Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Good News : CBNSat Seals Removed

We are getting unconfirmed reports that the seals have been removed at CBNSat. This information is coming from a trusted source but it remains unconfirmed from our point of view.

Anyone who has the confirmed information please update us as the day progresses. Please also update us on information such as when the test transmissions are beginning.


TrackZeroBad said...

I called CBN today... accroding to their customer care.. CID has to remove the seals today.. but havent showed up yet...

And also a they are hoping to give a test transmission 11th of August.. and will resume transmission before 23rd of August

RabbitHole said...
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RabbitHole said...

This is just a test. What do you think?

ALISON said...

The seals have defenietly being removed today,But i am not aware of any test transmissions taking place.

prmo said...

These CID guys doesnt seem to learn a lesson and still seem to work in the interest of the parties with hidden interest or the top rung or the inner cabinet(Abeywardena and Hulugalla are in the inner cabinet)

Its a real joke that the top rung in this foolish and inefficient government act as they woke up from a deep slumber and says to issue the licence without any further delay.

What a bunch of fools are ruling this country and it was evident from the discussion aired over most of the local channels.

prmo said...

Havent we got to service our Decorders as this is also a sophisticated gadjet and it hasnt been operated for over 2 months now.The red light has been on for the entire period and i am not sure whether it will function to turn green.

How are we going to service our decorders.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

we can give the decoders to abewardena and hulla (or to their family members ) and i am sure they wont mind giving "services"

prmo said...

Great idea LST, But knowing what these guys are after and taking into account there past track record(Corruption,undercutting,political influence,false aligations etc) there is a possibility they might fix a claymore inside the decorder.

Since they have been doing all the underhand work,misleading HE,making false aligations to get rid of CBNsat they must now be taking a rest as CBN has been cleared of everything,

So we will let Baluwardena and Huluballa to rest in peace.

cbnsatcustomer said...

CBNSat, LBN to commence transmission in Sept.

By Dilrukshi Handunnetti

There is welcome news for subscribers of the two foremost cable television networks, CBN Sat and LBN, which were unceremoniously shut down.

Both companies are likely to commence transmission possibly in September.

On Monday (7), courts granted LBN permission to conduct test transmissions from Thursday (10). The test transmissions should be conducted under the supervision of the Telecom Regulatory Commission (TRC) and the SLRC.

From August 10, LBN will operate for six hours every Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. pending complete legal clearance when LBN meets the licencing requirements under the new regulations.

In the meantime, CBN Sat which some competitors labelled a ‘clandestine operation’ has also received temporary legal clearance. CBN Sat was closed sans notice following a complaint to the TRC and the Media Ministry by proprietor of TVLanka, B. A. C. Abeywardene that the station compromised national security by the use of certain equipment including a sophisticated decorder.

On August 3, the Supreme Court ruled that the parties were at liberty to work out a settlement on the basis of which the petitioners were permitted to continue transmission subject to necessary safeguards being introduced.

In the meantime, Director General, SLRC, Palitha Gallage has submitted a report to the Colombo Magistrate that after technical evaluation of the equipment used by CBN Sat, it could be concluded that the satellite equipment by the company had not been used for broadcasting purposes by either the LTTE or similar channels compromising national security.

Further, Gallage had stated that the LTTE has regularly transmitted news using PAS 12 satellite during the period when CBN Sat was temporarily closed. PAS 12 satellite has been used for the transmission of National TV of Tamil Eelam which is a free to air transmission, Gallage said in his report.

Source:The Morning Leader