Satnet.

Better keep my moyth shut, i don't want to get shot down like some other people out there.

Anonymous said...

I confirm that LBN is offline too. From the last evening LBN transmission was stopped. CID can shut down comet also at any moment !

But lucky for our man Hulla SATNET cannot be shut down. Even if CID seals their office the transmission will go on as in is beamed to Sri Lanka from India & Hong Kong.

I think this bugger is going to shut down all the other operators to create him a monopoly

Anonymous said...

I am planning to write to TRC, SLRC and BOI regarding this matter. Atleast we can show our unsatisfaction about these organisations that run with our tax money with the responsibility of protecting consumers.

So if there is anyone intrested in writing to these people please do so and i have given below the names and addresses;

Mr.Kanchana Ratwatta
Telecommunications Regulatory Commission
276 Elvitigala Mawatha, Colombo 8.
Sri Lanka.


Prof. Lakshman R. Watawala
Chairman / Director General

Board of Investment of Sri Lanka
Level 26, West Tower, World Trade Center,Colombo 01, Sri Lank
Director General
Fax : 2447994 / 5

Mr. Sisira Kothalawala
Director General
Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation
Independence Square
Colombo - 07
Fax: +941 - 2500373

My personel opinion is its better to fax your complains because it will be more effective.

Anonymous said...

According to the Satnet web site; they claim that they are the only licensed operator. Here is what they have said;

"Unlike other operators, SAT NET is able to offer this service, to any part of the country because they are the only licensed operator possessing this technology."

This "service" means DTH(direct to Home).

So this person might be having something up his sleeve to get away from CID.

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

CBNsat customers can fax a letter informing of your griveness and requesting CBN to restore transmission immedietly on FAX 4606099(FAX OF CBNSAT),and its better if you could indicate your CBN acoount number

Anonymous said...

He He........,We are luky that we have a highly respected chairman,so our network will not be affected and all others will close down.

So our network will have a monopoly and the value of same will go upto 50000/- and you guys will have to buy a new connection for over 100000.00

Any one buying?i am selling my one for .50 cents

Anonymous said...

so are u a SATNET customer? So you think the value of SATNET is .50 cents? Ok. you said it, a SATNET customer. But don't worry, I won't sell my CBN Sat connection for million rupees.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys looks like I found a phone number and email address that we can use for fun.

SAT NET(Pvt) Ltd
Tel: 94 11 2594528 / 2596800
Fax: 94 11 2503640

Web :

Lets call them and give a dose of our what we LBN and CBNSat subscribers are going through. Even the website looks like a copy of CBNSat. So now we are sure of the culprit

Anonymous said...

Dont scold them or use filthy language. We'll just ask about HBO and the other channels which are not available on SATNet and make their lives miserable !

Anonymous said...

No what we should ask along with that is whether a single connection was sold by resorting to gurilla tactics like this.

Who would buy a SATnet connection for even .10 cents,People will wait for an eternerty for CBN and LBN to come back and HULLANET will have to wait foer an eternity to sell a single connection.

Is this the same guy who forged Hon.Gamini Dissanayakes signature,

If so do we need to talk the rest.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,

I have to give you some dissapointing news. I got in contact with a government official who works closely with TRC. He said that the government will not issue the neccesary licences to CBNSat.

This is not a joke or a prank. I just inform you to know. Now CID is trying to tie this case with the terrorists and they will say that a satellite operation from Sri Lanka will not be permitted.

This is serious !

There is no doubt that if CBNSat is linked with terrorists it should be banned for the countrys security but that should be based on the facts. Not on fiction !

Anonymous said...

Do not trust government official's word that CBN will not be back. We are talking about a court order here. If the court orders the TRC to issue the licence and TRC agrees without objection, they have to issue as promised. They can not play with 25000 customers. And CID can jabber bullshit about LTTE allegations as they like, but they will have a hard time proving them as i am confident that CBNsat is 100% clean.

I am very happy to see customers putting pressure on TRC/SLRC and CID in this matter. Keep it up brothers and you will get CBNsat back in air in no time.

Even the government has to obey the court. Hope keeps everything alive.

FMM said...

FMM statement:

The Free Media Movement is extremely concerned about the arbitrary decision taken by the authorities to seal the private satellite broadcasting station CBN Sat on the night of Tuesday June 6 2006.

This company has been broadcasting in Sri Lanka for over one year and has publicly advertised their services. Many Sri Lankans who wish to watch satellite broadcast programmes including foreign news and entertainment have availed of their services. If there were any allegations as to the legality of this enterprise, it is surely surprising that it has taken so long for the authorities to take action against them. The rumours that have emerged around the sudden suspension of CBN SAT services on the eve of the World Football Cup matches regarding business rivalries as being at the root of the government’s decision are extremely worrying and need to be immediately refuted by those in charge.

The Free Media Movement strongly defends the right of all those living in Sri Lanka to have access to the highest available forms of communication and information technology.

We call on the government and the authorities concerned to take immediate steps to restore access to the clients of CBN SAT and to ensure that the rights to information and knowledge of Sri Lankan citizens are protected.

The Free Media Movement calls on the government to follow due processes of investigation to affirm that the company abides by all rules and regulations governing broadcasting in Sri Lanka, and to proceed with prosecution if it is found that they have indeed acted in violation of such rules and regulations.

Anonymous said...

I think they'll drag the case further. Because the customer pressure is low.

We have to keep on pestering the neccesary authorities to get CBN soon.

Dear fellow Subscribers ! Noe that the offices are closed for the weekend. Call, fax or email to the contacts on this site.

Lets fill their mailboxes, finish their fax rolls by Monday.

TRC, BOI & SLRC have become a pain to us ! Let's now be a pain to them till they give our CBN back

Lightning Struck Tower said...


When i first stumbled across this forum, i thought this place is yet another place that helps kill time. But after seeing the activity and posts for the last few days, i have learned that this is a place that has become operational HQ of CBNsat (and now LBN) customers who are forced to throw anxious looks at a locked decoder instead of their favorite channels. It is nice to see people fighting for what is right. You just recruited another soldier my friends, Lightning Struck Tower is now on your side :p

I am a CBNsat customer and i personally believe it will be back on air, but my major concern is WHEN this will happen. At the moment CBNsat requires a license from SLRC, thanks to wise people who *can*(sarcasm) understand how DTH operates and categorize DTH technology as a telecommunication activity. Their parents must be proud as 150000 Srilankan who are on CBN and LBN are constantly remembering them.

I believe the legal system is not totally corrupted. And the judge has expressed concern on customers on a pervious hearing. Above all, CBN does not require a license from SLRC to operate a broadband network. These are the facts that make me believe CBNsat will be back on air.

I phoned CBN customer care today. I was told that their lawyers are currently working on obtaining the license from SLRC.

I suggest we triple our efforts to FAX/PHONE/EMAIL the relevant authorities and put more pressure on them. Also, I suggest we send the URL of this blog ( to everyone whom we know via email. That will attract many CBNsat/LBN customers here who are unaware of this blog. Many fights can be won if we unite.

Battered by sun, battered by rain, the lighting struck tower still stands. So will CBNsat and LBN.