Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Another Postponement to 24th Aug 2006

They have done it again and have postponed the hearing to 24th Aug 2006. Looks like the magistrates court does not have the power that the Supreme Court has. The authorities are using the Magistrates Court to postpone this but we feel that all the postponement will end when they face the Supreme Court on the 23rd August 2006.

We hear that one month was requested for the drafting of new legislations and that this was objected and no charges have been brought against CBNSat.

Therefore the only hope is the Supreme Court that has given a favourable verdict taking into consideration the plight of the customers.

Looks like the Cable tv license is the most sought after license in Sri Lanka since the TRC has postponed the deadline for the second time. The reason they give is that due to requests by interested parties. The interested parties we feel are still carrying out a collection in office to fund the license, therefore these people will probably extend the date until they get funds. Are these the people who are going to provide cable tv in the future? If so, how can we rely on the service that they will provide?

Your Honour Chief Justice your involvement in this matter is of vital importance, the authorities do not seem to be taking you seriously. We demand the authorities to issue the license to CBNSat immediately since the other operators are also functioning without the legislations. So to be fair LET CBNSAT RESUME TRANSMISSIONS.

We would like to request our fellow readers to update us on the events of todays court hearing as the day progresses.


Lisura said...


The magistrate's court was informed by the SLRC, CID and TRC that there were no charges whatsoever against CBNsat.TRC has informed that the new license of CBNSat is being processed and issued in future, since the deadline for submission of applications has been extended to 15.09.06. The media ministry has requested one month to pass the legislation in the parliament, Whereas the supreme court order issued has rejected the one month request and ordered a settlement within 2 weeks at the last SC hearing, Hence the lawyers of CBNSat has requested the next hearing for 24.08.2006 in order to produce the judgment of the supreme court scheduled for 23.08.2006 and which is binding and cannot be overruled by the magistrates courts.

CBNSat has not argued the case aggressively today as the order has been issued by the Supreme Court to resolve the matter within two weeks and the one month request on the previous proceedings were rejected.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

This hearing aint a big deal. We can almost ignore it as we know the magistrate danced to the tunes of govt officials for 2 whole months. I have always believed that if there is someone who can put things right, it will be the SC. We can ignore toda's hearing.

kenzo said...

oh now isn't that jus grate...
We never get what we want... Lets not loose perspective here.. We have to fight I guess.. How is the CBN sat customers unite thin going Lisura

dee.panadura said...

I always maintained the consumer unite have to presurrise.

We have to lambace these rouges with petitions(if it helps). Im sure no robbers will fund us (like most protestors) but in our small way we need to push.

today any thing is possible. Like how can others operate if the licenec has not been passed in parliament and only applications are being accepted?

its a shame on the entire legal system in this country. the SC ruling is being ignored by a magistrates court.

wot a country.

no wonder people are leaving this hell hole


Is there any way to educate CJ on subscriber's grievences?

Lisura, Can we forward the on-line pettition to SC, through CBN Sat?

We have to take some stern actions between today and 23rd.


As LST said, we should not take what has happened today seriously.

Good thing is that CID too has said that there are no charges against CBNsat.

We have to grind our teeth and wait till 23rd.

Max Payne said...

Yeah, I completely agree with lightning_struck_tower. We can definitely ignore the hearing, and it has been proved that no justice in magistrate court but corruption.

I mean the funny part is magistrate court ignores supreme court. How comic is that. And how corrupted is that. I mean they have been playing for two months and they still continue their playing even after the supreme court orders.

and like dee.panadura says, no wonder people are leaving this hell hole.

seems that these people also ignore president. Can u believe how corrupted it is. God bless sri lanka.