Friday, August 04, 2006

President directs Media Minister to issue license to CBNSat

Talk about strides. In two days it will be two months since CBNSat was shutdown and after some really frustrating court hearings now it looks like things are moving at high speed. With the landmark Supreme Court decision yesterday, now we are getting reports that H.E President Mahinda Rajapakse has directed the Media Minister to issue the license to CBNSat without any further delay. The directive was apparently reported on Neth FM news that was broadcast this morning. We cannot confirm this report though but we are pretty sure that all of our readers will give us the confirmation that we require. Hats off to you Mr. President for upholding the grievances of the subscribers and also for protecting the image of the country for prospective investors.

Furthermore the CID is supposed to remove the seals today and hopefully test transmissions will commence soon. We are also not clear what these test transmissions will be, perhaps they may be in the form of broadcasts or some other form. We would like our fellow readers who have information on the type of test transmissions that will take place to please enlighten us on this matter. Also keep updating this blog when the seals are removed to when the first test transmission and subsequent test tranmissions takes place.

We would also like to request you to keep us updated on the latest news regarding CBNSat as the day progresses and throughout the weekend.


amal said...

If this report is correct,
we may get the CBNSat connections before 23rd of August, fingers crossed.

Palitha Galappaththi said...

CBNSat clear, LBN swept under the carpet? I am not a LBN Customer, however, they also got closed for same reason

cableguy said...

Heee...heee..heee. Our President is a brown-noser. What a shameful stance he has taken considering the buck stops with him. I guess, people power has proven to be even stronger.

We can relax only after we actually see the transmission back on our TVs. The signature count is only 160 and some of them have been rejects. So Please..Please..Please forward the petition to every CBNSat customer that you know. Or if they dont have emails, please setup yahoo or hotmail accounts for them and get their account numbers and you can sign the petition with their info.

Lets Keep up the Good Work People!

callisto said...

Does anyone know whats happening these days?? Did they removed the seals?

NotBloodyFooled said...

Is there an election around the corner for His excency to direct issuance of the licese to CBN sat.....What was he doing for the last 2 months when the socer world cup was on...when wimbaldon was on....Dont tell me that he was not aware of the situation.....Bloody goons.....Hope the rest of you are not gullible to swollow The Chinthana Guli.......

costa said...

You saw him on TV(Virtualy all the channels in the country) and he was answering the questions with the simple theory"KOHEDA YANNE?MALLE POL".You can judge for yourself what he is up to and the comedy similiar to a Hindi Film taking place in this country.

The people who voted for the Chinthanaya is being made the real fools.

dee.panadura said...

I think we should continue the pettition and also the LBN guys should also follow suit.

This smells fishy. Like i dont know? CBN better be on guard these few days.

We all know things are not very good these days.

Never the less i am ready to continue with the pettition and publisice much as possible for the cause.

hush said...

the things are too quite to be good. Hope CBN is working things out quitely. Things do not work out on its own in SL but constant action will get things done like a hot iron that needs a lot of sledging to get in to the desired shape.

Personally beleive that petition thing should be kept going as a built up for the eventuality of the unforseen coming when your guard is down.

bank_dude said...

Good news for CBNSat subscribers

CBNSat, after months of court hearings in challenging the government as to why its services were suspended, finally has some good news for their customers.
The Supreme Court on August 3 ordered the relevant authorities to take the necessary measures to remove the seals from the equipment for maintaining and servicing purposes as well as the commencement of test transmission.
A statement from the company said the management of CBNSat was relieved at this good news to the customers who have remained loyal throughout and have helped CBNSat fight this battle.
The Chief Justice requested CBNSat, TRC and the Media Ministry to have a meeting to finalise matters they have in regard to the issue of any licenses. Even though the Media Ministry, through their lawyers, requested the Court to allow them one month to finalise the licences, the Chief Justice conveyed that that this was too long and the time limit was set at two weeks, the statement said.
CBNSat said it is hopeful that the Media Ministry will issue the license without delay, taking into consideration the plight of around 100,000 viewers who have been disadvantaged from the prolonged closure and constant delays that CBNSat has been subjected to.
The Magistrate’s Court and the Supreme Court has to be informed once an agreement is reached between the three parties, by August 15 and August 23 respectively, after which transmission to the subscribers is expected to commence.
CBNSat offered to allow and aid the authorities in the supervision and monitoring of their transmissions in order to allay any concerns over any possible links with terrorist organisations. “The Chief Justice commented that should there be unsuitable content broadcast with regard to any terrorist propaganda, surely at least one of the many subscribers would have brought it to the notice of the relevant authorities, which has not happened to date,” the statement said.

Source Financial Times 2

What are the new developments with regards to this? Did they have a meeting and discuss the licensing issues?

cbnsatcustomer said...

LBN to resume test transmission

By T. Farook Thajudeen.
The Chief Magistrate Colombo Kusala Sarojini Weerawardena made order permitting LBN to resume test transmissions on Thursdays from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00.p.m. considering an application made by the cable net work.

The Managing Director of Lanka Broadband Network of Kirula Road Narahenpita Colombo5 filed an application seeking permission of the Court to begin a test transmission. Counsel for the applicant Mr Kuvera de Zoysa citing an order of the Supreme Court stated that Court had allowed the applicant in that case the CBN Sat of George Silva Mawatha Colombo 13 to transmit test transmissions.

Therefore LBN should also be permitted to commence test transmissions as the causes of action in the cases are similar.

CID Inspector Mahinda Lal did not object to the application. He asked Court to allow the applicant to do the test transmissions under the inspection of technical officers from the Rupavahini Corporation and Telecommunication Regulatory Commission.

The Magistrate ordered LBN to carry out the test transmissions on Thursdays from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

She ordered LBN not to transmit regular or serial programmes. She also ordered the CID to get the assistance of Rupavahini Corporation and the TRC to assist LBN.

The test transmission will commence from August10.

The CID filed a separate application before the Magistrate to order CBN Sat net work to carry on their test transmissions only in the presence of CID and officers from the Rupavahini Corporation and TRC. The Magistrate overruled the application.

Counsel Kuvera de Zoysa with Aruna Wickramasinghe instructed by Sudath Perera Associates appeared for LBN Cable net work.