Monday, August 14, 2006

Any Test Transmissions today 14th Aug 2006

We would like to know whether there were any CBNSat test transmissions throughout the weekend.

If any of you see any test transmission today please post the information on this forum. We would like to inform our fellow readers that the below post regarding the religious channels was to facilitate the discussions that have taken place over the weekend and not to divide the customers. Those not willing to participate in the discussion is welcome not to do so.

However we have not moved away from our main goal and that is to have CBNSat back on air first, otherwise all the channels that you would like to see on CBNSat become useless without CBNSat being back online.

Please keep us updated on the the result of the meeting between CBNSAT, TRC and Media Ministry if it took place.


bank_dude said...

Yes I'm looking forward to see green light because I missed it on Friday.

ROMESH said...

Bank-Dude,At least there would be a decesion tommorow for us to look at the green light permanantly.

What do you guys think? With the supreme court order and SLRC clearing CBNsat,Surely it should be positive and the magistrate wouldnt want this postponed untill the 23rd with the Supreme court order binding?

hush said...

wonder whether some crap from vested interests will be dished out tomorrow.

Personally believe that with SC order binding on the lower courts the decision will be in favour of CBN.

things are too quite to be comfortable though.

ROMESH said...

Correct Hush,The supreme court gave the order considering the plight of the 20000 subscribers and they even rejected a time frame of 1 month to sort it out(which was reduced to two weeks) without further haressing the subscribers.

I think the SLRC report and things are bonuses to get the service back on track.

I dont think the magistrate will allow to play around with a order given by the supreme court bench comprising the chief justice.

DEVO said...

We hope that the magistrates court will decide on behalf of the 25000 or so subscribers after 2 months of anguish fo no reason or fault of theirs but because of TWO PEOPLE named B A C ABEYWARDENA(RIGHTFULLY REFERED TO AS BALUWARDENA) AND L HULUGALLA(RIGHTFULLY REFERED AS HULUBALLA)or wants to earn money in the corrupted way as they have been doing right throught and now with the political power behind them they are trying to deprive the basic rights of the people to fulfill their wicked interests.

The law should serve them right if not GOD will defeneitly.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

After having seen the past magistrate's court cases unfold, i think we'll have to wait till 23rd for a positive outcome. Surely media ministry wont become good guys and issue the licence before 2 weeks. Maybe they'll issue it on the 22nd midnight. But i want to see CBNsat back on air by tomorrow more than anything.

Lisura said...

Things should turn good today if the media ministry is efficient. because they were ordered by the Supreme court to finish this off by today at the magistrates court. And according to our understanding the SLRC have also submitted their technical report to the Colombo Magistrate.

So everything is clear from the legal point of view and the Magistrate court can't go against the Supreme court order.

Now it's a matter of finalising things according to the law and hope no one can come and mess up the CJ's orders today.

As one of our friends said this is Sri Lanka ! "A LAND LIKE NO OTHER"

So let's wait and see what happens today and keep our hopes of CBN coming back on 23rd !


ROMESH said...

Yeh LISURA, good luck to the CBN legal team and No luck to the CID,TRC,Media Ministry fools.

I prefer a differant magistrate like Mrs.Kusala Sarojani Wijewardena(Who recently overuled the CID request to do the test transmissions in their presence) take up the case than the previous magistrate,and if he does we hope that he would give the decesion immediately.