Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Magistrate rejects CID application

The Magistrate's Court rejected an application made by the CID to order CBNSat to carry out test transmissions in the presence of CID, SLRC and TRC officers.

"The CID filed a separate application before the Magistrate to order CBNSat network to carry on their test transmission only in the presence of CID and officers from SLRC and TRC. The Magistrate overruled the application." - The Daily Mirror 8th Aug 2006. Please read LBN Forum : LBN to resume test transmission for a detailed report on this.

As of last evening the seals on CBNSat were not removed and we would like to know why? The Chief Justice gave the ruling and looks like the authorities are not complaint wth it either or did they wait and see what will happen yesterday. Now that the Magistrate rejected their application will they remove the seals at least today. They were in a mighty hurry to do the sealing and even stayed overtime but the same cannot be seen then they were asked to remove it.

We demand that the authorities remove the seals on CBNSat immediately and we request the Chief Justice to see that it is done with immediate effect.

We would like all of our fellow bloggers to keep us updated on this as the day progresses and if they do not do it, then we will have to start pressurising the officials to carry out the court order. We would also like to know any information about the meeting that is to be held between CBNSat and the authorities.


Alf said...

Well..well..seems it's not over yet. Will they take another two months to remove the seals!! You never know. What is the progress with the license's??

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Maybe they are waiting for the seals to melt away over time. But is that the best they can do? They are defying a direcct order from cheif justice and CBNsat can sue them for billions. If this is the best the CID and it's corrupt commanders can do, i must say they are losing their touch.

hush said...

always knew the things will not be smooth.

Thats the very reason we should not let up the pressure built up over the past couple of weeks.

few more battles is my prognosis before everything will be normal.

I beleive contempt of court is the order of the day for failing to carry out court orders, if there was a time period set in the order.

dee.panadura said...

I knew these issues were coming.

We should presurise the authorities and also go on a warning campaighn against illegal networks such as SatNet.

Justice should prevail for everybody.

prmo said...

They have removed the seals today (confirmed) and the magistrates rejection of the request is a clear indication that this is heading for a finale.

This would have been soughted then and there if a tough magistrate as Mrs.Kusala Sarojani Wijewardena heard the case(She was the one who rejected the apllication by CID)

I dont think they can play this game any more.