Wednesday, August 16, 2006


The magistrate's court was informed by the SLRC, CID and TRC that there were no charges whatsoever against CBNsat.TRC has informed that the new license of CBNSat is being processed and issued in future, since the deadline for submission of applications has been extended to 15.09.06. The media ministry has requested one month to pass the legislation in the parliament, Whereas the supreme court order issued has rejected the one month request and ordered a settlement within 2 weeks at the last SC hearing, Hence the lawyers of CBNSat has requested the next hearing for 24.08.2006 in order to produce the judgment of the supreme court scheduled for 23.08.2006 and which is binding and cannot be overruled by the magistrates courts.

CBNSat has not argued the case aggressively today as the order has been issued by the Supreme Court to resolve the matter within two weeks and the one month request on the previous proceedings were rejected.

CBNSat Subscriber Unite.


callisto said...

This is nice, but what does all this means?? Do we have to wait till the legislation is passed in the parliment to get CBN Sat back or are we able to get it after the SC hearing?

Alf said...

I think CBNsat sue the personnel involved in this for closing down business wothout any proof on allegations made. What a bunch of folls in the CID,TRC and SLRC.

ROSHAN said...

i spoke 2 cbs rep they say they will start the service before 23rd of August

hush said...

highly unlikely roshan that they can before that as court date is Aug 23rd at SC.

ALISON said...

CBNsat did not argue on the case yesterday though they had a order from the supreme court to resove this matter within two weeks (Before 17th),It is evident from the past proceedings that the magistrate or the magistrates courts will never be able to give a decesion on this matter and lawyers like Warnakulasuriya are using this to their advantage to drag on.

So without any argument CBN lawyer M L M Ameen requested to call up the case on 24.08.2006,in order to produce the order from Supreme court to proceed with the transmission.

Its pathetic to note that the Media ministry is taking the magistrate for a ride and we as well as CBN are equaly in the opnian that this case at the magistrates court is useless and without any substance.

In the previous hearing CID was asked to file charges and they come on the 15th and say no charges and asked for another day.

What a mokery of the legal system.

ALISON said...

No callisto,That is the version of the media ministry at the magistrates court which they virchualy seem to influence and run to their liking and the Supreme Court is a differant story and they already have given a order to let CBN operate within two weeks.They will not go back on their word and these people wont come up with this Kids stuff at the Supreme Court as they know they will have it.

Not to worry we always said that its going to be the 23rd,15th hearing at the magistrate courts e was another episode of a low quality teledrama like Mahagedara.