Thursday, August 03, 2006

CBNSat Court hearing today 3rd Aug 2006

Today we hear that CBNSat is scheduled to have two court hearings, one being the Supreme Court and the other being the Appeals Court. Can anyone please confirm these hearings and also post the time of the respective hearings.

Yesterday was quite an eventful day since a lot of information designed to misinform the public about CBNSat came out. Our thoughts were taken back to about an year back when Mr. Hettigoda who is the Chairman of Hettigoda Group (The manufacturers of Siddhalepa) said that the Sinhala language newspapers have to be blamed for many things happening in this country such as youth unrest, attitude towards the ethnic conflict, murder, etc. These sentiments were echoed yesterday by the irresponsible reporting of the CBNSat issue by the Dinamina and Divaina newspapers yesterday. All what they had reported were designed to bring disrepute to a company that would have contributed a lot to the development of the rural population by introducing services such as Distant Learning, etc. They are manipulating the attitudes of the majority of people reading Sinhala Language newspapers. This is unethical behaviour considering the fact that none of these allegations have been proven yet and CBNSat as a whole has not been charged on these allegations.

All this was undoubtly fabricated to stop the general public who were forming an organisation to fight, not for the rights of CBNSat but for the rights of the consumers. These people know that many people in the outstation areas are also being drawn into this fight for consumer protection and this was clearly drawn to put doubt in their hearts. We urge the CBNSat Subscriber Group to continue fighting for the rights of the consumer. As of now they have not got an appointment with the Media Minister who in his arrogance is disregarding the people whom he has to serve but instead has become the lapdog of the people with high influence.

The use of National Security as a scapegoat to bring down CBNSat is a low down thing to do since then many other issues also crop like we highlighted yesterday. In fact the Media Minister says that they cannot monitor CBNSat transmissions which is being broadcast from Sri Lanka, this is clearly a man who does not have any knowledge on media and the technologies used. Anyone with a little knowledge of satellite communication will understand that this is all bullshit. If he had any knowledge on media we figure he would have come up with a plan to phase out Analog transmission and introduce digital transmission in Sri Lanka like the rest of the world including Africa is doing now.

We appeal to the learned individuals in the Supreme and Appeals Court to throw out these baseless low down allegations and uphold the rights of a reputed business organisation as well as its consumers who are legitimate citizens of Sri Lanka. LET CBNSAT OPERATE FROM TODAY.


Amal said...

I think this Government will never allow CBNsat to go on air again.
They are doing all the dirty tricks they know to permanently Shut down CBNsat.
As far as I see what CBNsat can do is close all their uplinking facilities in Sri Lanka and Move to India,(I don't think obtaining a permit to start Satellite uplinking in India is that difficult).
Then they can start broadcasting to the whole region,including the existing clients in Sri Lanka(Which was actually their initial plan).
They can tell Sri Lankan government to fly a kite because they can do nothing to Stop them when they operate from India.

Dase said...

Yes that is the only possibility and these rascals will do everything to stop cbnsat .If minister is not going to give a chance to discuss our orblems why not call a press conference on behalf of the victimzed customers and brief the oppositon asking them to raise a voice in the parliment

bank_dude said...

Does anyone know the time of hearing

ALISON said...

The chief justice,You have opned a new chapter,We salute you as a nation and you have endorsed the beleif the people had on you,


ALISON said...

The chief Jusice has orderd to recommence CBNsat operations by 15.08.2006 and thrown out the baseless aligations.

You has showed the country what law is all about,Well done your hounour

bank_dude said...

Is this report confirmed???

CTV said...

I think we can confirm it we have recived they are having a small funcation at cbn now

CTV said...

Further CBN can now start test transmission and have to installe a unit at TRC for monitoring.

Liberated said...

I heard too that the Chief Justice has ordered that the equipment be returned immediately, and that test transmissions can also start immediately. The licenses have to be issued by the 15th and then they can start their transmissions proper!

I need a drink!

CTV said...

I think we should let the two people of Stent and comote to be held at trc to monitor the

hush said...

we, customers as a group held through thick and thin as well as flushed out the unwanted elements from this blog who were trying to create more rift within the loyal group.

Hope that the people who got other connections of vested individuals will be eating their own words.

Pat on the back for all loyalists for their perseverance and belief in the equity that SC deleivered today. Tks CBN for fighting up for equity in Justice in a corrupt system. Many thanks for SC for upholding equity and justice and restoring our belief and faith in rule of law in this country.

Liberated said...

Thank You Chief Justice!
You have presented the one glimmer of hope in this dark abyss of a system. There were many young people that were disgusted with the system and were thinking of leaving the country. I am sure many will change their minds now.
Thank you! thank you! thank you!
No matter what happens if the courts stand true, independent and unbiased justice will prevail.