Monday, August 21, 2006

Press Release appears on Newspapers

The CBNSat Press Release has appeared in several newspapers like The Sunday Times and The Nation. There are other newspapers who will be publishing this press release within the next few days, according to informed sources.

The Sunday Times published the article under the heading "Media ministry ignoring CJ orders" and The Nation gave a summary of the press briefing.

We demand that the authorities consider the plight of the subscribers and also respect the decision of the Chief Justice and allow CBNSat to operate from Wednesday 23rd Aug.

CBNSat Subscribers Unite is doing a great job and we really appreciate their efforts to fight for the rights of CBNSat Subscribers.


hush said...

Hope the press releases come out on the papers on Aug 22 cause it will have a better following and the persons concerned will be pressurised to deliver goods considering the SC hearing on Aug23.

If its in the papers after Aug23, it would lose its steam as the decision of SC will be the focal point of discussion and follow up action.

Hope that day will be the closing chapter of this 2 month saga and justice will be delivered in its true form.

bank_dude said...

Guys we are closing towards the hearing that justice is going to done in our favoure. If the verdict is given in favoure of CBN without dragging the case further, it may mainly because of subscribers unity.

ROMESH said...

Yes Dude,And defeneitly the CJ would have read the press release from the subscribers and he would realy have got a insight into the victimisation of the subscribers and CBNsat.

The subscribers unity and the beleif in CBNsat was a hallmark during this gloomy period and should serve as a warning to the goons at the media ministry.

Its to be seen that justice is done tommorow and the CJ has been in the forefront for same in the recent past.

Good Luck CBNsat.

Lisura said...

There is a nice article in todays Divaina news paper. It's regarding a statement made by Hon. CJ At the occasion of opening the Anuradhapura Courts Complex.

Hon. CJ have said that it's a grave sin to delay judgements in courts for people coming to courts seeking justice. These people come to courts seeking justice to some of their burning issues and delaying the judgements and further harrasing them is a grave sin he said.

Well said Hon. CJ !!!!

Gratitude of all of us goes to Hon. CJ for uplifting the judiciary system in Sri Lanka.

We only have hope and trust in the Supreme Courts now to seek justice to our 20,000 fellow subscribers.


jesika said...

Yes Hon. CJ
we are counting on you...

prmo said...

There is a very good right up on the "island" today(Page 4)about the CBNsat supreme court tommorow.It tries gives the idea that CBNsat should be given to broadcast from tommorow.

The press release of the subscriber unit seems to have realy influenced this report.

dini said...

prmo, could you post it for us if it's not too long?

Max Payne said...

yeah, as lisura said, Gratitude of all of us goes to Hon. CJ for uplifting the judiciary system in Sri Lanka.

Max Payne said...

and as Jesika said, we are counting on you Hon. CJ

Lisura said...

We haven't seen anything happening for the past 3 weeks from the media ministry. All what they do is just go to courts and ask for 1 month each time.

We can recall they've been asking this 1 month from July first week. Now it's mid August and they again asked for 1 month on the 15th August.

Now I like to ask them why did they ask for 1 month in July then ?
They have lied to the courts too by asking 1 month again and again.
Even on the 3rd August at the Supreme court they have asked 1 month. And after 2 weeks again on the 15th they have asked for 1 month.

I have a doubt that asking 1 month has now become a tradition of the media ministry and for the habit tommorrow also they ask for 1 month. (Janmeta wada Purudda Lokui)

Hope the CBNSat lawyers will not leave any room for them to further delay the case.

Our sincere hope is that Hon. CJ also wont tolerate all this nonsense of the media ministry officials.





There will be a insertion of our press release in Lankadeepa tomorrow (24th). Hope concerned parties will go through the newspaper before court proceedings starts.

As Lisura said, tomorrow will be the D-day for all CBNsat subscribers.

I hope, we as "CBNsat subscriber unite" has done the utmost that we could and eagerly looking forward to rip the benifits by tomorrow.

Whatever the outcome tomorrow, "CBNsat subscriber unite" will remain and support CBNsat during good and bad time.

Over to you Hon. CJ

Lisura said...

Thank you "cbnsatvictim" for updating us !

I think we have done our part to the maximum and the news have got across to the Media Ministry !!!

It's upto CBNSat lawyers now to show their colors and not to let the Media Ministry further delay by trying to lie to courts as they've done all this time by asking 1 month !!!!

Tonight will be a long night to all of us as we are eager to see the court proceedings tomorrow !!!


Our unite have grown strong during the past month and thank you very much for all the support given by the members of the executive committe right throughout. And thank you for the fellow subscribers who has always been in touch and encouraged us and gave ideas !!!

Hope the Supreme Court will take care of 100,000 +++ viewers of CBNsat tomorow and command a landmark ruling !!!!!

Alf said...

count down has begun...for the JUDGMENT!!!!

dini said...

just makes me wonder... why the media ministry confidently isn't doing anything about the license issue, knowing that the CJ has issued an order to finalise it within 2 weeks? is it fare to assume that something was lost in translation about the verdict which was given on the 3rd of august? i mean, the media ministry jolly well knows that the relevant officers would be found in contemp of court if an order has not been enforced. then why didn't they finalise it? it's a bit enigmatic, isn't it? someone pleae shed some light on it.

bank_dude said...

CBNSat matter before Supreme Court today

At a Supreme Court hearing held on August 3rd 2006, the Chief Justice ordered the relevant authorities to take necessary measures to remove the seals from the equipment for maintaining and servicing purposes as well as the commencement of test transmission. This order was carried out by the CID officials on the 8th of August.

The Chief Justice requested the parties concerned to have a meeting to finalise matters they have with regards to the issue of any licenses and conditions. Even though the Media Ministry, through their lawyers, requested the Court to allow them one month to finalise the licences and any conditions the Chief Justice conveyed that this was too long and the time limit was set at two weeks. The 2 weeks limit express on the 17th of August 2006. The authorities will have time to resolve it before the 23rd of August when the case will be called again.

CBNSat is hopeful that the Media Ministry and TRC will finalise the issue of the license or what ever conditions that they may want to impose without any further delay, taking into consideration the plight of around 100,000 viewers who have been disadvantaged form the prolonged closure and constant delays that CBNSat has been subjected to.

CBNSat has stated in Court that they will have no objection to allow and aid the authorities in the supervision and monitoring of their transmissions in order to allay any feared threat to national security. The Chief Justice commented that should any unsuitable content broadcast with regard to any terrorist propaganda, surely at least one of the many subscribers would have brought it to the notice of the relevant authorities, which has not happened to date.

With regards to this issue, officials of The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation and the CID have visited the CBNSat premise and after a thorough inspection have handed in reports to the Courts Representatives of CBNSat Affirm that these reports clearly state that there is no transmission of any terrorist channels and the decoders sold by CBNSat cannot be used to receive any particular terrorist channels, thereby eliminating the concerns over the threat to national security.

The officials at CBNSat have gone a step further and agreed to comply with any regulations the necessary authorities would want them to adhere to Through this they hope to have a much better understanding with the authorities that would cause less confusion among the authorities in the future.

Source: The Island 23/08/2006

hush said...

yeah dini, there would be something grey on the ruling that media ministry lawyer will try to exploit, hope that CBNsat lawyers are prepared for every conceivable eventuality that opposition will throw at them even though how absurd it will be.

I also hope that CJ and the SC will not let such grey areas be exploited to deny justice not only to a geniune company like CBNsat or its many aggrieved subcribers but set up a precedent landmark ruling in favour of justice ,equality and end to corrupted vested interests.

Max Payne said...


Vanatha Fella said...

Anybody having any idea about the court hearing time ?

matrix said...

Anybody having any idea about the court hearing STATUS?

NotBloodyFooled said...

If any one from the CBNsat management does visit here, a point they need to make to the government is that....

There never was an instance where any Sri Lankan Government was or is credited with bringing new technology in to the country. It has always been the private sector companies that have made in roads with such ventures that has benefited the country as a whole. I provide two examples to justify my claim...

1. The first TV broadcaster was a private channel..ITN.. Which was taken over later by the government.. It was much later that the Rupavalini corp came in to being. For this to the country was lacking in technology that Japan was kind enough to make us the donation of knowledge and resources.

After the laps of years I do not know how many....there has been no expansion or development in this field where the government TV channels are concerned,just one more channel in the form of channel Eye...when there are 5 private channels that have come up in the last 10 years or so.

2. The Sri Lanka telecom was a white elephant dieing a slow death natural or induced I do not know. If one is old enough one would remember the time we had to wait months if not years to get a telephone connection. No Loops...was a common excuse. That was until new technology was brought in with private entrepreneur . We now even have CDMA telephones from SLT...not to mention ADSL. They even go as far as sponsor major sport events (proof they now do make profits).

This proves the obvious....In Sri Lanka Innovation, technological advancement has been driven by the private sector; advancements that have benefited the entire nation as a whole.

I write here and not make my points to CBNsat directly because I have tried before and felt it was like pouring water on the back of a duck. And soooo if any one wants to communicate this to the management of CBNsat please be my guest.