Thursday, June 22, 2006

Court orders SatNet closure - The Island 22nd June 2006

Colombo Additional Magistrate Gehan Pilapitiya yesterday ordered the CID to close down the SatNet TV Broadcasting station owned by Lakshman Hullugalle and take appropriate action against the station for violating the laws of the land by not obtaining the permission to run the station from the relevant authority.

Lakshman Hullugalle, who was summoned to appear in Court, was enlarged on security bail in Rs. 100,000.

Anuja Premaratne, appearing for Hullugalle state that they had obtained the licence to import TV equipment and sell it to customers whilst broadcasting was done from India and therefore the station had not violated any regulations under the Rupavahini Act or the TRC.

But Senior State Counsel Gehan Kulatunga, appearing for the CID said Hullugalle had violated Section 45 B of the TRC Act and came under the purview of the investigation.

The Magistrate ordered the CID to take the same steps against the other two stations under investigation as their failing to do so would be unfair.

Hemantha Warnakulasuriya and Kalinga Pasqual, instructed by Inoka Gamage appeared for the Rupavahini Corporation. Kuvera de Soysa appeared for the LBN cable TV station and M. M. Ameen PC appeared for the CBNsat TV station.

The Magistrate issued a seizure notice for the Transmission equipment of CBNsat and LBN cable TV and others. The same order was made against SatNet.


Jolly Lucifer said...

I'm assuming this changes yesterdays ruling.

Anonymous said...

How can SL court stops SATNet ? the transmission is beamed from India and Hong Kong !!!!!

What kind of a joke is this ???

I heard that they don't have any licence except the vendors licence.
That's for selling and installing the equipment ONLY !

It is said that they can't collect subscriptions !

So it seems that SHITNet has fallen into the same trap that it had created for others !

Anunta Kapu wale ..........
Watenne SHITNet bole........

::::sinhalé:::: said...

CID could immediately see whether CBNSat or SonicNet is linked to LTTE if they really wanted it !

After they turn down the SonicNet equipment and seal CBNSat if LTTE is using that network their services should also go down !

But all this time NTT (National Television of Tamil Eelam) and the Voice of tigers radio channel is working fine. Even their Satellite broadcast is also up and running without any problem.

So why can't these fools understand that they do not use CBNSat or SonicNet Infrastructure ?

We all know that tigers are broadcasting their TV, Radio channels and making voice calls by using the VSat equipment and other equipment they brought down in 2002 with the help of then government and Norway !

Why can't air force bomb this location in Vanni as it could be seen from above ?

We all know that for a satellite transmission there should be line of sight between the satellite and the uplinking station !

So they can't hide this dish in a jungle or a bush or underground and transmit !

So it should be visible from above.

So why can't we bomb this and finish off their links with the outside world ?

Without doing it and unneccesarily harrasing tamil people here will create a bad image for the government.

I think few bunch of corrupt government officials are misleading the government ministers and the president.

Our infamous SHITNet guy is only one of them. There may be a bunch of others !


W32@bitrate.vbr said...

well.. well.. whings are getting ou of hand here.. if all this makes sence( it' does not)
the CID should go and Seize the euipments from the Petta market fellowas as well..

This is a total mockery of Justice...

Long live the Chinthanaya. God Bless us All.

Anonymous said...

This is bullshit and Just call the SHITNET hotline on 2596800 they are still selling their equipment conttrary to what is said in the court order and their subscribers are still watching the broadcast.

Can we beleive that the law in the country is in place,Just call 2596800 and check

Anonymous said...

OH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!