Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Media Ministry dancing to others tune and also not meeting with CBNSat Subscribers

The Minister of Media who previously said that under a request by the Attorney General will issue temporary licenses to CBNSat and LBN is now playing around.

Now they say that they cannot monitor the tranmissions of CBNSat under the provision of the present act as well as points out that the LTTE channel also broadcasts on the same satellite. Well does this mean that the hospital in which a LTTE leader Daya Master stayed will also be sealed since it was used to treat a terrorist leader? Will the airport be also sealed since the LTTE used it to travel outside Sri Lanka for peace talks and who knows how many times they are flying out of this country using the airport.

There are also reports coming in that the Divaina newspaper report says that the Media Minister said CBNSat broadcasts programmes that are not suitable for this country and that they help the LTTE carry out transmission (Can someone confirm this reports existance). CBNSat shows almost the same channels that Comet Cable has been showing for years. Helping the LTTE story is bullshit since the LTTE channel started operating long before CBNSat and are still operating even though CBNSat shutdown. The Media Minister is dancing to the tune of the people with high political influence trying to shutdown CBNSat and start their own pay tv operations and promote their unsuccessful pay tv operation.

The LTTE is using the same satellite but this does not mean CBNSat is involved. Any fellow with a satellite dish can view this channel using his dish and keeping CBNSat shut is not going to help the situation. If the Ministry is so worried they can make an official complaint to the Government of USA and request them to instruct Panamsat to remove the LTTE from it's satellite. Why are they not doing this?

If they cannot monitor CBNSat this means that the act does not allow the monitoring of channels such as TV Lanka and Srilakvahini too, so how come they have permission to operate. The dishes sold by Srilakvahini are FTA devices and if their direction is changed it can also be used to view the LTTE channel, but the CBNSat decoder is locked and therefore cannot be used to view any other channel. We earnestly request the learned individuals at the Supreme Court to throw these baseless allegations out of the court room and allow CBNSat to operate. The TRC is to allow a fifth mobile operater and a Wimax operator, will they also be shutdown because any individual can use these technologies to plan and transmit information that may lead to national security lapses. Sri Lanka's business image is being damaged beyond repair and we may not get any foreign investors hereafter.

The Appeal Court hearing is scheduled for tomorrow 3rd Aug 2006 and the Supreme Court hearing will also be tomorrow. If nothing happens tomorrow, the customers of CBNSat should take the initiative to bring about a positive ending. Victimisation of business oragnisations cannot go on in Sri Lanka & decisions cannot be taken without considering the consumer.

CBNSat customers are welcome to sign the CBNSat Subscriber Unite petition

The CBNSat Subscribers Unite Group that has been trying to meet with officials of the Media Ministry have so far been unsuccessful at their effort because the officials are not giving them an appointment. Is this how elected officials of the government behave? They came to power because of the peoples votes. They are the people who have to listen to the citizens of this country and address their grievances. We demand them to meet with the Subscriber group.


bank_dude said...

News article on Divaina saying a thing like that.

Mohan Mendis said...

This reiterates the fact that this country is being goverened by inverterbrates who has still not solved a single problem in this country since the so called 'independence', leave alone the mess they have allowed, created & sponsered with this CBNSat issue with absolute disregard for the thousands of citizens who have spent their hard earned money to get this facility for their families. Flimsy excuses in the courts will not fool anybody but their goons & lackies. This country would have been better off if run by even the indians !

prmo said...

This is absolute bullshit and the media minister must be mad to come up with a story like this and seems to have done it because he has no justifiable substance on this whole issue.


Buwa said...

Yo u so called CBN customer unite !
I think u all are coverds. You are making a big fuss about a online petition... You fools realy think this petition is gonna work? Why is this "unite" people hide under falls nick names and with a Onloine petition. If yo have the balls... y don't come out and publish your self. Y can't you put up a desk and ask the real cbn customers to sign a real petition. Don't do childish things. Act like men you coverds !!!...

dini said...

some pencil dick bastard is playing around with our petition. check out signature 142, 143 and 144.

they will all go down.

dini said...

dear buwa, i think your dick and head have switched places

Liberated said...

umm BUWA Fuck off! What's your name chum? You are hiding behind a nickname too...or is it because you are ashamed about your knowledge of English? C-O-W-A-R-D learn to spell you ass wipe!

saintvitus said...

Dear Buwa,
Firstly, if you can't spell "cowards," you can't expect anyone to take you seriously.
Secondly, the petition contains the real names of real CBN customers who have been brave enough to stand up and say something when one more right has been taken away from them by this government. A 'real' petition at a 'real' desk somewhere isn't as accessible to everyone as an online petition is, and I commmend whoever had the forethought and sensibility to start this petition. It is a positive, constructive way to voice the concerns of customers who are suffering because of an apparent confusion and lack of understanding of the Media Minister of satellite broadcast technology.

RabbitHole said...

I guess Mr. Buwa has a point although his language is not so civilized.
The online petition is good. I don’t want to undermine the effort even a bit. I have signed it too.
I have read in this blog some what earlier, someone had insisted to write to the authorities and not to use electronic methods (everybody knows why)
The same reasoning can be applied here. We must push for a physical copy of the petition simultaneously. Using the web is convenient. But if there's will there's a way.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

lol buwa fuck off mate :p

Online petition is the first step. Havent you read that CBNsat customer group has requested an appointment with media minister? Is it their fault that the media son of a ******* wont come out in the open? What are the customers supposed to do? raid his office?

Liberated said...

Yes I agree with rabbit hole that we need to do a hard copy, which I have said many times before.

The courts can reject the online petition, because it has no signatures. so they can say that this has been compiled by CBN sat themselves. Buwa might have a point but its his attitude saying we dont have balls etc (umm there are women on this blog who shouldnt have balls anyway!).

Mohan Mendis said...

Can someone put out the mobile nos of Med Minister & the President, so that we all can sms them both & protest smsing the messege 'Open up CBNsat & uphold the rights of CBNsat customers !'. This will sure to get some direct attention as a further step in uniting the true CBNsat customers to have one voice !

prmo said...

Its no use MOHAN,All these people are a part of this issue and working on the agenda of our so called friends.

Best thing is to have faith on the Appeal and Supreme courts and nothing else and we should take our campaign forward to put presure and expose these goons who destroy this country.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...


Please do not post unneccessary language. Post's of that nature will be deleted

RabbitHole said...

Sometimes I wonder aren’t CBNsat taking lawyers with them to courts.
The lawyers are extremely dumb
The judges don’t understand anything
CBNsat doesn’t want to win the case
I have an idling brain…..!

ALISON said...

This is clear discrimination and all this is done because he is a sucessfull tamil businessman.All these actions are gainst the policies(Or CHINTHANAYA) of this government run by a set of follish and highly corrupted goons.

If Mr.TV LANKA nad SATNET think that they could capture this business portion,They are sadly mistaken,People know what these crooks are up to with the most ineffecient and corrupted government the world has ever seen.

Its a sin to live in a country like this,when the government patronozes and promotes corruption and unethical treatment to its citizens.

bank_dude said...

Rabithole I think judges does not understand anything. That's because the law college does not provide technical knowledge for judges and lawyers.

ALISON said...

Thats right dude,The media ministry is manipulating this and trying to frame CBNsat,This will have a big impact

dini said...

either they should allow CBNSat to operate or the court should just give a verdict against CBNSat if the crook's intentions are to be fulfilled. why the delay?

ALISON said...

Yes,They should bring this whole episode to a close,Just tell in simple language whether CBNsat will be allowed to operate or take action against them if they have done anything wrong.The subscribers are harassed because of all these individuals with vested interest.