Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cable operator CBNSat seeks defence clearance - LBO 29th Aug 2006

August 29, 2006 (LBO) – Cable operator CBNSat has sought Defence Ministry clearance to re-start transmission, as the company steps up its public campaign appealing to authorities to expedite their government approvals.

The local cable company was shut down in June this year and equipment of affiliate company SonicNet Technology sealed by authorities for allegedly operating without the required broadcast licenses.

The cable operator sought legal recourse and the courts recently allowed CBN Sat to begin transmission pending approval from relevant government authorities.

"We have sent our application to the Defense Ministry. They will file their findings by September 4 and we can submit our appeal by September 12," Dilani Nandasiri Legal Manager CBNSat told LBO.

"We have also applied for a license from the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation," she said.

Pending official paperwork, CBNSat was allowed to run test transmission.

"We can commence transmission within 30 minutes of getting clearance from court," Nandasiri said while declining to disclose losses incurred since the government sealed its equipment early June.

The local cable company has been carrying out its transmissions since mid 2005 and has more than 20,000 subscribers throughout the island.

Over 100,000 viewers in Sri Lanka enjoy CBNSat which has a maximum of 28 international TV channels and packages ranging from 500 to 1375 rupees, to suit consumer taste.


Alf said...

No idea what's going on!!

CBNSat Pls update the Subscribers!!

According to the LBO report..MOD will respond by the 4th of September. Am i right??

What's going on??

I heard the speech yesterday. Minister was highlighting the DVB-DTH technology. Seems like this is a big scam for another player or more to enter the market. Till that happens CBNSat will be out of operations. May be they want to get the Customer base of CBN!!

Any ideas??

Alf said...

By the way HE is out of the Country. Don't know when he will return!!

cbnsatcustomer said...

He will return on 30th August.