Friday, June 16, 2006

Time to fax your problems to the relevant authorities

Another weekend is upon the Customers of CBNSat without their favourite programs and only one can hope and pray that this issue will be solved by Monday. In addition the LBN Customers are also left wondering what is happening since LBN temporarily halted operations from yesterday. LBN Customers visit our LBN Forum for further information.

A big thank you for a reader for including this information that I have posted below. If there is anyone interested in writing to these people please do so and I have given below the names and addresses;

Mr.Kanchana Ratwatta
Telecommunications Regulatory Commission
276 Elvitigala Mawatha, Colombo 8.
Sri Lanka.

Fax : 2689341


Prof. Lakshman R. Watawala
Chairman / Director General
Board of Investment of Sri Lanka
Level 26, West Tower, World Trade Center,Colombo 01, Sri Lanka
Director General
Fax : 2447994 / 5

Mr. Sisira Kothalawala
Director General
Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation
Independence Square
Colombo - 07
Fax: +941 - 2500373

Fax them the appeals, since a fellow reader mentioned to me that they cut the line if you call them. The sooner the better then at least by Monday CBNSat services will be restored.

CBNsat customers can also fax a letter informing of your grievaness and requesting CBN to restore transmission immediately on FAX 4606099(FAX OF CBNSAT),and you should indicate your CBNSat Acount number also. It is time for the viewers of LBN and CBNSat to hold hands since they are being victimised against.

A big thank you for those who are updating this forum and I hope you continue to do so throughout the weekend. Who knows what will happen during the weekend.


RabbitHole said...

I have done some fancy poking in the eye with an official in the TRC. I have called up the TRC and had a conversation with the so called licensing director there.

He seems unwilling to talk to any one let alone the matters regarding CBNsat. But I have questioned him about what license CBNsat should have to resume the service again. He did not want to talk about it and he wants me to come over to TRC personally to get what i want. I've told him that he can give me the information over the phone cos i am willing to give him my name and if he really wants even my CBNsat account number.

The coolest thing I've done (wait till you hear this) is to record that conversation. I'm not very sure of the legal implications of publishing the conversation on a Blogg.

But would like you call up this official which is the licensing Director of TRC on 0112689345 and poke some fun at him on why on earth he's afraid to talk and give any info. BTW his name is MR. Karunarathne.

Hurry up, cos today is a Friday, he will not be available tomorrow. Good luck guys

Anonymous said...

Hey guys looks like I found a phone number and email address that we can use for fun.

SAT NET(Pvt) Ltd
Tel: 94 11 2594528 / 2596800
Fax: 94 11 2503640

Web :

Lets call them and give a dose of our what we LBN and CBNSat subscribers are going through. Even the website looks like a copy of CBNSat. So now we are sure of the culprit

Anonymous said...

You have done a Good thing brother ! They havn't at least acknowledged the mails I sent to them on behalf of CBNSat customers. I hope mails, faxes and calls are pouring in these offices and the pressure is building up.

So they eill have to act fast otherwise they'll be in trouble.

Post that conversation in this blog or mail it to me to

If your name is there erase it. otherwise it wont be a problem bcos no one knows whos the caller. But the whole world will realise the attitude of TRC officials.

So publish it or send it to me !





Anonymous said...

I called this SATnet number it is realy fun guys,and i asked whether they have HBO,The guy answering the phone is saying that HBO is not popular worldwide and they have tcm,mgm or some junk.

As you said its real fun,Usually Mrs.Hulla used to answer the phone and now some arshole guy is answering.

Guaranteed its real fun untill CBN is back.

Anonymous said...

Has the CID checked on the SATNET operation,cause there is no operation only the office as their broadcast is from HK and India.

So can we call on their hotline and ask whether they have the licence? Just to make sure prior to we purchase.

Anonymous said...

Who knows. It is highly likely that SATNet is the one who set the CID after the other operators. SATNet operations are dangerous man, because if there is a problem in India or Hong Kong then you will not have channels and it is their rules and regulations that dictate what you watch.

So better you go for a local operator like Comet/CBNSat/LBN.

Anonymous said...

You havent understood what i said,you think i am fucking foolish to buy some product sold by a company which is owned by one of the most notorious thieves in the country,I would be the last.

What i was meaning is to check the licence by ourseleves because the guys who are checking are the same people who he set after the suscessful and indegious operators.

And remember this is a man like"re deniyal dawal migel"

W32@bitrate.vbr said...

Hi Rabbithole,

why not send the file via can find my mail in my profile.

I have a Quite a good Base of Mails i can send that too..

Remember Mervin's phone calls.....

W32@bitrate.vbr said...

the more we expose our fools the more we benifit.

Anonymous said...

We have to compliment CBNsat for the wonderful service and and urge them to restore the service immedietly,CBNsat customers can directly fax their letters to FAX NO. 4606099 as early as possible.

CBNsat customers please note and fax immedietlty.

Anonymous said...

I just faxed my letter to CBNsat head office(4606099) urging them to restore the service immedietly,While complementing the excellant service and quality provided by the network.

All subscribers should do that to show concern and get things back on MONDAY.

Its your responsibility to make it happen.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,

I have to give you some dissapointing news. I got in contact with a government official who works closely with TRC. He said that the government will not issue the neccesary licences to CBNSat.

This is not a joke or a prank. I just inform you to know. Now CID is trying to tie this case with the terrorists and they will say that a satellite operation from Sri Lanka will not be permitted.

This is serious !

There is no doubt that if CBNSat is linked with terrorists it should be banned for the countrys security but that should be based on the facts. Not on fiction !

RabbitHole said...

Unfortunately for me and for the fellow bloggers, the recorded conversation is in my mobile phone. I do not have a bluetooth dongle or an IR adapter with my PC. The mobile browser available with my phone does not allow to upload any files to the Internet.

I guess you guys have to wait a while until I find someone who owns a BT or IR adapter to listen to that conversation. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Anonymous said...

Do not trust government official's word that CBN will not be back. We are talking about a court order here. If the court orders the TRC to issue the licence and TRC agrees without objection, they have to issue as promised. They can not play with 25000 customers. And CID can jabber bullshit about LTTE allegations as they like, but they will have a hard time proving them as i am confident that CBNsat is 100% clean.

I am very happy to see customers putting pressure on TRC/SLRC and CID in this matter. Keep it up brothers and you will get CBNsat back in air in no time.

Even the government has to obey the court. Hope keeps everything alive.

Anonymous said...

According to the news papers what the judge said was to CBNSat to obtain a licence and he has asked from CID whether they could give one for them.

CID have said that they can "CONSIDER" after CBNSat applies.

Don't know what their consideration is. The TRC related person said that CID is been carrying out investigations from last October and they couldn't find anything.

Then finally they managed to get a court order to search CBNSat and they couldn't find anything. Then without a warrant to search SonicNet they have been there too. (SonicNet is also located in the CBNSat building) And again they couldn't find anything illegal.

But they wanted to shutdown the operations and they have done so. They have stayed at CBN premises much later than the time given to them by the magistrate (6am 6pm)
How efficient are they in sealing CBN. But no such hurry was seen when court gave proper orders to serch LBN and other operators.

FMM said...

FMM statement:

The Free Media Movement is extremely concerned about the arbitrary decision taken by the authorities to seal the private satellite broadcasting station CBN Sat on the night of Tuesday June 6 2006.

This company has been broadcasting in Sri Lanka for over one year and has publicly advertised their services. Many Sri Lankans who wish to watch satellite broadcast programmes including foreign news and entertainment have availed of their services. If there were any allegations as to the legality of this enterprise, it is surely surprising that it has taken so long for the authorities to take action against them. The rumours that have emerged around the sudden suspension of CBN SAT services on the eve of the World Football Cup matches regarding business rivalries as being at the root of the government’s decision are extremely worrying and need to be immediately refuted by those in charge.

The Free Media Movement strongly defends the right of all those living in Sri Lanka to have access to the highest available forms of communication and information technology.

We call on the government and the authorities concerned to take immediate steps to restore access to the clients of CBN SAT and to ensure that the rights to information and knowledge of Sri Lankan citizens are protected.

The Free Media Movement calls on the government to follow due processes of investigation to affirm that the company abides by all rules and regulations governing broadcasting in Sri Lanka, and to proceed with prosecution if it is found that they have indeed acted in violation of such rules and regulations.

Anonymous said...

SAT NET(Pvt) Ltd
Tel: 94 11 2594528 / 2596800
Fax: 94 11 2503640

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

we hope monday is the day

Anonymous said...

I think they'll drag the case further. Because the customer pressure is low.

We have to keep on pestering the neccesary authorities to get CBN soon.

Dear fellow Subscribers ! Noe that the offices are closed for the weekend. Call, fax or email to the contacts on this site.

Lets fill their mailboxes, finish their fax rolls by Monday.

TRC, BOI & SLRC have become a pain to us ! Let's now be a pain to them till they give our CBN back

Lightning Struck Tower said...


When i first stumbled across this forum, i thought this place is yet another place that helps kill time. But after seeing the activity and posts for the last few days, i have learned that this is a place that has become operational HQ of CBNsat (and now LBN) customers who are forced to throw anxious looks at a locked decoder instead of their favorite channels. It is nice to see people fighting for what is right. You just recruited another soldier my friends, Lightning Struck Tower is now on your side :p

I am a CBNsat customer and i personally believe it will be back on air, but my major concern is WHEN this will happen. At the moment CBNsat requires a license from SLRC, thanks to wise people who *can*(sarcasm) understand how DTH operates and categorize DTH technology as a telecommunication activity. Their parents must be proud as 150000 Srilankan who are on CBN and LBN are constantly remembering them.

I believe the legal system is not totally corrupted. And the judge has expressed concern on customers on a pervious hearing. Above all, CBN does not require a license from SLRC to operate a broadband network. These are the facts that make me believe CBNsat will be back on air.

I phoned CBN customer care today. I was told that their lawyers are currently working on obtaining the license from SLRC.

I suggest we triple our efforts to FAX/PHONE/EMAIL the relevant authorities and put more pressure on them. Also, I suggest we send the URL of this blog ( to everyone whom we know via email. That will attract many CBNsat/LBN customers here who are unaware of this blog. Many fights can be won if we unite.

Battered by sun, battered by rain, the lighting struck tower still stands. So will CBNsat and LBN.

Anonymous said...

To see whos doing what just see the CBNsat web site designed by affno in 2005 and the SATnet website launched recently.

The subscribers can decide what this man is trying to and what kind of a person he is.

Its we who should be careful not to fall pray to coruppted individuals like this.

W32@bitrate.vbr said...

Does anybody know what exactly the licenses that CBNsat is supposed to have to resume Operations.

According to what I know it’s something to do with Transmitting (Correct me if I am wrong), all other broadcasters have this license. ( MTV, Swarnavahini, Artv etc..) so in this case CBNsat will be able to have their own channel…

Also does this license cover the radio channels as well… the next thing we know is they will shut down the operations saying that they are beaming LTTE RADIO as well…

For you Rabbithole … if you need to transfer the file, you are more than welcome to meet me, I have all the equipment you need. Mail me with your contact number, I’ll call you.
After all it’s for a very worthy cost.

Anonymous said...

How is SATnet doing after copyieng the CBNsat web site?Have they increased their connections by even 01? Shall we call their hotline 2596800?

The must be busy plotting the next move,

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

They must have increased their no of connections by around 100. Some CBNsat customers who were utterly selfish moved under SATnet to view world cup, kissing the same ass that threw shit on their heads (i've seen some posts here saying they move to view world cup).

Sri lanka will be a successful country once we get rid of our selfishness.

Anonymous said...

I called SATNet and told that I need to know about their connections. They said Star TV Package is about Rs 38,000/= with monthly subscription of Rs 2500/= approx.

Dish TV Package is Rs 17,800/= and monthly is Rs 1300/= + VAT.

I said I wanted to change my CBNSat connection to SATNet and they said that I can use only the Antenna. Since I have to buy a Dish TV decoder and still it will cost Rs 12,000/= approx.

Asked them for the channels and they do not have HBO, etc. They have ESPN, Star Sports and Zee Sports.

Ten Sports is on now for testing they say but after 1 1/2 months it may be taken off their broadcast, they are also not sure. Wonder how many channels may be taken off like that.

They do not know how many channels they will have for certain.

These guys should be shutdown.

Anonymous said...

Its 2.00 PM the CBNsat guys may be in courts now and i hope the reputed lawyers Mr.M.L.M.Ameen PC & Mr.Ikram Mohomed PC gets the job done,because we want to watch the world cup on CBN at least from this stage as CHANNEL EYE is broadcasting bull shit.

If not will have to wait for the 21st where the high court case comes up(Which has been brought forward from the 27th)

Sooner the better and we want it today.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

I am having my hopes on tomorrow's hearing. CID will definitely come up with a cock and bull story today.

Anonymous said...

I think you mean Wednesday's hearing. But is there nothing else that we can do, to watch CBNSat after all we paid money and purchased their connections in order to watch an uninterrupted service.

I hope that this situation gets cleared today. They can at least restore transmissions and carry out the investigation.

How is the credibility of the judge who is involved in this case?

Anonymous said...


You are absolutely right,whats wrong with the country is utter selfishness,You must learn to forgo and stand as team when injustice is done.

I dont think SATnet can telecast TEN without paying royalty as COMET has the exclusive rights in SRI LANKA.

How could they know the channels because they have to depend on what INDIA gives and even then the exclusive rights could further restrict the channels for which they dont have any control at all and you have to pay the the rental quaterly(3 months)

Even if they give all the channels in the world i would not move to this bullshit from INDIA.

Anonymous said...

I also think the lawyers of CBN being so expereinced should finish this off and i feel they are not agressive enough at present.They easily can grill this CID/TRC/SLRC Guys and put an end to this in justice.

I also personaly have more hope for the High Court proceedings on Wednesday as i have a strong beleif in the ability of Mr.Romesh De Silva PC,who has been the leading and sucessful lawyer in the country in the recent past.

It all depends on the magistrate and needs to be seen what decesion he gives on todays proceedings.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS - The magistrate has orderd the immediate arrest of the directors of SATnet for an illegal broadcast operation as the CID officers have admitted that they were were doing an illegal operation,The funny part is they have informed that they were unable to locate the directors to check on the broadcast.

As per CBNsat the media ministry guy has informed he has not received the application from CBN and they have produced the receipt,then the judge has orderd him to comply and report to courts on WEDNESDAY as a grave injustice has been done to CBN.

So two things,
1.SATnet is supposed to be illegal.

2.CBNsat will most proberbly be back on WEDNESDAY

Anonymous said...

The judge has asked for the report on SATnet and the CID guys have supposed to have told that they were unable to locate the directors of SATNET,Then the judge has asked from where they were broadcasting which the officers have replied IND/HK,then the judge has asked whether it was not illegal and they have said yes after which the judge has orderd the arrest and he had remarked if you could have located the CBN directors in a mighty hurry why couldnt you locate these guys.

The media secretary has said that he did not receive the application for the media licence from CBNsat,and the lawyers for CBN produced the acknowledgment to the judge,and the judge has orderd speedy compliance and report on Wednesday as a grave injustice has been done to CBN.

Is it going to be the happy ending on the 21st

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

From the looks of thing and if above posts are true, it is definitely going to be a happy ending.

My msg for SAtnet director (typing the name disgusts me)-- Run and hide asshole, RUN AND HIDE.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Hey people let us subscribe to this email. example become a member of some website and give this address.. imagine 20,000 customers 20,000 mails....hehe

Anonymous said...

Guys better call them and have fun on 2596800