Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Supreme Court hearing postponed to 3rd Aug 2006

We are receiving unconfirmed reports that the CBNSat Supreme Court hearing is postponed to 3rd August 2006. If anyone out there is able to confirm this, we would welcome them to do so. In addition the reasons for postponement are not clear either. It is rumoured that the TRC has submitted only one document. We would like those who have confirmed information to post the reasons for the postponement here on this blog as the day progresses.

On the 3rd the Supreme Court hearing as well as the Appeals Court hearing will be held. It is clear that the authorities are clearly bent on running CBNSat bankrupt. The law is under the mercy of the politicians and those they support. Are these the values that Sri Lanka stands for and upholds.

H.E. President Mahinda Rajapakse announces that problems in this country can be solved by discussion but the CBNSat Subscriber Unite Group is unable to meet with the Minister of Mass Media because they are not being given appointments. Are the elected officials unable to meet with the people, whom they are supposed to serve. What should be understood is that this group is representing the subscribers (where is consumer protection in Sri Lanka) and not CBNSat.

The law should uphold the rights of the citizens of this country and not the people who pulls strings and destroy the nation while filling their own pockets. Remember foreign investors are looking at what is happening in this country and may not invest if BOI projects are being vitimized like this. Why is the BOI not making any statement on this issue?

We would urge all CBNSat customers to get the message across to all people who have CBNSat connections and urge them to sign this on line petition. If the subscriber you know does not have access to the Internet you can get their consent and enter their details to the petition. We would like to urge CBNSat Customers who are living in outstations areas to get in touch with those who have CBNSat connections in their vicinity and spread the word and if they do not have access to the Internet please get their consent and enter their details to the petition.


We would also like to call on the Minister of Mass Media to give appointments to the CBNSat Subscriber Unite Group and discuss the grievances faced by the subscribers due to the shutdown of CBNSat. All CBNSat Subscribers should give their full backing to the CBNSat Subscriber Unite Group. You can contact them on cbnsat@gmail.com



ROSHAN said...


dini said...

although this is not unexpected, it's utter bullshit!!!! is our legal system going to wait till some inefficient fool submits some documents one by one?

dini said...

it's very pathetic note that some of the guys who have signed the petitions haven't even stated their names. why people? why?

dini said...

appologies!! rather home towns

prmo said...

If this is happening with the supreme court,Where are we to look at,and this government being the worst and most corrupted in the entire history of Sri Lanka,NO WONDER CORRUPTED AND CONDEMNED PEOPLE SUCH AS B A C ABEYWARDENA(TV LANKA) AND L.HULUBALLA(SATNET) ARE HOLDING TOP POSITIONS IN THE GOVERMENT AND DOING EVERYTHING TO DESTROY CBNsat,


Lisura said...

Well said prmo,
We'll expose the real story behing this whole scenario. I think even CBNsat is quiet about this. They never spoke about the underhand motive for all this.

But LBN have well said the true story (Daily Mirror 01/08)

Liberated said...

prmo and other individuals with a conscience, this is wishful thinking. For all of us that believe in justice we feel that the baddies will lose in the end, but what does it matter, when good businesses are shut down, the consumer is deprived, we will have to wait at least 30 years to see these asswipes rot as they age! This is a country where the truth has no place! We have handed over on a platter the paradise isle to FOOLS! this is our Chintanaya!

Lisura said...

Who is this lawyer (Joker) representing TRC ??? We have to pulicise his name too. These are the idiots that the government has appointed to serve us !

Don't he know what to submit to the courts ? Now it is very clear that these corrupt officials have a hidden agenda. Now that they know all their efforts have become worthless in the courts and what they could do is delay the process from their side.

We should not be surprised if this joker come on 3rd and submit another document and say he'll handover the next document on another date. These people are absolute crooks.

How can country go forward like this ? I really do not know how these government officials with such attitudes towards solving a small issue like like and the time taking for it go and solve a big issue like terrorism in this country.

I would say "With this bunch of crooks they will never ever !"

prmo said...

Good if the LBN and CBN cases are taken together in the apeal court on 03.08.2006 as the same judges are supposed to be at the bench(Justices Sivaparan and Abrew).

And hopefully one of the lawyers should clearly come out with the 2 Hidden hands nameley - B A C Abeywardena of TV Lnaka(CHAIRMAN OF THE TEA BORAD,WHO DOESNT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT TEA and has prompted the idiotic idea of convertingthe market name from CEYLON TEA to Sri Lanka tea,and who is supposed to played out SLT to the tune of over SLR 500 MILLION) Lakshman Hulugalla(Chairman of SATnet unethically being Director - media centre for National Security and Deputy Chairman of Fisheries corporation/ The man behind the channel nine issue/Forging the signature of the late Hon.Gamini Dissanayake and convicted for a timber fraud)

These are the two thieves who has initiated the baseless aligations against CBNsat and LBN so that they can capture their market share in this luctrative business,which they have been unsucessfull for over 5 years.

Lisura said...

I've been wondering what the hell is BOI doing all this time ??? What we know is that BOI is there to protect the inverstor ! Where are they in this case ?

So shall we continue to see this drama ??? (With there's nothing worth to see on TV these Days)
I hope not !

Aug 3rd the officials have to tell a date to court when they can issue licences to CBNSat.

Will they come and make a lame excuse ???

Will they come and say they want 6 months ????

Will they come out with a whole different issue ???????

I think if they do a such thing CBN Lawyers should not leave any room for it and somehow get the temporary licence from them.

This weekend marks two months since the shutting down of CBNSat.

As subscribers all this time we kept quiet but now the authorities have started feeling the heat coming from the customers side too.

Come on guys get more people to sign the petition. The judge there today seems to be looking at the issue from our point of view !

We could handover the petition to the courts by 3rd if it gains more weight !!!

Dude said...

I just now spoke to a person whom I know well who works at CBNSat and I was told that the TRC handed over 3 documents to the judge and verdict is reserved for August 3rd. He did not know anything about any missing documents. Blog Admin has given here that the information about why the postponement took place is not confirmed yet. However my friend did not go to work to work today so he does not know about this information.

Could anyone confirm why the postponement took place.

Lisura I think we need to find a way of targetting non internet access customers too since even if we pass the message around we might not be able to reach all the customers. Internet penetration is Sri Lanka is very low, so we have to find alternative methods too.

prmo said...

This country is going nowhere with the weaketst and infficient leadership,The authorities are acting a drama and you can imagine Huluballa and Baluwardena would have spent on the Chinthanaya to get VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVIP treatment like destroying their competitors and companies that the entire country can be proud of.

I am also wondering whether the BOI exsist and what their role in this issue is?This is realy a good drama to watch as their is nothing in the local channels to watch,My fear is whether the chinthanaya will impose a tax on this drama as it seems all these authorities and politicians are remote controlled fools,Because a pree school child would have identified the motives behind this and would have solved within a day,wheres the authorities have dragged this on for 2 months.

As LISURA said,The LBN and CBN lawyers should be prepared for this Kids stuff from CID,TRC,MEDIA and SLRC and grill them to to the tilt and my thought is also that CBN should expose this vested parties LBN is talking about.

bank_dude said...

Dude, as I mentioned in my previous post, can we organize a desk somewhere and request customers to come there and sign.

Liberated said...

YES! As bank_dude says we need to get signatures because this online petition wont stand up in court. the court can always say that CBN filled this informaiton themselves with the information they have in thier databases.

We have to get signatures.


ozzie said...

well well seems like it is, i think atleast the following court dates will allow cbnsat to operate,
the only thing the court verdict is pending is due to the allegations made by the CID,TRC, and Others, as a judge he has to fullfill the needs in a 3rd man's eyes.
CBNsat will be active, if the allegations are found to be Not connective, or found not to be true,(when will this happen, when trc, cid and bringing up conclusions to cbn's closure)

CBNsat will be active, also if the customers voice has been heard, if its victomized the law has to prevail on giving a certain assesement towards holdin up the service, and the service will be active in no time, the Citizen/customer is effected in thousands, and just 10% availability of those customers where the law has no other choice.

bank_dude said...

Guys if possible please read Divaina newspaper. Media minister is saying that CBN helps LTTE to broadcast their channels. Further he stated that CBN broadcasts programmes which is not suitable for this country. I think that media minister is dancing to the government henchaiyas tune.