Tuesday, June 13, 2006

CBNSat Decoder

There are several arguments regarding the CBNSat decoder on this blog. So I will try to settle this with this post.

The CBNSat works on FTA as well as Encrypted mode. Using software the decoder can be barred from receiving FTA channels. The decoder can be unlocked using the software.

The CBNSat decoder uses the SIM Card to decrypt the encryted transmissions from CBNSat. But the decoder will work without the card.

Satellite TV vendors in Sri Lanka have access to this software to unlock this software lock to prevent viewers from receiving FTA. Anway their are not many FTA channels on Pas 12 satellite.

Maybe you can focus the dish to the Doordharshan FTA DTH service which contains more than 50 Indian Channels but can anyone confirm whether we need to use their decoder to view this service.

The compatability of decoders between service providers is an issue around the world and not only with CBNSat. The decoder used for one provider can be used only with that particular provider. In fact I am not sure whether the CBNSat decoder can be used to receive Dish TV by inserting a Dish TV card and changing the direction of the dish.

Will keep you all of you posted on the compatability issue of decoders.


Anonymous said...

I entered the transponder details to the CBNSat decoder and it receives the signal. For a split second the picture and sound is coming and after that "Service not authorised" message appears on screen. But Satnet decorders are not blocked. they are receiving DD FTA DTH as well as DishTV. but I should tell this forum FTA channels are absolute crap.

I think with a software flash we could recieve FTA channels on CBNsat decorder. But it will create additional problems for them as they are not authorised to distribute these channels. The common people will not understand this technical background and the next accusation for CBNsat will be that you receive NTT (National TV of Tamil Eelam) also on CBNSat DTH platform. I think tigers have planned their channel to be on PAS 12 as lot of Sri Lankan homes uses CBNsat.

I beleive CBNSat should stick to delivering only Pay channels which are the premium content.

If any one else want to see the free channels on PAS 12 u can use the CBNsat dish and loop a receiver. (The cost of a chinese Ku band receiver is about Rs. 6500/= in pettah)

Or else buy the full system for Rs. 8500/= and enjoy all the channels in the DD DTH package. For more info visit http://www.ddinews.com/DTH

W32@bitrate.vbr said...

I could not have said it better my friend, well said.

CBNsat should not authorise FTZ via their equipment.

Anonymous said...

FTA Channels available on PAS 12 indian beam

Maharishi Veda Vision - 7 channels
Blessing Tamil
Blessing Music
Blesiing 3 - 4 Tests
CNBC Pakisthan feed

Anonymous said...

Can somebody advice me as to how to do a "software flash" on the CBNSat decoder, please?