Monday, June 19, 2006

CBNSat 5th Court hearing today

Today is the 5th court hearing of CBNSat. A lot of CBNSat subcribers are hoping that the situation will get sorted out today. With tomorrow it is 2 Weeks since these events had transpired.

A report in the Daily Mirror of Saturday 17th June 2006 said that a court had issued a summon for the Media Secretary to appear before court on 19 June 2006.

In other events "The Nation" newspaper of Sunday 18th June 2006 had information about a request by the SLRC to CBNSat about carrying the Rupavahini and Channel Eye broadcast to it's Palaly Broadcast Station via CBNSat satellites. In addition in April 2006 it says that the SLRC had obtained permission from relevant authorities to allow them to continue broadcasting via CBNSat which was carrying out the service FREE OF CHARGE.

A request to all the people involved in this crisis to please allow CBNSat to resume transmissions today since there are more than 20,000 customers who are wondering about whay is going to happen to the hard earned money that the spent to purchase this connection.

Given below is the article that appeared in "The Nation" on 18th June 2006

Rupavahini sought CBNSat assistance for uplink

The Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC) has requested the satellite television service provider CBNSat- whose premises were sealed off last week - to assist in providing its services to the Jaffna peninsular.

Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC) Chairman Newton Gunarathne in a letter to Chief Executive Officer (CEO), of Communiq Broadband Network (Pvt) Ltd or CBNSat Muhunthan Canagey, dated April 4, 2006, had requested CBNSat to “extend the uplinking facility of both Rupavahini and Channel Eye on CBNSat platform,” The Nation learns.

The Chairman has also expressed his gratitude to CBNSat “for assisting SLRC without any charge, unconditionally on linking transmission to Jaffna …. From January 1, 2006.” Chairman Gunarathne in a letter dated December 31,2005, states: “The Secretary to the President has approved the proposal from SLRC to link SLRC Transmission to our transmitting station at Palali via your CBNSat with effect from January 1, 2006”

He has also stated that “(SLRC) may enter into a provisional MOU as in terms of the same signed between CBNSat and ITN.”

When the case was called up before the Colombo Magistrate last week CBNSat was of the opinion that it had obtained the necessary approvals and that Sonic Net Technologies (Pvt) Ltd through which CBNSat provides its services, had a license granted to it by the Minister of Mass Media and Communications in 2003 which authorised it to provide services.


Anonymous said...

So whats all these fuss about and it shows that this HULUGALLE guy is above the SLRC chairman and other senior officials,I just was watching the SATnet web site and they have copied 90% from the CBNsat web site designed by AFFNO,

What CBNsat should do so if their is no solution today is to bring this man with a shady past to courts and sue him for billions for what he has done.

The politicians who entertain this kind of people and appoint them to higher post should be thought a lesson that justice prevails in this country.

Anonymous said...

I think CID will come up with another funny story today saying CBN doesnt have whatever licence and drag this for another session.

I heard that the government is going to stop CBNSat because a similar venture is coming up by a close businessman of the government.

What a country is this ?

Anonymous said...

But still they cant stop CBNsat,Becuse there is a law in this country and the lawyers appearing for CBNsat Mr.Romesh De Silva PC,Mr.M.L.M.Ameen PC,Mr.Ikram Mohomed PC are versatile enough to get through a no case situation such as these,and if the CID keeps on dragging the case like this they must be ready for a large componsation which CBNsat will resort too to protect their customers.

Just be cause Mr.Huluglle runs a competeitor station and because he is close to the government doesnt meen they can do this and the general public will have the last laugh.

W32@bitrate.vbr said...

Does anybody know what exactly the licenses that CBNsat is supposed to have to resume Operations.

According to what I know it’s something to do with Transmitting (Correct me if I am wrong), all other broadcasters have this license. ( MTV, Swarnavahini, Artv etc..) so in this case CBNsat will be able to have their own channel…

Also does this license cover the radio channels as well… the next thing we know is they will shut down the operations saying that they are beaming LTTE RADIO as well…

For you Rabbithole … if you need to transfer the file, you are more than welcome to meet me, I have all the equipment you need. Mail me with your contact number, I’ll call you.
After all it’s for a very worthy cost.

Anonymous said...

The news we get from the government side is that it is very unlikely that they will allow CBNSat to restart their operations.

Bad Luck for us guys who have invested our hard earned money in this and now who's there for us ?

We can't call this government a peoples government !

Anonymous said...

W32,you are right,its the licence they are refering too and with the issue of that CBNsat will be able to broadcast their own contents.They do not need a seperate licence for the Radio channels as the so called media licence includes video and Audio.

They also needs to get through the corrupted politicians influenced by a competitor who is known for scandls of many sorts and a known undercutter.

They should without fear expose this man.

Anonymous said...

Earlier they have asked for Rupavahini Licence and now they have asked for Media Ministry licence to operate as a TV broadcaster.

Don't know what they will ask today. I heard that only comet is given a such licence because they operate on terrestrial microwave broadcast. And I heard that SATNet is also given a licence to transmit 5 TV channels.

Does anyone know who owns LBN Cable Network ?

W32@bitrate.vbr said...

Anyway with the new Proposed " NO TV AFTER 10 PM"

Our country is TOAST.

so much for the Mahinda Chinthana..

Rata going Passata...

Anonymous said...

The government cant stop like that,then the TRC nad BOI will have to pay millions in compensation.

There is a law in this country and the govrnment just cnt go on closing companies like this.Its parties with vested interst who are doing this and Mr.Ameen PC said that this is to satisfy one Mr.HULUGALLE WHO HAS A STAKE IN THIS BUSINESS,and i heard that there is another guy who runs a TV station and wants to uplink the RUPAVAHINI & CHANNEL EYE to jaffna at a huge cost(WHAT CBN WAS DOING FREE OF CHARGE)

They will defenietly be on air by very soon,I hear that even the High Court case which was to be taken up on the 27th has been brought forward to the 21st(Wednesday) and mind you Mr.Romesh De Silva PC is appearing for CBNsat,and he is the best in,and what else do you need.

Anonymous said...

This bugger is an absolute idiot to say that. Then these people will ban the video shops too because people watch movies on DVD & VCD after 10 p.m.

What about the FTA channels beaming to Sri Lanka 24 hrs ! Is the government going to impose the tax on them too.

What about the internet ? Will it be shut down after 10 p.m.

I think we live in hell. (Sometimes hell would be much better)

Anonymous said...

That is the Electroteks guy (TV Lanka) who is after the government now. May be he have got the contract for the uplink of Rupavahini and Channel Eye.

I think nothing will happen today for definite. Even if something happens positive towards CBNSat customers it would be on Wednesday !

lightning struk tower said...

I wish all the best for CBNsat today. Anyone know the time of hearing?

P.S.-The government cant shut down companies at will. This country doesnt belong to politicians or their parents . May the power hungry mofos rot in hell.

W32@bitrate.vbr said...

i think the hearing is at 1.00pm

Anonymous said...

The hearing is at 2.00PM today and the high court case has been brought upto Wednesaday(21st).

LBN is owned by some individuals and if i am correct the owner/Chairman is one Mr.Shirantha Herath.The story of TV lanka is also seems to be true and he is after the uplinking of SLRC channels to JAFFNA at a huge cost.
The government proposal to close the TV stations at 10.00PM is also a a real joke,First they should stop corruption,mainly politicos and there coruppted henchmen for which this unjust situation is a glaring example.

CBNsat is very confident of being in air by this week as they feel they are 100% clear,Its only that the agents of Mr.Hulugalle is trying to drag this case to get there master a portion of this market,I agree that we should boycott the product sold by this corrupted individual at any cost.

We should be confident that the media licence will be sorted out today and if not it will be defenietly on Wednesday when these guys are taken for task by Mr.Romesh De Silva,who we have a lot of respect and beleif in.

W32@bitrate.vbr said...


Lightning Struck Tower said...

Media Secretary has been asked to appear in court for the LBN case, not CBNsat case.


Yeah the closure of TV stations after 10 PM is a joke. I saw the minister making the statement on TV and he himself was laughing at the idea as he was announcing it. What a dipshit.

And CBNsat will be back this week. (i feel it :p )

RabbitHole said...

hey W32@bitrate.vbr

send me your mailing address to

Anonymous said...

No,the Media Secretary has been asked to report for the CBNsat case,I think the newspapers have misquoted saying its for the LBN case,He also must be some joker like others we have seen,(spineless and who dance to the tune of interested parties and who are never able take a decesion on their own)

Its a like a actor who cant even act as a sportsmen in a film(He cant act at all) being made the sports minister and just see what he is doing to the sports in the country.

Now non of the operators have BBC because,CBNsat have the exclusive rights in Sri Lanka.

Anonymous said...

How about sending a congratulatory message or a crad to Mr.Hulugalle and the TV lanka guy on their achievement in undercutting and their vested interest.

They must now be planning out their next lethal move

These are the people who should be hanged.

Lightning Struck Tower said...

Hanged and shot in their balls (if they have any)

Anonymous said...

I dont think they have guys,can you remember this guys wife was talking to CID lawyers at the firt hearing,if this MFs had balls she wouldnt do that.

What they do is they suck the balls of this politicos to get done unjust things of this nature with their backing.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


The CID officers have said they were unable to locate the directors of satnet to carry out investigations on the network,the judge has queried from where they were broadcasting and asked the CID officers whether it was illegal which they have said yes,and the JUDGE has orderd the arrest of the SATNET directors and asked the CID,How come they located the directors of CBNsat in a mighty hurry and could locate the SATnet directors.

The media secretary has said he did not receive the application for the media licence from CBN and the lawyers have produced the acknowledgement of the application and the judge has issued an order to revert with same on the 21st as a grave in justice has been don on CBNsat.


Anonymous said...

I think the judge would have understood that there is a hidden hand behind this when the media secretary or somebody has said he does not know the signature of the guy who has accepted the request for the licence,These are the spineless and coruppted officials we have to deal with.

The magistrate has told its no point dragging on this case as its a grave injustice to CBN and to issue the licence immedietly.

bimbo said...

At last we can see some light as CBNsat customers.

Its pity that people who tried bad corporate governance has fallen in their rut.

Good Luck CBN.

Wish the same for LBN.

Anonymous said...

I dont know whats wrong with this government officials when he doesnt know the people working with him and the acceptance of an important document,beleive me this media secretary should also be hanged.

As the magistrate also has noted this officials are trying to drag the case for someones interest and its realy good that he fixed the order for the 21st.

Anonymous said...

So do we have to wait till wednesday to watch CBNSat channelss or are they cleared for transmissions from today??

If we have to wait till Wednesday, again someone will come up with "i don't know thing" and ask for extension.

Anonymous said...

No you have to wait till Wednesday,And we have to see whats happening to Hulla.

I dont think they could paly around again as they have fixed the order for the 21st

Anonymous said...

Notice issued on CBNsat, LBN and SATnet directors

COLOMBO: Colombo Additional Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya yesterday issued notice on the directors of the CBNsat, LBN and SATnet television channels that were allegedly functioning without a valid licence to appear before the Court at 2 p.m. on June 21.

This was revealed yesterday when the CBNsat and Sonic Network Technologies case was taken up for hearing. These two companies were sealed by the Colombo Crime Division on June 6.

The Judge observed that it was unfair to close CBNsat while the SATnet was functioning and it should be fair by both parties.

The Additional Secretary to the Media Ministry Vajira Narampanawa said before the Court that he did not receive any application form from the CBNsat company for a licence.

President's Counsel M.L.M. Ameen appearing for the defence submitted before court that the application form for the licence was handed over to one Silva, a Co-ordinating Secretary to the Media Minister last Thursday.

The Judge ordered that the application form for the licence be handed over to Additional Secretary Narampanawa in open court.

The CID stated that still it was conducting investigations and has to take statements from the customers. The LBN was transmitting programmes from satellite charging the customers and it was a punishable offence. The Sat net was transmitting from India and only an office was here. They are retransmitting it here in Sri Lanka and the CID said that it was intending to seek the advice of the Attorney General to see whether it was illegal.

The Judge ordered the Additional Secretary of the Media Ministry to inform the court whether it was in a position to issue a licence for CBNsat or not on June 21.

Senior State Counsel Gihan Kulathunga, Senior State Counsel Sumana Dharmawardana, Senior Superintendent of Police Ravi Vidyalankara, Sub inspector M.R. Dayaratne appeared for the prosecution while President's Counsel M.L.M. Ameen, President's Counsel Ikram Mohammed, Ian Fernando, Sadi Wadud, Riyad Ameen and Sajeewa Antony appeared for the defence.

Source :

Anonymous said...

I have doubts about this media ministry guy. He had come yesterday and told the court that he hadn't seen the application of CBNSat. According to lawyers of CBNSat is was handed over to the relevant person on Last Thursday.

So what was this guy doing for the past week when 100,000 people are suffering. Is this the peoples government ?

And the judge have ordered that the CBNSat application to be handed over in open court yesterday. And when he asked from this media secretary how long will it take to process. He had said that it's upto the Media minister to issue the licence and he cant give a time frame.

Remember guys these idiots salaries are paid by the taxes we pay to serve us. And see the irresponsible behavior of these fellows.

Definitely he'll come tomorrow and say he could not find the minister.

Anonymous said...

In todays papers it is said that the court have ordered the Directors of all 3 companies (CBN, LBN & SATNet) to appear before court on the 21st. May be he'll give a decision on Wednesday the 21st.

And I've seen CBN asked 50 million rupees as damages from the 3 CID officials who acted unlawfully at the time of sealing CBNSat. Good work guys but 50 million is not enough for the pain we went through without CBN. The infotainment we received from Discovery, Animal Planet, History Channel, NGC was all stopped for 2 weeks now. What a damage they have done to us and specially our children who would get educated through these channels.

In fact my little kid is crying without Animal Planet. How can I give that to him ? I have suffered for the past 2 weeks. We all are verymuch hopeful of a positive decision tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Looks like our friend hulla is also in trouble now !

He is going to re-launch his services again. This guy is famous at relaunching his shitty stuff over and over.

D'ya'll know his newest brand name ?

It's called not "SHITNet"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Folks this is the sad story of Sri Lanka, a country blessed by god and cursed by man. A failed stated indeed. I wish CBNSat and LBN the very best - lets hope they get back to business soon. As for SatNet, if the allegations are true, then they can rest assured they will get what they deserve at the next election.

Meanwhile, how much proof do potential investors need that their cash invested in Sri Lanka will soon turn to used toilet paper?