Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Conspiracy Against CBNSat

Conspiracy is the only word to describe what is happening now. The CBNsat Supreme Court hearing is now postponed to September 18th. The postponement came after the Media Ministry says that they have submitted the CBNsat license applications to the Defense Ministry for further considerations. Accordingly till the clearance from the Defense Ministry (MoD) is given CBNsat will not be allowed to operate. We understand from the reports that when the CBNsat lawyers asked for the date in which they can commence operations the Chief Justice has said that due to this being a national security issue a date cannot be given. Therefore on the Sep 18th the Media Ministry has to hand over a document to the courts but this this is not a must and they can always say that the MoD has not given them the report.

The motive behind these moves is obviously to drive the company bankrupt. With the issuances of 3G licenses to mobile phones, etc. We wonder how the DTH technology can be the only threat to national security. Then the CDMA phones and 3G phones, etc and even companies like TV Lanka which is operated by a big time liar is also a threat to national security. It is a crime to victimise a company that has been cleared by the SLRC and put 20,000 plus customers who have spent their hard earned money into this type of a situation. This is indeed the work of people who have connections to the higher ups in the government and there is no doubt about this. Whether the Media Minister himself has an interest in shutting down CBNSat since they seem to be people who are dragging this case further is yet to be seen.

This is going to damage this country's image in terms of foreign investments, etc. These authorities have no consideration about the public who voted them into these positions and they think that they were born into these positions. We cannot let them go on destroying business at this rate.

The customers of CBNsat who are definitely demoralised by this decision must not give up their fight. They will have to take this fight to newer heights and see to it that these corrupt individuals are exposed alongside with their lapdog politicians.

CBNsat is however allowed to service their equipment and carry out test transmission under the supervision of the TRC. CBNsat is scheduled to have the Magistrates court hearing tomorrow and we cannot hope that anything useful will come out of that one because that too has been dragging for a long time.

We would like our readers to keep us updated on any new developments about CBNsat and those of you who would like to contact the Media Ministry can do so on these phone numbers

Mr. W.B.Ganegala
Secretary of the Media Ministry
Tel : 011 2513367 / 2513458
Fax: 011 2513365

Ms. Mallika Joseph
Coordinating secretary to Mr. Ganegala
Tel : 011 2513367
Fax : 011 2513365

Hon. Minister Mr. Anura Priyadarshana Yapa M.P.
Hon. Minister of Mass Media & Information
Tel : 011 2513370 / 2513508
Fax: 011 2513440


ParanoidJackass said...

Like I said in my previous comments

Just A suggestion

Why can't CBNSat have a press conference where the CBNSat Management and the CBNSat Subscriber Unit whit some representatives.

As far as I know only TNL TV had programs regarding this problem.

Why are the other private TV Channels not doing anything. The best would be to have a press conference. I don't know how practical it is to have a press conference with the media officials. However CBNSat should have a press conference and educate abut the situation.

Come to think of it, It has been over 2 months and how does CBNSat run this business with out any revenue?.

If there is a possibility of having a TV program, more like a discussion with CBNSat Management and the CBNSat Subscriber Unit, the best person would be Lasantha Wikramathunga. He is good when it comes to controversial and issues like these.


I am sure everybody shocked to hear the news of postponment of the SC case to 18th September.

There are more shocks to come. If it has referred to MoD:-

1.Additional Secretary (Technical)to the MoD has to call Technical Laision Officer's (There is a Army Major working at MoD)report.

2. This report to be submit to the Technical Comittee that sits once a month or sometimes once in two months.

3. Technical Comittee will write to three forces commanders to see weather there are any objections. (This normaly takes couple of months to receive all three replies)

4. Once these feed-backs received by the MoD, before granting approval or rejecting, report should go through the Technical Comittee again.

There are various applicants that reffered for MoD clearances, to get some equipment with their applications are pending well over 12 months.

I think we too will have to go through this process.

bank_dude said...

Guys I believe that we will not be able to see the green light in the decoder. Huluballa can easily influence MoD and drag this for next couple of years. As our fellow bloggers suggested, now it is a right time to have a pree conference for both CBNSat and the unite group to show Mod that there are people who are waiting to see their report.

dee.panadura said...

Press conferece is a MUST .
CBN over to you.
As for MOD there no capable guys left in it. At this rate we might never get this clearance becase at the next hearing the media rogues will say the technical officer has gone in a claymor or something.

This country, Our rulers, Our Guardians... they all stink.

dini said...

looking at all this, as i suspected from the beginning, the removal of seals is just a temptation or a glimpse of hope that was instigated before squashing CBNSat. this way the damage can be more devestating and permanent. look how shocked all of us are today as customers. how would the 300 odd employees feel when they are on the verge of loosing their jobs? in five years time they would have been working for one of the biggest cable TV providers in Asia. all gone in a puff of dust. "IT HUB OF SOUTH ASIA" my @##. WE ARE GETTING AGGRAVATED EVERYDAY IN THE EASTERN PROVINCE AND THE STUPID ASSHOLES WHO COME ON TV TALK AS IF THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT. I GIVE YOU MY FINGER. We have no entertainment, our businesses down flat to the ground, we are afraid to leave our houses after 6 in the evening....etc!!!!! dumb fools!!!!!

i don't know whom the government is trying to avenge by aggravating the citizens everyday.

dee.panadura said...

The defence guys are racist backed.

this does not seem like a legal or security issue.

Lets make the world know it.

Alf said...

I always told and believed that only tough and hard action would get the attention. But CBN oppted to be nice & gentle. This way nothing will happen. Atleast open your eyes now. Otherwise this is never going to end. If not better shut down operations and move out. Then atleast we the customers do not have any expectations.

Time to open up CBNSat...let your voice be heard!!

hush said...

agree too that press conference should be held to publise the matter and expose the irregularities of the institutions concerned.

Am sure ,if you throw in a cocktail afterwards there will be houseful crowd from all electronic and print media.

This is vital to get the exposure beyond the aggrieved customers and employees of CBNsat and put things into prospective.

enough of this nice shit that CBN had resorted to as nice will not work in our country only expose and aggressive will, send invites to all subcribers to participate.

now its time to work on prolonged campaign from all fronts, get the message out about the petition to all subcribers by a letter or sure out of 20000 +subcribers even if 10% attend will be a massive turnout.

its time to get really working on it...

SD said...

The best way (or THE ONLY WAY) is CBNSat Chairman to get in touch with Indian High commissioner in Sri Lanka personally (since both are Indian origins) and ask her to influence the President of Sri Lanka to intervene with this matter. Also the President is Chief of defiance forces he could expedite the security clearance if commissioner could explain it diplomatically.

hush said...

commander in cheif of the forces and MOD is his excellecy the president.If he has given a directive, am sure things will be done overnight.

also a phone call to media guys will work wonders.

am sure some bloggers reported that such a directive was given on Aug 07 just after the second SC hearing on Aug 03 as quoted by a radio source.Is this a lie, if not this can be turned to our advantage by highlighting the same and lack of such adherance by media guys to the same.

Dase said...

Dont get disgusted guys this is Sri lanka.I think they put the last nail into thr coffin .CBN sat must do three things now.
1At least brief what has happened to opposition and ask to raise this in the parliment(why not meet karu jayasooriya)
2 As some body rightly suggested brief this injustice to indian envoy and get their help.
3 ASk BOI to add this to their web site to show as a case study to show why you should not invest in sri Lanka

cableguy said...

This afternoon was very demoralizing. I am sure many of you felt the same way.
Well I have managed to get out of that misery and in fact found strength to fight this injustice even stronger.
Here are some of my thoughts:
1. The press conf. should be a huge event. Not just the Indian HC, we should draft a letter and explain our plight and the injustices done to citizens of this country by a corrupt govnt. Let them at least be aware of it, so that they will better inform potential investors from their respective countries.
We should definitely take this international. We have nothing to loose.
2. We should encourage CBNSat to evaluate the possibility of setting up a transmission center in India or Maldives. I believe this was their initial plan. Since they got screwed left, right and center for trying to help mother lanka through employment, technology etc, they can now say "screw this" and try to pursue their original plan. This way, no MF can stop us from viewing their service. This will give a good run to SATNET, which pretty much does the same thing.
There is really not much hope for CBNSat to keep fighting this case with these corrupt bastards. This is clearly a personal anger (LBN was just caught in the middle) against CBNSat and they will not allow transmission, since the most powerful citizen of the country himself seems not to give a damn about people who voted him in, instead too busy entertaining his hullas and abeys. You will not get my vote again your excellency.

As many bloggers have indicated, they are masterminding CBNSats slow and painful death.

However, people power is unstoppable. We have to keep fighting injustice wheather we see that green light on the decorder or not. At least we will go down in Lanka's history, as a group of citizens who fought for their rights and freedom.

Please let us know thru this forum if you need help from any of us who has supported these efforts right from the beginning.
In my opinion, it is now not a matter of getting the moneyback or blaming CBNSat, it is a matter of creating a somewhat of a safe and fair environment to its citizens to enjoy their rights and freedom. Not just from the LTTE bombs, but more from the silent explosives of these traitors who are sworn to destroy this country, just to fill their pockets and execute their own agendas.
I feel really sorry for the hundreds of employees at CBNSat, many of whom may have voted in these bastards who are screwing them in style. I hope and pray that you all will find a way to survive this misery brought upon you by these assholes who dont give a shit about your welfare or your families.
Somebody Help Sri Lanka!

bank_dude said...

Guys press conference is a must because now three wheel drivers are also having press conferences to safeguard their reights. As a professional company, CBN should do that. Further as customers, we also need to held a press conference. MoD can play as long as CBN carry out their transmission through PAS12. They should change the satellite. If nothing goes towards CBN's way they should give the red light to the government saying that OK, enough is enough. we gave this fight to safe guard our 300+ employees. We move our business from here and set up our facilities some other south asian country. Government is responsible for unemplyment of 300+ emplyees. My opinion to CBN is not to play as nice guy. Now the time has come to raise your voice to build an opinion among the public.

bank_dude said...

Adding some more to my above post, I honostly believe that this court case will drag for next 2-3 years unless we do somthing to safeguard CBN.

bank_dude said...

Defence clearance prior to granting relief: SC

By S.S. Selvanayagam
When the Fundamental Rights application filed by SonicNet Technologies (Pvt) Ltd against preventing it from operating its Communiq Broadband Network (CBN Sat) transmission, came up before the Supreme Court yesterday (23), Court was of the view that prior to granting any relief, Defence Clearance had to be obtained and fixed the matter to be supported for leave to proceed and for interim relief for September 18.

The Bench comprised Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva, Justices Saleem Marsoof and Andrew Somawansa.

Counsel for the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRC) informed Court that the President, acting under his powers, had directed to obtain Defence Clearance from a committee appointed for that purpose, prior to granting license.

He moved for time to inform Court of the progress made by the Defence Clearance. Objections are to be filed on or before September 4 and the counter affidavit on or before September 12.

The Supreme Court had earlier made directions for a compromise settlement on the consent of all parties, to expedite the operation of CBN Sat transmission, with safeguards to monitor it.

Observing that the equipment in issue, had been seized and sealed on June 6 this year, by a Magistrate order, provision had been given to Petitioner SonicNet Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, by the Supreme Court, to inspect and service the equipment and also, if necessary, to carry out test transmissions, due to the sophisticated nature of the equipment

Petitioner cited Chief Inspector U.K. Mahindadasa, SP A.R. Vaidyalankara and SI L. Tilak Bandara, Police Commercial Crimes Unit –II, the IGP and the Attorney General (AG) as Respondents.

The Petitioner states that Communiq Broadband Network (CBN) is an associate company situated at No. 83, George R.De Silva Mawatha, Colombo 13.

The Minister had issued a license on the recommendation of the TRC, for it to operate an External Gateway for International Telecommunications (EGO License) valid up to January 31, 2013.

It alleged that, on June 6, the first three Respondents wrongfully, unlawfully and/or without any right, sealed and seized its equipment and prevented it from using its equipment and operating its services.

The Petitioner pleaded that the Respondents claimed that they sealed and seized the premises under a Magistrate order. Petitioner contends that the Magistrate did not order or authorise to do so, in his order and search warrant.

The Petitioner is asking Court to grant compensation of Rs 100 million and an interim order directing the Respondents to remove the seal and seizure of its equipment and not to obstruct it from using the said premises.

Romesh de Silva P.C. with Sugath Caldera, Riad Ameen and Evaj de Silva, instructed by G.G. Arulpragasam, appeared for the Petitioner. Additional Solicitor General Sathya Hettige with Senior State Counsel Sumathi Dharmawardana appeared for the 1st to 5th Respondents and the AG. D.S. Wijesinghe P.C. appeared for the intervenient petitioner the Minister of Mass Media and Information. Palitha Kumarasinghe P.C. appeared for the TRC.

Source : Daily Mirror 24/08/2006

bank_dude said...

Defence Ministry clearance needed for satellite transmission
by Chitra Weerarathne

Defence Ministry clearance and approval is needed for a satellite transmission licence under the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Act Palitha Kumarasinghe P.C., told the Supreme Court yesterday, when he appeared for the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka. The respondent in the fundamental rights violation application filed by the Sonic Net Technologies Private Limited, is challenging the seizure of their satellite transmission equipment and the sealing of their premises in Colombo on June 6, 2006, by the CID.

Mr. Kumarasinghe said that the applications for licences were closed about a month back and the President had directed that thereafter, licences, issued under the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation Act should be granted only with Defence Ministry approval.

Counsel said that a committee comprising military personnel will study the issue and a report will be submitted to Court, shortly. Any confidential documents will be submitted in a sealed envelope by counsel, for the perusal of Court.

Mr. Sathya Hettige, Additional Solicitor General, said that, the Colombo Magistrate had permitted the servicing and the test transmission of the equipment. But general transmission was not allowed yet. He said that the earlier direction of the Supreme Court followed on this issue. He wanted the status quo on this issue to remain the same for some time more and only test transmission and servicing should be allowed. The Supreme Court granted the request made by Mr. Hettige.

Romesh de Silva P.C., who appeared for the petitioner said that his client had been operating for one year and both the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation and the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission had made use of the client’s good service. There had been no allegations against his client, whose premises were sealed on June 6, 2006.

The Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, the Minister of Media and Mass Communication and the CID will file further papers on the issue of granting a satellite transmission licence to Sonic Net Technologies Private Limited and a few other similar companies.

The petition will be called before Court again September 18, 2006. Romesh de Silva, P.C, appeared with Sugath Caldera, instructed by G. G. Arulpragasam for the petitioner, Sonic Net Technologies Private Limited.

The Additional Solicitor General, Sathya Hettige, appeared with State Counsel Sumathi Dharmawardene, for the CID and the Attorney General.

Palitha Kumarasinghe P.C., appeared for the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission.

D. S. Wijesinghe P.C., appeared for the Minister of Media and Mass Communication.

The Bench comprised, the Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva, Justice Saleem Marsoof and Justice Andrew Somawansa.

Source : The Island 24/08/2006

bank_dude said...

SC allows application to file several issues pertaining to discussions held between Media Minister, CBN SAT
Wasantha Ramanayake

COLOMBO: The Supreme Court allowed an application by the counsel for the Media Minister to file several issues pertaining to discussions between the Media Minister and the broadcasting company, when the CBN SAT rights case was taken up, yesterday.

President’s Counsel D.S. Wijesinghe made the application on behalf of Media Minister Anura Priyadharshana Yapa who had discussions with the petitioner company regarding the granting of licences for the Direct to Home (DTH) satellite broadcasting.

The President’s Counsel submitted that during the discussions several important issues had been raised and moved to appraise the Court of them.

President’s Counsel Palitha Kumarasinghe for the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission submitted that the petitioner company should get the clearance and the approval of the Defence Ministry to operate the satellite broadcasting in terms of the Rupavahini Corporation Act.

The Court noted that the petitioner company might as well go through these formalities due to the security situation.

President’s Counsel Romesh de Silva submitted that the petitioner company was suffering heavy losses due to the closure. He submitted that around 20 new competitors were seeking licences; therefore, company was at a risk of losing its viewers.

The Bench comprised Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva PC and Justices Saleem Marsoof PC and Andrew Somawansa.

Petitioner Sonic Net Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. cited four officers attached to the Criminal Investigation Department including Inspector U.L. Mahindadasa and the Attorney General as respondents.

The Petitioner company stated that the respondents CID officers had sealed its office purportedly acting on a search warrant on June 6, in violation of its fundamental rights. The petitioner alleged that around 20,000 of its viewership was not able to watch the channels broadcast by the petitioner consequent to the actions of the respondents.

Romesh de Silva PC with Sugath Caldera instructed by G.G. Arulpragasam appeared for the petitioner.

D.S. Wijesinghe PC appeared for the Media Minister. Palitha Kumarasinghe PC appeared for the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission.

ASG Saththya Hettige PC appeared for the respondents.

The case was put off for September 18.

Source : 24/08/2006

chami_tv said...

I think we all should get togarther and some how mmet president thats athe only way out from here.

chami_tv said...

In what ever Meetings, articals we are having we should mention the follwing.

1. About Dish tv india
2. about comet giveing only to colombo (So no channel is shoiwng illegal stuff as same braodcast in CBN too)
3. LTTE channel is broadcsting even at the same time CBN is off so no link.
4. A comment from arter c clark if possible.
5.About this technology and the wrong in keeping that out in sri lanka just saying that technology is sophisticated
6. And even government can higher CBN for some of thiere on tv channel to all areound the asia

7. The conflict of interest having by allowing Mr. Hullugalla to handle issues while he him self having a staion as business

8. plight of 20 000 cutomers islandwide and emplyees

9. Getting the support of other BOI compnies to presuure the govnermnet on unethical stop of business

10.and getting support of Chamber of commerse

11. And presedent house having comet while otehrs in outsation are not allowed to watch those channles.

But we at first place should meet prseident and have press conference in tandem.

Helping hand said...

Why is CBN Sat silent about everything ? Cant the Counsels appearing for CBN tell the SC why seal an office for a licence which does not exist? If CBN needed to operate a licence then the license should be existing.
I think CBN sat is too quiet about this. This is Sri Lanka. If they are dirty, you have to act dirty otherwise you cannot survive. I am absolutely sure that if things are too quiet in this end, we may not see that green light forever.

Helping hand said...

Why is CBN Sat silent about everything ? Cant the Counsels appearing for CBN tell the SC why seal an office for a licence which does not exist? If CBN needed to operate a licence then the license should be existing.
I think CBN sat is too quiet about this. This is Sri Lanka. If they are dirty, you have to act dirty otherwise you cannot survive. I am absolutely sure that if things are too quiet in this end, we may not see that green light forever.

dini said...

yes i too believe and have mentioned before that CBNSat should close their operations here and move to another country. that is the only way of slapping the responsibility for 300+ people losing their jobs and 100000+ people losing their hard-earned money and their fundamental right for information and entertainment. you simply cannot be the nice guy in the current scenario. i wonder what happened to the VAT money we paid with the monthly subscription. i'm sure some part of it must have got swindled!

Alf said...

Cut the crap...i have forgotten my Rs. 17+ money. CBN will never be able to operate unless they;

1. Have a press conference and inform the public, international community and put pressure.

2. Try to meet up with President and discuss the matter..(I believe this is the only way. If HE has time to meet SL/India cricketers, he should have time for a meeting with a Business entity). LBN should also join hands in this

3. Wake up employees of CBN. You'll have already lost your jobs..Why not come out of your shell.

4. If everything fails, move out to Maldives and start operations. I am sure these fools will never allow to take the equipment out of the country.

I am glad that i did'nt waste my vote on a bunch of fools. They are only good for the so called "Game Goviya's " if they still exist.

matrix said...

“bank_dude” as you have mentioned this court case will drag from another 2 to 3 years.

So it high time, for us to get together as customers & held a press conference on this matter.

We should not forget that we have paid TAX for the CBN service for the corrupted GOV. we should highlight these points. We should see why the unprofessional CBN lawyers are still silent on this matter (I mean they have not done any thing up to now). These unprofessional lawyers are talking behalf of the GOV, not behalf of the CBNsat & not behalf of the CBNsat customers.

Do not know whether there is hidden Agenda with the CBN management & those unprofessional lawyers.

ParanoidJackass said...

Well... think we should handle this step by step... starting off with the press conference. a cocktail is good idea. U know sri lankan ppl, anything free..!! is a reason to attend.

A good example is when the government imposed the levy on private TV channels and foreign advertisements, They overcame the issues in 2 weeks after the press conference. They requested a meeting with president at the press conference. And then met the president.

We'll see how it goes. but CBNSat will have to initiate ASAP.

The table should consists of the CBNSat Management, Someone representing the employees and the CBNSat Subscriber Unit.

Regarding the petitions, What if CBNSat send out a letter to all CBN customers asking them to sign the petition. not everyone have the privilege of accessing the internet.

However, If CBN can draft the petition and send it to all the customers and get them to send the same document after signing and relevant info (Sinhala / English / Tamil editions).

If we receive at least 40% of the petitions, that would be good enough for the time.

any comments?

bank_dude said...

I agree with u ParanoidJackass. CBN should come forward now.

dee.panadura said...

CBN Sat, your techno might be upto date, sri lanka might boast of high leteracy rates, but we are a nation of idiots.

We only feel hunger, pain, a bit of shame. No ability to think.

this is the truth, try it in your workplace and you will succeed.

hence CBN should initiate a conference and expose all those involved. get the whole country to laugh at them. If our people could still get it into their thick skulls.

CBN, you have few options now, get started with the second best.(you have been dragged far enough by the first)

chami_tv said...

Apart from all these we should also start pubish things in Sinhala Media. You know in this country whne English onlything is happneing it becomes further issues. We all are know whats going on through a mere blog spot but what about others who are out of touch with computer and Englsih.
We must make this a national Issue. We should get more in to Sinhala Media and sinhala Tv program on this subjects. And of ocurse Mahinda spakes in sinhala now at interenational delgates meetigns.

ParanoidJackass said...

Just an Idea...

Some one from CBNSat should write to this blog and forward their comments too. We, Bloggers write our comments, but how far does these comments written by us absorbed by CBNSat officials ?.

They should tell us whether our suggestions are practical or not and/or what their future plans are.


Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

I agree. It's time to go out all guns blazing. No more Mr nice guy.

cableguy said...

I really thought CBNSat was blogging in this forum. I guess I was wrong.

Dear CBNSat Management,

Please join this blog and give your opinion, After all we are fighting on your behalf too, apart from our rights.

We need to know where you stand right now. The subscribers have expressed their opinions and are ready to fight this to the very end. But we need to know if we have your fullest support.

Please reply and post a message on this blog.


NotBloodyFooled said...

If any one from the CBNsat management does visit here, a point they need to make to the government is that....

There never was an instance where any Sri Lankan Government was or is credited with bringing new technology in to the country. It has always been the private sector companies that have made in roads with such ventures that has benefited the country as a whole. I provide two examples to justify my claim...

1. The first TV broadcaster was a private channel..ITN.. Which was taken over later by the government.. It was much later that the Rupavalini corp came in to being. For this to the country was lacking in technology that Japan was kind enough to make us the donation of knowledge and resources.

After the laps of years I do not know how many....there has been no expansion or development in this field where the government TV channels are concerned,just one more channel in the form of channel Eye...when there are 5 private channels that have come up in the last 10 years or so.

2. The Sri Lanka telecom was a white elephant dieing a slow death natural or induced I do not know. If one is old enough one would remember the time we had to wait months if not years to get a telephone connection. No Loops...was a common excuse. That was until new technology was brought in with private entrepreneur . We now even have CDMA telephones from SLT...not to mention ADSL. They even go as far as sponsor major sport events (proof they now do make profits).

This proves the obvious....In Sri Lanka Innovation, technological advancement has been driven by the private sector; advancements that have benefited the entire nation as a whole.

I write here and not make my points to CBNsat directly because I have tried before and felt it was like pouring water on the back of a duck. And soooo if any one wants to communicate this to the management of CBNsat please be my guest.