Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How long does it take.....

During yesterdays Magistrates Court hearing there have been no charges brought against CBNSat according to the CBNSat Subscriber Unite Group. In todays Daily Mirror it says that "State Counsel Gihan Kultunga appearing for the CID moved a date to file charges against the TV networks." This we assume are to bring charges against the TV networks for broadcasting without a license. But this license and regulation does not exist.

CBNSat had given the reply saying "Counsel for CBNSat M.L.M Ameen PC said they has obtained permission from the Supreme Court to run test transmissions. On the last date of hearings of their case in the Supreme Court there was a proposal for a settlement and the CID need not file action against them as the matter would be settled." Please read post below for the report in The Daily Mirror.

Therefore accordingly we can be assured that the terrorist link charges have been dropped and hopefully no self proclaimed intelluctual will try anything fancy. All eyes will be on the Supreme Court on Aug 23rd as they take up the case. Since the Chief Justice over ruled the Media Ministry's request for a one month time period for the issuance of a license at the Supreme Court hearing on Aug 3rd. They approach the Magistrate's Court and also ask for an one month time period. What were they doing from Aug 3rd upto yesterday? The two week time period given by the Supreme Court will end on Aug 17th but they have time till the Supreme Court hearing on Aug 23rd.

We sincerely hope that the Chief Justice will take firm action against these people who do not know the definition of two weeks and would see an end to this court battle by issuing a court order or whatever is required, to allow CBNSat to resume transmissions temporarily until the license is issued. Your Honour Chief Justice we thank you for the decisions that you have given upto now, but it is our firm belief that you will have to intervene to sort this out permanently. The lower court of Sri Lanka is on its way to obtain a bad reputation.

We would like all our fellow readers to keep us updated on the situation regarding CBNSat as the days progress and also regarding any test transmission.


ALISON said...

I think the newspaper has misquoted,The charges were to be filed on the 15Th (Yesterday) and they had none,So moving for another date was a joke and CBN has a order from the supreme court to resolve this matter within tw weeks and these fools from the media ministry will have it on the 23rd from the CJ(THEY HAVE TOLD THE MAGISTRATE THAT THEY WERE NOT INFORMED OF THE 2 WEEK DEADLINE)and further they have eloberated that there is no regulations to cover this type of transmission,what kind of Joke is this.

It gives us food for thought why these kind of magistrates and magistrates courts exsist and whether they are knowledgable on the applicable law.

amal said...

I spoke to CBNSat customer care.
They said they are awaiting the "Licence from TRC" to be issued. If they receive it before 23rd they are gonna start transmission(which is highly unlikely).
But even if they don't receive it before 23rd, they are confident that they can settle the matter at the SC and start transmission (on 23rd itself).

ALISON said...

Basically there is no issue with TRC,The whole problem is with the Media Ministry.The supreme court has already instructed to resolve this issue within two weeks,which the media ministry has failed to do so.It is most likely the court will order the resumption of transmission untill the media guys draft the regulations.

hush said...

charging a company for violation of a regulation which never existed at the time of the so called offence is called retrospective legislation.

Only time this was done as far as I recall is for sepala ekanayake in hijacking case of a italian airliner under international pressure.

restrospective is not a good thing.
Hope that SC will set things staright once and for all on 23rd Aug.

ROMESH said...

Cant we file a case against the magistrate and the magistrates courts in the supreme court, in relation to this isuue?

Max Payne said...

Yeah the problem is with the media minister, so since he is the minister there are problems in all his work and those who are in his work including the clown magistrate.

Poor President is having a hard time to carry on the government with these people. Who is that clown of satnet?

dee.panadura said...

I think the MC should be only allowed to handle cases such as kassippu, pickpokets, jumping red lights, robbing coconuts etc.

this case seems to be way beyond the MC's means.

Correct me if im wrong

Max Payne said...

yeah, I think u r correct dee.panadura, but let me make a small modification.

MC should only allow to handle casses of Ministers & cases with their families, so that way ministers can achieve what they want happily.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Magistrate should be allowed to accept the fact that he fondles minister's balls.

ROMESH said...

Since B.A.C BALUWARDENA AND HULUBALLA are KASSIPU dealers in theier own version,There cases can be heard in the MC,So that lawayers like Warnakulasuriya who cant perform at the supreme court can have some fun with them.

ALISON said...

What was the judges role here and did he realy wanted to solve this issue and why has he disregarded the supreme court order and acceded to the media ministry lawyers request,He should note that this same lawyer brought in baseless alligations against CBNsat and finally, they have come to the licening issue again.

The supreme court will grind him if came and put fancy points like this,

Agreed,The magistrates court is good only for petty crimes as abeywardenas kassipu cases.

dini said...

all officials involved should be thoroughly penalised for contempt of court! i'm sure that the CJ will not find it even remotely impressive or amusing when he gets to know on the 23rd that his order has been disregarded! yesterdays request for one month is just an act of desperation. things are spinning out of control for the fools who started this. people like abey should not tread into lands where angels fear to dare.

on the 23rd, it's judgement day for the contemptuous individuals. let justice prevail and all of us witness the downfall evil and jealousy.

ROMESH said...

Dini,The problem is we feel the 23rd is ages away, ultimately after waiting for over two months lets get through this work.

But its real irritation when you see that CBN,LBN and its subscribers are harassed for no reason of theirs by thsese politicly motivated criminals like Abeywardena and Hulugalla.We wonder why we continue to live in this country when we are harrased by these uncivilized goons like politicians.We are well aware that both of these criminals are in the inner cabinet of MR and you can imagine from where the influence is comming.

There is no proper rule or law in the country and a set of fools and their henchman is destroying this country at their own discretion.

I wish TVLANKA and SATnet is bobmed by the KFIRS.

dini said...

quite agree with you romesh that 23rd is ages away. bloody hell, i miss my favourite programs. however, i think, we'll have to make up our minds because 23rd is as good as it gets.