Thursday, August 17, 2006

CBNSat Subscribers Unite Press Release (English)

The English Language version of the Press Release from CBNSat Subscribers Unite is given above. The Press Release was made in English and Sinhala. Please forward this to all your contacts.


cableguy said...


I am also looking into a possible contact thru whom we can send a copy of the letter (to Mr. Ganegala) to be handed over to the president in person. I will need the letterhead to make it official.
Also has the press release been sent to all the newspapers and TV stations?


Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Awesome dudes!

Alf said...

Great work..will circulat among my contacts and give full publicity

bank_dude said...

Great work guys. We should have done this at the very begining. Now we are in correct track. As a unite group we have a great power to crush and perish all biased officials and unethical practices. Keep it up if we can unite like this, we can bring this country to new heights.

prmo said...

Yes great work the subscriber unite and all subscribers should fax,email and mail this to media personal and media institurions you have contact with and also to the subscribers who cant get this on email.

Lets get together and show that there is no place corrupted officials and political henchman who try to take away the basic rights of the people.

Max Payne said...

Great work, ultimate power has come. Power of people. There is no force against human force.

I'am sending to all my contacts and you should do the same. Send it for ur friends in other countries too, to let them know that there is something hapenning in sri lanka.

RabbitHole said...

Please convert this to PDF and publish it here or upload it to somewhere and give us the URL. I want to make some hard copies of it. PDF is more clearer than image files.