Thursday, August 17, 2006

Call and make yourself heard

You did not read the heading wrong. It is time for the CBNSat subscribers to make their voice heard and put pressure on the authorities as individuals. You did it once using letters and now it is time to use your phones. The last time Mr. W.B. Ganegala Secretary of the Media Ministry spoke to CBNSat Subscribers Unite he said that he was waiting for the Court ruling on the CBNSat matter and he cannot do anything before the ruling is given.

At the Supreme Court on Aug 3rd the Chief Justice gave a ruling to issue licenses and finalise everything before 23rd Aug but at the Magistrates Court on Aug 15th the lawyers representing the Media Ministry ask for a further one month. At every court hearing they ask for one month to draft regulations. We have to pressurise them to act fast and not to delay this matter any further. All of the other Cable TV companies are functioning except for CBNSat and LBN and this is grossly unfair.

CBNSat Subscribers Unite have addressed a letter to H.E. The President, Media Minister and the Media Secretary (please read post below) but your phone calls to them will add to the pressure that is being exerted. We would request all the callers to get the above points across in a polite manner and request the Media Ministry to facilitate whatever the ministry can do to execute the Supreme Court order. Please post the result of your phone conversation with the authorities as a comment if possible.

Given below are the phone numbers of the concerned authorities
Mr. W.B.Ganegala
Secretary of the Media Ministry
Tel : 011 2513367 / 2513458
Fax: 011 2513365

Ms. Mallika Joseph
Coordinating secretary to Mr. Ganegala
Tel : 011 2513367
Fax : 011 2513365

Hon. Minister Mr. Anura Priyadarshana Yapa M.P.
Hon. Minister of Mass Media & Information
Tel : 011 2513370 / 2513508
Fax: 011 2513440

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